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April 20, 2011 by staff 

Food Revolution, I’m back with more observations and summaries of episode two of the “Revolution of Food Jamie Oliver” in which Oliver is back for more punishment served by the directors of Los Angeles.

When the episode begins, the deposit Oliver is still trying to get fresh food in all schools and still cannot get access to any school in Los Angeles.

Oliver returns to the table (the same panel rejected it last week) and gives an update of its “progress.” His presentation was met with silence. He does not see even a glimmer of hope.

Oliver declares war. He’s going to hijack a school and provide free lunches, doing things his way.

The ‘s dressed as a giant tomato and parents bombarded with flyers. Also the hands in the budget pack lunches that include fruits, milk white and a coat with smoked turkey.

Granting that his move was fun, but not magic, Oliver calls luck.

“It feels like I’m not wasting my time with blood.” Things start to look up, Oliver finds a loophole. A charter school is not governed by the same administration that keeps the other schools Oliver has heard about his situation and that the school has invited Oliver to work with him. It finds some allies there. But it also seems nervous.

Almost half the students in the community of the charter school are overweight or obese.

As he is to visit the campus, Oliver said he is not allowed to set foot in the cafeteria. He peers into the distance.

He ‘s cannot do anything with school lunches, but is assigned to culinary education. He is now a professor of culinary arts. “Baby steps,” says Oliver. I cannot believe these people are going to let Oliver teach students about nutrition, but do not actually feed them a nutritious meal.

Family time with mom cooks Oliver. I could use less of this crash. Back in the conflict!

Oliver returns to Patras to create some fast food brilliant. ” Is waiting for the owner of Deno has come around to your way of thinking. “We have made no progress at all.” Deno Oliver holds the parking lot to talk business. It offers double the volume of business done there in two weeks if Deno gives complete control. Deno busts of some anti-Anglo sentiments of Oliver, which suggests that he knows nothing about fast food. Deno still mad that Oliver did a “shake” last week. Oliver wants to slap himself.

Back to school, Oliver has 10 students in their first class. He asked about personal health issues. Students tell stories of family members with diabetes. It then presents them with healthy ingredients to make burritos. He has the tortillas, roast chicken and other fixings. Some students admit they eat fast food at home regularly.

Oliver does what he does best: pulling the strings of our heart to point out what is wrong is for 13 years for diabetes and for parents to fry food twice a week at home. Tears flow. But, also a student kisses on the forehead and gives him a hug. As an American, makes me nervous. My insides are screaming, “demand.” Obviously it’s different in England. Sophie Oliver tells students to come to your house to fix things. We do not see that happening, however, which makes me wonder if it closes there, too.

As a student chef, Oliver feels “optimistic for the first time in two weeks.” Then, Oliver gives students a lecture about activism.

On the weekend, Oliver works in Patra Drive-Thru menu. He wants to get a juicy burger healthy. He is meat that runs about 50 cents a burger. Are chuck and % fat and only cents more than the pie Deno? He created several variations of burgers with ingredients and sauces and they all look divine. He takes his burgers to the streets to see if the public likes and how much to pay.

It develops a tail and crashed for an hour and a half!

Tell people to pay what it’s worth, finds that pay and 7, and 10 and 15 …

Back in Patra is Jamie and burgers are priced at 4.85, which is the same as one of the burgers Deno. His is also 430 calories compared to running burger Patra 600 calories.

Customers are beginning to enter Patra and Oliver pushed his property. It’s kind of all about the hard sell, it would be unfair.

Oliver drives through the drive-thru “to test the staff of Patra. Surprisingly, it’s great to do a variety of American accents. Deno peaks of a strawberry milkshake with strawberry syrup and Oliver caught.

It is revealed that Deno’s father died of a disease related to diet. Epiphany! (Not so much. Deno not seem to connect the dots.)

Oliver returns to the West Adams High School. Over the weekend, the school board tried to end his movie contract, if Oliver was in high school shooting. The lawyers were involved. When it comes to school, there is a waiting police car. However, Oliver greeted warmly by faculty and not arrested.

As part of the conformities new Oliver not allowed to participate in any discussion about school lunches.

“. Here we are in the land of freedom and can not even talk to a child about what they eat every day … As Americans, which should make you angry” I’m a bit upset and frustrated, but angry, yet no. Maybe if I keep seeing, I will mostly furious. Meanwhile, I remain fully in the team of Oliver.

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