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June 15, 2011 by staff 

Future Airbus ConceptFuture Airbus Concept, What will be the aircraft of the future? This has been a hot topic in aviation circles in recent days after Airbus images and video released computer generated what might be like to fly in 2050.

The plane concept – presented by Airbus as it prepares for the Paris Air Show 2011 – shows a longer fuselage, smoother, with fins match on each side flanking the area of?? The plane’s tail.

However, although the shape and contour plane are futuristic touches, is really the features are visible from inside the cabin that seems to have most people talking. (See video below for more details and pictures.)

Airbus foresees a future in which class divisions disappear. Instead of first class travel and business in The Telegraph of London says Airbus concept offers “personalized areas that offer flexibility, to the extent of relaxation, interactivity and work spaces.” notes, “when flights are less than full capacity, which are not necessary the seats in the back of the plane will collapse and all seats are redistributed to offer everyone a fair boost in legroom. The seats also will be transformed to fit the bodies of the passengers. ”

One of the most striking highlights: notes the aircraft would be “built on intelligent membranes turn from opaque to transparent in the command to break windows and offer a panoramic view of the sky.”

CNN says that “Airbus foresees’ Zona vitalizing” for complete relaxation treatments of mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupuncture, a “technological zone” to stay connected, and in the center of the cabin, a “Hot Spot”, where a round of golf can be played through a virtual projection. ”

But of course there is much skepticism to counter Airbus inspiring images of how fabulous flying and free of stress may be in the future.

The BBC notes “the issue of the economy spoilers cushion (ed) the atmosphere a bit” during a question and answer session with officials from Airbus.

The BBC said Airbus’s head of engineering Charles Champion finally had to admit, “we have an airline, and rightly so, these people need to make money.”

Beyond that, other observers note concept aircraft rarely bring a lot of futuristic designs that promise.

Wall Street Journal columnist Scott McCartney reminds us of “the history of the development plan has been that when manufacturers provide big dreams for the comfort of passengers, airlines, just more space to cram in more seats. Bars Piano in 747? Far. Economy class seats wider the soon-to-be certified by Boeing 787? Most airlines have opted to squeeze in an extra seat in rows coach. ”

As for some of the elements of design, writes some might “wonder if the Airbus chief engineer Charles Champion and his team spent a little too much of his youth watching science fiction movies first.”

Even if some of these concepts are viable in the next 40 years, passengers every time they see on their flights?

The Wall Street Journal, The Source blog writes that “while Ryanair is unlikely to buy into that concept, because it is an airline that prefer to get rid of the bathrooms to make room for additional seating, maybe an airline like Emirates or other cash-rich Middle Eastern airline known for its luxury service. “

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