Famous Deaths In January

January 29, 2012 by staff 

Famous Deaths In January, In January we lost many luminaries, including “The Matriarch of the Blues” and her mentor, a promising skier and a legendary football coach. Scroll through to read about these and others who passed away.

January 2012
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, 93, Italian politician, Minister of the Interior (1983-1987); President (1992-1999) and Lifetime Senator (since 1999).
Diana Bliss, 57, Australian public relations consultant and theatre producer, wife of Alan Bond.
Keriman Halis Ece, 98, Turkish beauty contestant, pianist and fashion model, Miss Turkey 1932.
Jeannette Hamby, 78, American politician, Oregon State Senator (1983-1999), stroke complications and cancer.
Milan Jungmann, 90, Czech literary critic and translator. (Czech)
Dzhamaleim Mutaliyev, 35, Russian rebel leader, shot.
Istv?n R?zsav?lgyi, 82, Hungarian 1500-metre runner, Olympic bronze medalist (1960), heart problems. (Hungarian)
Pavel Vancea, 47, Romanian karateka, World Champion (1993), suicide by hanging.
Kevin White, 82, American politician, Mayor of Boston (1968-1984).
Ian Abercrombie, 77, English actor (Seinfeld, Wizards of Waverly Place, Birds of Prey).
Dimitra Arliss, 79, American actress (The Sting, General Hospital, Xanadu), complications from a stroke.
Iggy Arroyo, 60, Filipino politician, Representative from the 5th District of Negros Occidental (since 2004), cardiac arrest.
Alfredo Avel?n, 84, Argentine politician, Governor of San Juan (1999-2002), multiple organ failure. (Spanish)
Bud Byerly, 91, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds).
Greg Cook, 65, American football player (Cincinnati Bengals), complications from pneumonia.
Kartar Singh Duggal, 94, Indian writer.
Alex Eadie, 91, British politician, MP for Midlothian (1966-1992).
M. O. H. Farook, 74, Indian politician and diplomat, Governor of Kerala (since 2011).
Clare Fischer, 83, American composer.
Robert Hegyes, 60, American actor (Welcome Back, Kotter; Cagney & Lacey), heart attack.
Seui Laau, 69, American Samoan politician and Senator.
Roberto Mieres, 87, Argentine racing driver.
Miguel Nazar Haro, 87, Mexican intelligence chief, head of the Direcci?n Federal de Seguridad (1978-1982).
Colin Tarrant, 59, English actor (The Bill).
Mark “Tex” Adams, ?, motorcross driver, stuntman for Nitro Circus, road accident.
Juan Fremiot Torres Oliver, 86, Puerto Rican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Ponce (1964-2000). (Spanish)
Paavo Berglund, 82, Finnish conductor. (Finnish)
Veronica Carstens, 88, German First Lady (1979-1984). (German)
Carlos Escarr?, 57, Venezuelan politician, Attorney General (since 2011), heart attack.
Emil Hossu, 70, Romanian actor, cardiac arrest. (Romanian)
Dick Kniss, 74, American bassist (Peter, Paul and Mary; The John Denver Band), pulmonary disease.
Mabel Manzotti, 73, Argentine actress (Besos en la Frente, Vidas robadas), complications from a stroke. (Spanish)
Len McIntyre, British rugby league player. (death announced on this date)
Mark Reale, 56, American heavy metal guitarist (Riot), Crohn’s disease.
Nick Santino, 47, American actor (All My Children, Guiding Light), suicide by overdose.
Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans, 91, American heiress and philanthropist.
Robert Sheran, 96, American politician and judge.
Kosta Tsonev, 82, Bulgarian actor.
Alexander Zhitinsky, 71, Russian writer. (Russian)
Theodoros Angelopoulos, 76, Greek film director, hit by motorcycle.
Sukumar Azhikode, 85, Indian writer, critic and orator, cancer.
James C. Bliss, 78, American electrical engineer and entrepreneur.
James Farentino, 73, American actor (Dynasty, ER, Melrose Place), heart failure.
John Garrahy, 81, American politician, Governor of Rhode Island (1977-1985).
Vadim Glowna, 70, German actor and film director. (German)
Delma Kollar, 114, American supercentenarian, one of the 100 verified oldest people ever.
Andrew MacNaughtan, 47, Canadian photographer.
Moira Milton, 88, Scottish amateur golfer.
Stan Mitchell, 67, American football player (Miami Dolphins).
W. Allen Pepper, Jr., 70, American federal judge for the Northern District of Mississippi (since 1999), heart attack.
Stig S?terbakken, 46, Norwegian writer. (Norwegian)
Pierre Sinibaldi, 87, French footballer and manager. (French)
Norio Yamada, 89, Japanese novelist, acute heart failure. (Japanese)
David Atkinson, 71, British politician, MP for Bournemouth East (1977-2005), bowel cancer.
Amal Bose, 75, Bangladeshi actor.
Wesley E. Brown, 104, American federal judge for the District Court for Kansas (since 1962).
Anthony Capo, 52, American mobster-turned-informant (DeCavalcante crime family), heart attack.
Yardena Cohen, 101, Israeli dancer and choreographer. (Hebrew)
Marcel De Boodt, 85, Belgian academic. (Dutch)
Erik Haaest, 76, Danish journalist and author. (Danish)
Sadahiro Kojima, 60, Japanese racehorse trainer. (Japanese)
Charla Krupp, 58, American author, breast cancer.
Milos Pojar, 71, Czech author and diplomat.
Bingham Ray, 57, American independent film executive, complications from strokes.
Gerhard Schr?der, 90, German television executive. (German)
Stig Vig, 63, Swedish singer (Dag Vag). (Swedish)
Massimo Baistrocchi, 69, Italian diplomat and writer, Ambassador to Namibia (2001-2004), heart attack.
Rita Gorr, 85, Belgian opera singer.
André Green, 84, French psychoanalyst. (French)
Jim Irwin, 77, American sportscaster (WTMJ), voice of the Green Bay Packers, complications from kidney cancer.
Moisés Kaiman, 97, Polish-born Mexican rabbi. (Spanish)
Andy Musser, 74, American sportscaster (Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia 76ers).
Katsur?? Nakamura, 86, Japanese doctor, pneumonia. (Japanese)
Joe Paterno, 85, American college football coach (Penn State Nittany Lions), lung cancer.
Pierre Sudreau, 92, French politician, inspired The Little Prince. (French)
Clarence Tillenius, 98, Canadian artist and conservationist.
Dick Tufeld, 85, American voice actor and announcer, voice of Robot B-9 on Lost in Space.
Saud Nasser Al-Saud Al-Sabah, 68, Kuwaiti royal, diplomat and politician.
Toyomi Arai, 76, Japanese poet, respiratory failure. (Japanese)
J. R. Boone, 86, American football player.
Cliff Chambers, 90, American baseball player.
Vincenzo Consolo, 78, Italian writer.
Emmanuel Cooper, 73, British potter and writer.
Antal Czettler, 87, Hungarian historian. (Hungarian)
Ernie Gregory, 90, English footballer.
Gerre Hancck, 77, American organist.
Jonathan Idema, 55, American con artist, complications from AIDS.
Eiko Ishioka, 72, Japanese art director and designer, pancreatic cancer.
Irena Jarocka, 65, Polish singer. (Polish)
Doug Long, 56, American football player (Seattle Seahawks), cancer.
Salma Mumtaz, 85, Pakistani actress, diabetes.
Jodie-Anne White, Australian dancer and choreographer, artistic director of the Ballet Theatre of Queensland.
Slavko Ziherl, 66, Slovenian psychiatrist and politician. (Slovenian)
John F. Baker, Jr., 66, American Medal of Honor recipient.
Larry Butler, 69, American music producer.
Peter Collins Dorsey, 80, American federal judge.
Etta James, 73, American blues vocalist (“At Last”), leukemia.
Nikhat Kazmi, 53, Indian film critic, breast cancer.
Ioannis Kefalogiannis, 79, Greek politician, MP (1958-1964; 1974-2004) and Minister of the Interior (1992-1993). (Greek)
John Levy, 99, American jazz double-bassist and manager.
Jeffrey Ntuka, 26, South African football player, stabbed.
Mario Pastega, 95, American businessman and philanthropist.
Ji?™? Ra??ka, 70, Czech ski jumper, Olympic gold medalist (1968), heart disease.
Alejandro Rodriguez, 93, American psychiatrist and academic.
Robert Fortune Sanchez, 77, American Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Santa Fe (1977-1993).
Dudley Thompson, 95, Jamaican politician and diplomat.
Ioan Ursu?›, 53, Romanian criminal and serial escapist, suicide by hanging. (Swedish)
Phillip Vannatter, 70, American police investigator (O. J. Simpson murder case), cancer.
George Zecevic, 75, Yugoslavian-born American film producer (A Nightmare on Elm Street).
Yedda Alves, 83, Brazilian actress. (Portuguese)
Peter ?slin, 49, Swedish Olympic bronze medal-winning (1988) ice hockey player, stroke. (Swedish)
Giancarlo Bigazzi, 71, Italian singer. (Italian)
Sarah Burke, 29, Canadian freestyle skier, world champion (2005), cardiac arrest following skiing accident.
Rudi van Dantzig, 78, Dutch choreographer. (Dutch)
Giovanni De Andrea, 83, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Vice-President of Labour Office of the Apostolic See (1989-2007).
Peter de Francia, 90, British artist.
Anthony Gonsalves, 84, Indian film music composer.
Colonel Stone Johnson, 93, American civil rights activist.
Beverly McDermott, 83, American casting director (Airport 77, Cocoon: The Return, Lenny).
Winston Riley, 65, Jamaican reggae musician and producer, complications of shooting.
On Sarig, 85, Israeli children’s book author. (Hebrew)
Errol Scorcher, 55, Jamaican reggae DJ, ruptured blood vessel.
Richard Sheirer, 65, American public servant, officer-in-charge of the rescue and recovery effort after the September 11 attacks, pulmonary edema.
Gilbert Temmerman, 83, Belgian politician, MP (1971-1989), Mayor of Ghent (1989-1994), Minister of State. (Dutch)
Jenny Tomasin, 75, British actress (Upstairs, Downstairs). (death announced on this date)
Karen Brazell, 73, American professor and translator of Japanese.
Tom Cowie, 89, British entrepreneur.
Thérèse Delpech, 63, French nuclear proliferation expert, apparent heart attack.
Mel Goldstein, 66, American television meteorologist (WTNH), multiple myeloma.
Karl Hofmann, 85, German politician, Member of Parliament for Coburg (1965-1973). (German)
Giuseppe Vedovato, 99, Italian politician. (Italian)
Michihiro Yamaki, 78, Japanese businessman, founder of Sigma Corporation.
Yevgeny Zharikov, 70, Russian film actor (Ivan’s Childhood), cancer. (Russian)
Ernie Alexander, 78, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (2000-2008).
Colin Campbell, 80, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Antigonish (1986-2002).
Aengus Fanning, 69, Irish journalist, editor of the Sunday Independent, cancer.
Harold Ghosh, 75, Indian cricketer.
Julius Meimberg, 95, German Luftwaffe flying ace, recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. (Portuguese)
Johnny Otis, 90, American R&B singer-songwriter.
Piet R?mer, 83, Dutch actor (Baantjer). (Dutch)
Mohamed Rouicha, 61, Moroccan folk singer. (French)
R. W. Schambach, 85, American evangelist, heart failure.
Marty Springstead, 74, American Major League Baseball umpire, heart attack.
Keizabur?? Yamaguchi, 83, Japanese art historian (Rissho University), heart failure. (Japanese)
Jimmy Castor, 71, American funk and R&B saxophonist (“Troglodyte (Cave Man)”), heart failure.
Mike Current, 66, American football player (Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), apparent suicide by gunshot.
Norman W. Edmund, 95, American businessman, founder of Edmund Scientific Corporation.
Sigursteinn G?slason, 43, Icelandic footballer and manager. (Icelandic)
Pierre Goubert, 96, French historian. (French)
Tatsuya Hashi, 74, Japanese comedian, pneumonia. (Japanese)
Lorna Kesterson, 86, American newspaper editor and journalist (Henderson Home News), Mayor of Henderson, Nevada (1985-1993).
Gustav Leonhardt, 83, Dutch harpsichordist and conductor.
Juan Carlos Pérez L?pez, 66, Spanish footballer. (Spanish)
David Phiri, 74, Zambian businessman, Governor of the Bank of Zambia.
Valentin Rusantsov, 72, Russian hierarch, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (1996-2012).
The Senator, American pond cypress, world’s fifth oldest known tree, fire.
Mika Ahola, 37, Finnish enduro rider, motorcycle crash.
Ed Derwinski, 85, American politician, U.S. Representative from Illinois (1959-1983); United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs (1989-1992), merkel cell carcinoma.
Claes Egnell, 95, Swedish sport shooter and Olympic silver medal-winning (1952) pentathlete. (Swedish)
Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 89, Spanish politician, President of the Xunta of Galicia (1990-2005), founder of the People’s Party, heart failure.
Robert Freer, 88, British military officer, Deputy Commander of RAF Strike Command (1978-1980).
Carlo Fruttero, 85, Italian writer. (Italian)
Yevgeny Ginzburg, 66, Russian television director, stroke. (Russian)
Ben Hana, 54, New Zealand vagrant.
Eisuke Hinode, 70, Japanese politician, member of the House of Councillors, gall bladder cancer.
Eduard Ivanov, 73, Soviet ice hockey player, World and Olympic champion. (Russian)
Michael Mussa, 67, American economist, heart failure.
Samuel B. Nunez, Jr., 81, American politician, President of the Louisiana State Senate (1983-1988; 1990-1996).
Fumio Nunoya, 64, Japanese rock and roll singer, cerebral hemorrhage. (Japanese)
Ib Spang Olsen, 90, Danish cartoonist and author. (Danish)
Chris Pavlou, 72, Australian football player.
Rafael Rinc?n Gonz?lez, 89, Venezuelan musician. (Spanish)
Jack Roberts, 58, American climber, fall.
Hiromi Sakai, 27, Japanese speedway racer, accident during practice.
Hulett C. Smith, 93, American politician, Governor of West Virginia (1965-1969).
Peter Veness, 27, Australian journalist, brain cancer.
Homai Vyarawalla, 98, Indian photojournalist, first Indian woman to work as a photojournalist.
Janey Buchan, 85, Scottish politician, MEP for Glasgow (1979-1994).
Mircea Ciumara, 68, Romanian politician, Minister of Finance (1996-1997), cancer. (Romanian)
Marv Davidov, 80, American peace activist (The Honeywell Project).
Ekuikui IV, 98, Angolan king of Bailundo, disease.
Dan Evins, 76, American entrepreneur, founder of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.
Robbie France, 52, British drummer (Skunk Anansie, Diamond Head, UFO), ruptured aorta.
Ritsuo Horimoto, 76, Japanese baseball player (Yomiuri Giants), pneumonia. (Japanese)
Charles Howard, 87, Australian Roman Catholic leader, Superior General of the Marist Brothers (1985-1993).
Pearse Hutchinson, 84, Irish broadcaster and writer, member of Aosd?na.
Arfa Karim, 16, Pakistani student, world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (2004-2008), idiopathic epilepsy seizures.
Lasse Kolstad, 90, Norwegian actor. (Norwegian)
Curt Meyer-Clason, 101, German writer and translator. (German)
Antonio Mistrorigo, 99, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Treviso (1958-1988).
Pilar Montero, 90, American bar owner.
Giampiero Moretti, 71, Italian racing driver, winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona (1998), founder of Momo. (Italian)
Kaoru Nishimoto, 88, Japanese shogi player, pneumonia. (Japanese)
Mila Parély, 94, French actress. (French)
Dame Lesley Ann Strathie, 56, British civil servant, Permanent Secretary to HM Revenue and Customs (2008-2011), cancer.
Txillardegi, 82, Basque writer and politician. (Spanish)
Rosy Varte, 88, French actress. (French).
Zelemkhan Zangiyev, 37, Russian footballer. (Russian)
Anton Blom, 87, Norwegian journalist. (Norwegian)
Rauf Denkta??, 87, Cypriot politician, founder and first president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, multiple organ failure.
Guido Dessauer, 96, German paper engineer and art collector. (German)
Dilys Elwyn-Edwards, 93, Welsh composer.
S?ndor Fehér, 38, Hungarian violinist, drowned.
Lefter Küçükandonyadis, 86, Turkish Olympic footballer (Fenerbahçe) and coach, pneumonia. (Turkish)
Oscar Valent?n Leal Caal, 41, Guatemalan politician, Congressman (since 2008), shot.
Armand Mercier, 78, American politician.
Miljan Miljani?‡, 81, Serbian football player, coach and administrator.
Abdollah Mojtabavi, 87, Iranian wrestler. (Persian)
Andrea Schenck, 55, American actress (All My Children), drowned.
Richard Threlkeld, 74, American reporter (CBS News), traffic collision.
William Robert Wright, 76, American biographer and politician, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party (1977-1979), Alzheimer’s disease.
Andrzej Krzysztof Wr?blewski, 76, Polish journalist. (Polish)
Sadao Bekku, 89, Japanese composer, pneumonia. (Japanese)
Charlie Collins, 78, American country musician (Roy Acuff’s Smoky Mountain Boys), stroke.
Glenda Dickerson, 66, American theatre director.
Reginald Hill, 75, British crime writer (Dalziel and Pascoe).
Natalee Holloway, 18, American student, missing since 2005. (declared legally dead on this date)
Bill Janklow, 72, American politician, Attorney General (1975-1979) and Governor of South Dakota (1979-1987, 1995-2003); U.S. Representative (2003-2004), brain cancer.
Shiv Kumari of Kotah, 95, Indian Hindu royal.
MS-1, 55, Mexican professional wrestler, car accident. (Spanish)
Asl?± Nemutlu, 18, Turkish skier, training accident. (Turkish)
Charles H. Price II, 80, American businessman and diplomat.
Hannes R?stam, 56, Swedish journalist. (Swedish)
Rosalind Runcie, 79, British pianist, widow of Robert Runcie.
Jim Stanley, 76, American football coach (Oklahoma State Cowboys), cancer.
Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, 32, Iranian nuclear scientist, car bomb.
Richard Bruno, 87, American costume designer (Raging Bull, Goodfellas), kidney failure.
Frank Cook, 76, British politician, MP for Stockton North (1983-2010), lung cancer.
Bohumil Goli?n, 81, Slovak Olympic silver (1964) and bronze (1968) medal-winning volleyball player.
Gilles Jacquier, 43, French journalist, grenade attack.
Edgar Kaiser, 69, Canadian businessman and philanthropist, owner of the Denver Broncos (1981-1984).
John Madin, 87, English architect.
V. Madhusudhan Rao, 94, Indian film director.
Wally Osterkorn, 83, American basketball player.
Steven Rawlings, 49, British astrophysicist.
Colm Tucker, 59, Irish rugby union player.
David Whitaker, 80, English composer and songwriter. (French)
Alfonso de Bourbon, 83, American claimant of Spanish royalty, traffic accident.
Azeem Daultana, 32, Pakistani politician, Member of the National Assembly, road accident.
José Freire de Oliveira Neto, 83, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mossor? (1984-2004).
Israel Getzler, 92, Israeli historian. (Hebrew)
Vince Gibson, 78, American college football coach.
Jack Heron, 85, American college basketball coach (Sacramento State University).
Kyra T. Inachin, 43, German historian. (German)
Lila Kaye, 82, British actress.
John McCarthy, 61, Irish mental health campaigner and founder of Mad Pride, motor neurone disease.
Charlie Pawsey, 88, English rugby league player. (death announced on this date)
Jean Pigott, 87, Canadian politician and businesswoman, MP for Ottawa-Carleton (1976-1979).
Cliff Portwood, 74, English footballer and singer.
Mary Raftery, 54, Irish journalist (States of Fear).
Takao Sakurai, 70, Japanese Olympic gold medal-winning (1964) boxer, esophageal cancer. (Japanese)
Syed Shah Mardan Shah-II, 83, Pakistani politician and spiritual leader, heart attack.
Gevork Vartanian, 87, Soviet intelligence agent, Hero of the Soviet Union.
Ron Caron, 82, Canadian ice hockey administrator, General Manager of the St. Louis Blues (1983-1993, 1996).
Ernie Carson, 74, American jazz musician.
Brian Curvis, 74, Welsh boxer, leukaemia. (death announced on this date).
Alex DeCroce, 75, American politician, New Jersey General Assembly Minority Leader (since 2004).
Bill Dickie, 82, Scottish football administrator.
Ruth Fern?ndez, 92, Puerto Rican contralto and politician, Senator (1973-1981). (Spanish)
Bridie Gallagher, 87, Irish singer.
Augusto Gansser-Biaggi, 101, Swiss geologist. (German)
Koizumi Junsaku, 87, Japanese painter and pottery artist, pneumonia. (Japanese)
Mae Laborde, 102, American actress.
Vern McGrew, 82, American Olympic athlete.
Robert Nelson, 81, American filmmaker, cancer.
John Both Puok, 48, South Sudanese politician.
William G. Roll, 85, American psychologist and parapsychologist.
Malam Bacai Sanh?, 64, Guinea-Bissauan politician, President (1999-2000; since 2009).
Larry Solway, 83, Canadian radio personality and author.
Pyotr Vasilevsky, 55, Belarusian football player and coach. (Russian)
Aldo Zenh?usern, 60, Swiss Olympic ice hockey player (1976).
Dave Alexander, 73, American blues singer and pianist, suicide.
Herb Clarke, 84, American television weatherman (WCAU-TV), NATAS Governor’s Award winner (2007), Alzheimer’s disease.
Glenn Cox, 80, American baseball player (Kansas City Athletics).
Franz Dorfer, 61, Austrian Olympic boxer (1976). (German)
Gunnar Dyrberg, 90, Danish resistance fighter, head of Holger Danske (1943-1945). (Danish)
T. J. Hamblin, 68, British haematologist, cancer.
Dmitry Machinsky, 74, Russian archaeologist. (Russian)
Charles Morris, 85, British politician, MP for Manchester Openshaw (1963-1983).
Graham Rathbone, 69, Welsh footballer, dementia.
Alexis Weissenberg, 82, Bulgarian-born French pianist.
Ibrahim Aslan, 77, Egyptian novelist and short story writer, heart failure.
Tony Blankley, 63, British-born American conservative commentator, newspaper editor and child actor, stomach cancer.
Richard Hopkins, 47, British television producer (Strictly Come Dancing), cancer.
George Livingston, 78, American politician, first elected African American mayor of Richmond, California (1985-1993), diabetes.
Hideaki Nitani, 81, Japanese actor (Tokyo Drifter), pneumonia. (Japanese)
Clarence Cullam Pope, 81, American prelate, Episcopal Bishop of Fort Worth (1986-1994).
Herbert Wilf, 80, American mathematician.
Louise Gibson Annand, 96, Scottish artist.
James R. Arnold, 88, American space scientist.
Tom Ardolino, 56, American drummer (NRBQ).
Nicole Bogner, 27, Austrian musician (Visions of Atlantis).
Gabriel Cadis, 60, Israeli attorney, chairman of the Jaffa Orthodox Church Association, stabbed.
John Celardo, 93, American comic strip artist (Tarzan, Buz Sawyer).
Harry Fearnley, 88, English footballer.
Bob Holness, 83, South African-born British quiz show host and actor (Blockbusters).
Eleftherios Katsaitis, 82, Greek-born British Orthodox hierarch, Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Great Britain (1987-1994), smothered. (Greek)
W. Francis McBeth, 78, American composer.
Frank James McGarr, 90, American federal district judge.
John McWhinnie, 43, American rare book dealer and gallerist, drowned.
Ellen Pence, 63, American sociologist and social activist, creator of the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, breast cancer.
Louis Rech, 85, Italian-born Luxembourgian politician, Mayor of Dudelange (1985-1993). (German)
Clive Shell, 64, Welsh international rugby player. (death announced on this date).
Danilo Slivnik, 61, Slovene journalist and author, suicide. (Slovenian)
Richard Alf, 59, American businessman, co-founder and chairman of San Diego Comic-Con International, pancreatic cancer.
Selwyn Baptiste, 75, Trinidadian-born British musician and festival organiser.
Don Carter, 85, American professional bowler, complication from pneumonia and emphysema.
Samson H. Chowdhury, 86, Bangladeshi businessman.
Bi?£u F?ƒlticineanu, 86, Romanian theatre director. (Romanian)
Idwal Fisher, 76, Welsh rugby player.
Thelma Forbes, 101, Canadian politician.
Hikaru Hayashi, 80, Japanese composer. (Japanese)
Frank Ackerman Hill, 92, American U.S. Air Force commander of the 33rd Air Division.
Frederica Sagor Maas, 111, American silent film screenwriter (The Plastic Age), playwright, memoirist and author.
Amit Saigal, 46, Indian rock magazine publisher, concert promoter and musician, drowned.
Alexander Sizonenko, 52, Russian basketball player, world’s tallest person (1991). (Russian)
Eve Arnold, 99, American photographer.
Ruben Ayala, 89, American politician, California State Senator (1974-1998), first elected Mayor of Chino, California (1964-1966).
K??z?? Chifuji, 74, Japanese composer, shamisen player, heart failure. (Japanese)
James F. Crow, 95, American geneticist.
Byron Donzis, 79, American inventor, stroke.
Harry Fowler, 85, British character actor.
Gatewood Galbraith, 64, American lawyer and author, complications from chronic emphysema.
Sir Archibald Glenn, 100, Australian industrialist, Chancellor of La Trobe University.
Panagiotis Kontaxis, 81, Greek businessman, vice president of Motor Oil Hellas. (Greek)
Kerry McGregor, 37, British singer and reality contestant (The X Factor), bladder cancer.
Bobby McKenzie, 83, Australian football player.
Juan Carlos Mendiz?bal, 60, Argentine journalist, liver cancer.
Kalpana Mohan, 65, Indian actress.
Hiroki Nagase, 36, Japanese composer, suicide by hanging. (Japanese) (body discovered on this date)
Carmen Naranjo, 83, Costa Rican novelist, poet and essayist, cancer.
Hisako ?Œishi, 75, Japanese politician, member of the House of Councillors, respiratory failure. [dead link] (Japanese)
Rod Robbie, 83, Canadian architect.
Mitch Shirota, 78, American racehorse jockey and trainer.
Teppei Tsubone, 100, Japanese businessman, pneumonia. (Japanese)
Xaver Unsinn, 82, German Olympic ice hockey player and coach. (German)
Charles W. Bailey, 81, American journalist and novelist (Seven Days in May), Parkinson’s disease.
Gene Bartow, 81, American college basketball coach (UAB, UCLA), stomach cancer.
Angelo Bowers, 26, American comedian, traffic collision.
Robert L. Carter, 94, American civil rights activist (Sweatt v. Painter) and judge, complications from a stroke.
Ray Costict, 56, American football player (New England Patriots).
Miguel Couturier, 61, Mexican actor (Miss Bala, Once Upon a Time in Mexico), cancer. (Spanish)
Willi Entenmann, 68, German football player and coach, heart attack. (German)
Juan Escudero, 91, Spanish footballer.
Mary C. Henderson, 83, American theater historian, educator and critic, Parkinson’s disease.
Selorm Kuadey, 24, Ukrainian-born English rugby union player (Sale Sharks).
John David Lewis, 56, American political scientist.
Winifred Milius Lubell, 97, American illustrator and writer, heart failure.
Joaquin Martinez, 81, Mexican-born American actor (Jeremiah Johnson, Die Another Day), pancreatic cancer.
Osamu Matsubara, 94, Japanese businessperson, chairman of Books Kinokuniya, heart failure. (Japanese)
Enrique de Melchor, 61, Spanish flamenco guitarist, cancer.
Stepan Oshchepkov, 77, Russian canoeist, Olympic gold medalist (1964). (Russian)
Yadid Rubin, 74, Israeli painter. (Hebrew)
Felix Shuman, 87, American actor (Damien: Omen II, The Fury).
Josef ? kvoreck?, 87, Czech writer and publisher, cancer.
Otoichir?? Suzuki, 87, Japanese politician, mayor of Tochigi, Tochigi, myocardial infarction. (Japanese)
Miguel Terekhov, 83, Uruguayan-born American ballet dancer and teacher, complications of lung fibrosis.
Wylie Vale, 70, American endocrinologist.
Vicar, 77, Chilean cartoonist. (Spanish)
Bob Weston, 64, British guitarist and songwriter (Fleetwood Mac), gastrointestinal hemorrhage. (body found on this date)
Ian Bargh, 76, British-born Canadian jazz pianist, lung cancer.
D.W. Barron, 76, British computer scientist.
Ivan C?ƒlin, 76, Moldovan politician, Acting President of the Moldovan Parliament (2009). (Russian)
William P. Carey, 81, American businessman (W. P. Carey & Co.) and philanthropist.
Ioan Dr?ƒgan, 46, Romanian footballer (FC Bra?™ov), colorectal cancer. (Romanian)
Odin Fottoh, 73, Tajik composer. (Russian)
Vivi Friedman, 44, Finnish film director, cancer.
Yoshiro Hayashi, 89, Japanese golfer. (Japanese)
Gordon Hirabayashi, 93, American civil rights activist (Hirabayashi v. United States).
Jim Huber, 67, American sports commentator (CNN, TNT).
Elli Konstantoudaki, 39, Greek journalist. (Greek)
Anatoly Kolesov, 73, Russian wrestler, Olympic gold medalist (1964). (Russian)
Howie Koplitz, 73, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Washington Senators).
Hisao Maki, 71, Japanese manga author and novelist, acute pneumonia. (Japanese)
Helmut Müller-Brühl, 78, German conductor. (German)
Hajime Otaki, 68, Japanese scholar of Chinese history (Kyoto University, Teikyo University), esophageal cancer. (Japanese)
Larry Reinhardt, 63, American rock guitarist (Iron Butterfly, Captain Beyond), liver cirrhosis.
Otto Scrinzi, 93, Austrian politician. (German)
Ambj?rg S?lthun, 89, Norwegian politician. (Norwegian)
Paulo Rodrigues da Silva, 25, Brazilian footballer, car crash. (Portuguese)
Arend Voortman, 81, Dutch politician. (Dutch)
H. Edwin Young, 94, American economist, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1968-1977).
Gary Ablett, 46, English footballer (Liverpool, Everton, Birmingham City), non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Bob Anderson, 89, British Olympic fencer (1952), film fight director and choreographer (Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings).
Jan Baas, 94, Dutch politician. (Dutch)
Alfredo Battisti, 86, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Udine (1972-2000). (Italian)
Jorge Andrés Boero, 38, Argentine motorcycle racer, Dakar rally crash.
Anders Frandsen, 51, Danish singer and television presenter. (Danish)
Kiro Gligorov, 94, Macedonian politician, first democratically elected President (1991-1999).
Jan Groover, 68 American photographer.
Hermann Guggiari, 87, Paraguayan engineer and sculptor. (Spanish)
Andreas Herzog, 20, German wrestler, suicide. (German)
Frank Horwill, 84, British athletics coach.
Ed Jenkins, 78, American politician, Representative from Georgia (1977-1993).
Nay Win Maung, 49, Burmese physician and pro-democracy activist, heart attack.
Fred Milano, 72, American doo-wop singer (The Belmonts, Dion and the Belmonts), lung cancer.
Nina Miranda, 86, Uruguayan tango singer and composer. (Spanish)
Tommy Mont, 89, American college football coach and NFL player, heart failure.
Marcelle Narbonne, 113, French supercentenarian, oldest person in Europe. (French)
Carlos Soria, 63, Argentine politician, Secretary of Intelligence (2002), Governor of R?o Negro (since 2011), shot.
Lore Steubing, 89, German botanist. (German)
Yafa Yarkoni, 86, Israeli singer.

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