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October 26, 2011 by staff 

Flat Screen TVsFlat Screen TVs, It is a perennial rumor that Apple is making the rounds again: that Cupertino is preparing to launch its own flat screen TV.

If you’ve been reading the Register of any amount of time you’ve heard before that the prediction – and the source is often Piper Jaffreyanlyst Gene Munster.

Well, Munster is back with another prediction of Apple-branded television, but this time is a new source for him a backup: Walter Isaacson recently published authorized biography of Steve Jobs.

In the book recounts a conversation with Isaacson employment, “” I would create a television set that is fully integrated easy to use, he said. “It would be perfectly synchronized with all your devices and icloud. No longer would users have to play with complex remote controls for DVD players and cable channels. “It will have simple user interface you can imagine. I finally snapped.”

In a note to clients on Monday, reports CNNMoney, Munster noted that the discussion, and suggests that what Jobs “cracked” was the interaction of open TV icloud content of the current, and perhaps the new iPhone is voice-activated artificial intelligence system, Siri, could be used to “simplify the task of entering show information such as titles or names of actors in a television.”

Or not. As mentioned, Munster has been over this ground before. In August 2009, Apple said a flat screen TV which will premiere in 2011.

Last September, she played an agreement between Apple and no details of suppliers Rovi content, indicating that “Apple is developing live TV and DVR features for its Apple TV product, and is likely to launch an all-in- an Apple TV in the next two to four years. ”

Earlier this year, refined that date, cited by CNNMoney: “For over a year … we believe Apple will enter the television market in late CY12 soon … we still believe the company. enter the television market with a comprehensive, Apple TV as an all-in-one could move the needle on TVs connected to proliferate. ”

The note Monday, Munster cites other events to strengthen their case, such as rumors and gossip among providers of Asia, and some Apple patents relating to a TV as possible, such as the user interface-related “Improving media metadata system.”

Munster goes so far as to predict the selling price of an Apple TV – and 1,800 in 2012 and 1,600 in 2013 and 1400 and in 2014 – and earnings during those three years: 2471 m, 3974 m, and 6 and, 048m. And yes, its revenue forecasts are, in effect, that accurate.

Quote Isaacson puts some wind under the wings of never-say-die Munster predictions, but we’re not holding our breath. Remember, what eventually became known as the iPad is already known as “delay” in 2003 and “long overdue” in 2004.

But if Munster is right about an Apple TV at the end of next year, we are holding the hope that Siri-based interface is not what Jobs meant when he said that Apple “integrated TV” would have “simple user interface you can imagine. “

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