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December 10, 2010 by staff 

Family Matters, Thanksgiving is holidays it combines family, friends and appreciating our blessings the opportunity to rejuvenate the positive aspects of our lives.

Perhaps because it is a simple, family oriented vacation without the marketing, entertainment activities or religious claims of some other holidays, Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to create family traditions and special to remember the blessings we have in our families, our lives and our American heritage.

It is a great time to step back from the stresses and responsibilities piled into our daily lives and reflect on what is most important to us.

Thanksgiving is very different this year than it was nine years ago. Unsettling changes, perceptions painful and difficult choices have been forced on us. Attacks September 11, 2001, terrorist periodic evidence of other attacks foiled, and the recession that began in 2007 have made us all feel much more vulnerable. And we are.

However, Thanksgiving 2010 is an opportunity to reflect on all the blessings we have. Despite our personal losses and our vulnerability, many of us have much to be grateful. I hope my reflections will stimulate yours.

To begin with what is most precious, my wonderful wife and three children are growing and taking advantage of many opportunities in life. I feel so happy that Alise and I was able to nurture, support and offer our children many opportunities to follow their dreams.

I am also fortunate to have a healthy, loyal friends, interesting work and rewarding volunteer opportunities.

I am grateful for everything my parents, grandparents and parents, my aunts in particular, has meant and given to me. Without food, I would not be who I am; I could give my children everything I hope.

Like many Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family members. The renewal of family ties is more important than ever at a time when some families have suffered severe personal and economic losses.

Like many Americans, my family has enjoyed several years of peace before 9 / 11, relative economic prosperity before the downturn and the rich variety of educational opportunities in our country.

Before September 11, 2001, many of us took our blessings as Americans for granted. Now, we realize more deeply the American democracy is a precious gift that requires all of us to recreate again reflected by our participation, informed and caring.

Despite our faults and shortcomings – and they are many – I believe that no nation has embraced this amazing diversity of racial, cultural and religious as well or completely successful, or authorized these great opportunities for personal improvement to many.

Thanksgiving is also time to review our behavior to be sure of how we actually live reflect our personal values and inclusive national heritage.

We should ask ourselves: Am I satisfied with the importance that my actions give to family, friends and community improvement? I’m doing my part to make this sound, a caring community can be? Being able to give another blessing to be thankful for.

Here are some things I am grateful for this time of threats and challenges. I hope your list is just as significant.

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