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October 27, 2011 by staff 

Fx American Horror Story, Maybe it’s all the skeletons and zombies of Romero movie reruns at this time of year. Maybe I hit my head very strong recently.

Hell, maybe I’ve been drinking.

I … umm … and cursed the man, I do not know how to say it. In fact, I feel awkward even to write …

I think … I think I liked an episode of the American Horror Story?

And for any publishers reading this: No, I have been drinking.

Now for those of you who have grown accustomed to my boat launching shots Dylan
McDermott and wishing the death of several characters living in the house of murder, do not worry. There is still a decent amount of evil in this show. Character of Ben Harmon has yet to break down to a pile of bones and organs for me to be truly happy with the observation of AHS on a regular basis, and the shrill voice of mighty unpleasant effects still make me feel like my ear canals have been violated.

However, “Halloween” was kind of fun, and if future episodes focus more on the house and its’ strange and fascinating people (the dead and lived at least) that one could survive this season.

The long and short of it is that it is Halloween in Los Angeles The inhabitants live in the house killing you want to use the break to turn the home to some unsuspecting buyers, and in so doing it wrong the last owners of the house (the gay couple think he died in a murder-suicide, but apparently the victims of the Thing costume ftsh) as employees of their hapless real estate agent. One of the dead lovers, Chad, is played by Zachary Quinto on Star Trek and Heroes fame, in general, a pleasant appearance on the screen that I would gladly bribe someone to watch every week instead of McDermott (the are shooting, be faithful, true believers).

And since Halloween is the day of the year the dead can walk among the living, our ghosts are used to solve foreign affairs, cleaning the house out and creating a well-sharing in the final sequence actually felt the tension, and perhaps a little scary for the first time in four innings.

As much as I hate character of Violet, the thought of the woman caught alone in the house between burned and costume ftsh Larry murderer (his real name is the rubber man, but that sounds like a lame villain of Spiderman, so I refuse to call it) scares me a little about her. Definitely Addie gasped when the car crashed, because how bad you’re not there, and the emergence of Hayden died in the door was a nice closure to the episode, although I feel that this was a picture too Ben ends away closing the door. Good sequence, however,

The recipe for terror television is not as complex tolerable: I give blood, give me some supernatural interesting scripts, and make the human being interesting and clich├ęs.

We’re getting to Viv, who is becoming defined as she deals with her family life is crumbling and home situation, rather than a person simply defined by their own problems. I like how it has gone from aggressive to vulnerable groups in their various confrontations with her daughter, husband and real estate agent (which I just realized the clown is the mother of “Grind”, and yes, I have seen “Grind”). Connie Britton is doing quite well in that role, and looks much better than her melodrama, shouting and whispering her co-star.

As I said before, the house and the ghosts are much more interesting than Harmon, and for the second week in row, we have to land in the history of the property. We learn the origins particularly grotesque monster basement. We have one more reason to pity old, broken Moira. We see how insane (and possibly insane) Constance could be, and we learned McSuit ftshes (working in a suitable, non-Irish, the name of it) may be the most dangerous thing on the premises.

Chad and Lyle are a couple nice, struggling from semi-realistic problems. And as much fun as I have watching Quinto do anything, the duo also highlighted one of the main themes of the series.

In one scene, I cared more for them then I have about the Harmons in four episodes, although lately Viv progression.

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