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July 3, 2011 by staff 

Free Ufc 132 StreamingFree Ufc 132 Streaming, Hello! We are seeing the UFC 132 live stream online through UFC.TV, and the main event is ready to start: Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber. Holy moly, Justin Bieber is the fight! I wonder if any of his fans care? This is not really a sport of teenybopper! It seems that Selena Gomez is with him though.

This fight for the bantamweight title between these two first WEC is possibly going to be the most boring fight of the night, or better. I do not know. I like the guy from California, but am a little hard to keep up with all these new guys in the sport of the WEC. Faber and cross over once with a guillotine again struggled, but both fighters have more experience and better now. In fact, Faber’s only loss Cruz. Cruz is the current bantamweight champion in the UFC, Faber having to leave him tonight? They have a remarkable aversion for each other that are about to reach a point tonight in the octagon. Here we go!

Round 1

Cross-goes first and connected on his first hit. Faber labels him a couple of times in the response and the fight is on! The crowd chants “Faber! Faber” and time to fight! Faber Cross is ending, but it is happening and catches a blow out. Some great battles unorthodox here, looks more like a street fight as Faber kicks, turns and catches a hit with both arms. Frenetic pace they move around and kick punch, and try to use one another. Cruz and Cruz Faber watches fall in the ass, but it bounces up. Faber is doing a little dribbling too much, increasing the pace and I hope that holds Cruz. Faber is a cross kick and catch it. 3 minutes and slows down hair. Great uppercut cross and dancing. Faber is closed and the pins on the fence Cruz, but Cruz has double underhooks. Are separated and the script back to the center. Cruz gets a bad left hook, and the exchange of a blast and fight in the fence. Whenever you are separated in a dam, holding a pair Faber punishing blows. More round.

Round 2

Faber opened the round with a quick right. Cruz is fast and even shooting down an attempt to elude monitoring. Faber lands a kick, and then watches him cross a left hook. Cruz combat with hands on hips cannot help thinking that it will cost. Faber lands a huge right hand, try to follow another, but Cruz blocked. Cruz kicks. As a frantic pace, but not so fast. Both sweating now, but no blood yet. Faber lands two shots in front of Cruz, but does not seem to realize that the lands of their own combination of body shots and head. Crosschecks the clock, which is tired? More exchange of blows, it’s pretty even so far. Cruz lands another uppercut Faber and labels it with a right and then throws it, hoping to swarm him. No dice, Cruz is recovering and off the road. Faber cross below! 30 seconds to go and Faber in the full guard, then gets up and gets a right hook. Cruz lands a combo of three punches in the final seconds. Another round of crazy!

Round 3

Cruz is still in constant motion, the man never gets tired? Faber feigns a roundhouse kick, and then lands a sidekick to the body. Cruz goes ahead with some punches. Faber looking for openings and securing a second, while the pound on each other. It spread quickly and while trading punches again. Cross Faber watches with a combination unpleasant, and then follows with a kick in the head. Ouch! Faber not intimidated, however, and is another of dismantling, but cannot. Rogan points this is a cage bigger than we are used in the WEC. Faber clings to a takedown and gets it, but fight and Cruz is on top then climb Faber and connects to the right. I think Cruz is slowing a bit, not much. Cross Faber labels with a shot inside and a left hook, Faber shrugs and stays focused. Faber Cruz labels with a bang. Then a good right cross by Faber and Faber bends down and picks up around the waist. Fighting on the fence and it appears that Cruz wants to take Faber down, but the round is over.

Round 4

Cruz goes fast and you have a combo. Faber then with the left. Law of large cross, which has lost power in three rounds that’s for sure! Faber OK, however, he is still-hunting for a takedown. Cruz then watches again with a right and rocking on his butt. Cruz bounces up and tries to return the favor, but avoids Faber. Back in the middle that both are connected with royalty. The crowd screaming for Faber & Faber lands a hook and hook combo was. Fighting in the middle and Faber eats a knee. Cruz is slowing a bit, but eventually his hands are just as fast. So are your legs when you start, making and land. Cruz lands a blow, and then ducks a takedown, but Faber easily avoid it. More punches exchanged and I can not say that this is the struggle. It is very even! It is possible that a hair on the side of Cruz. Cross sets up a farmer, but the land. Faber answers with a right. Cross ducks in a takedown and Faber will turn the fence where they grapple. More round.

Round 5

It seems that we go the distance, which is a helluva lot more than their first fight, and indeed any other fight in the fight tonight the main board. Both seem pretty cool too. Conditioning amazing! Cruz fakes a shot then with a flying knee Faber. Cruz is in the attack and Faber answers with renewed frenzy! Faber has a good solid chin! Faber Cruz down the fence, but Faber is a backup right away and fighting. Faber works for free. A knee Faber and down in the center with the celebration of Faber’s neck Cross. Cross withdraws and leaves. Back to turns, Faber changes, errors and Cruz run down. Faber fighting and get back up. To the right of cross and back down, then secure the fence when Faber jumps up. Faber has a pretty good made with Cruz, but it is around your shoulder for no good. They separate and return to the half and the shock of change. I think this fight will be a draw. Faber lands a kick to the head. Cruz is still dancing like crazy and Faber is on the attack. Replies Cruz brought down and again when Faber jumps back up! Be done with the fence then separate. The fifth assault and almost no secure! Faber is a takedown and the round is over! Both types have their hands up … Who won?

Let the judges to decide. I would not write this fight, that’s for sure! If Cruz won, it was not much, that’s for sure! Judges score 50-45, 49-46, 48-47 … winner by unanimous decision is Dominick Cruz! Keeps your title, but let me tell you, it was not much! Faber is really just a hair less of a champion.

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