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June 20, 2011 by Post Team 

Falling Skies ReviewFalling Skies Review, Six months ago, according to the new TNT’s sci-fi epic potential Falling Skies, foreigners who invaded America and became thoughtful ER, Dr. John Carter in a gunman history professor, Tom Mason, star of the show. Noah Wylie transformation of medical cable network action hero complete with scruffy beard and a raspy voice that sometimes recalls the young Clint Eastwood. It takes a couple of hours, or about the length of the premier to get used to this new version of Wylie, but he did it.

A similar condemnation was developed gradually, but decisive Falling Skies makes an attractive, if derivative, fragment of dystopian science fiction. The benefits of the series structure. Instead of wasting time showing surprise of the citizens and the horror of the alien invasion, Heaven begins in the midst of the organized resistance to it. Tom Wylie is the second in command of Patton-veterinary stony desert Storm Weaver and the two are frequent clashes in the strategy. Add Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation) as an attractive doctor and there is a budding romance with a widower Tom amidst this messy battle.

Enemies of humans are Mechs (large, bipedal metallic-looking creatures) and Skitters (below the earth’s creatures spider). They are not invulnerable – as Tom says, “They die like us, you just have to reach out” to shoot them. The invaders take human prisoners for forced labor, including one of Tom’s sons, Ben (Connor Jessup), who became obedient zombie-like followers in a skin piercing “use” is attached to their spines. It is a good effect, spooky, which also serves as a good metaphor, spooky for parents of teenagers. Teens (who do not understand most of the work force we see in the pilot) forced to behave and do what they say. Nightmare or dream, depending on who is doing the imagination …

The metaphor of the invading forces and enslave humans to kill en masse to the invaders considered his inferiors operates in a more open and when the next episode, Tom explicitly compare them to Nazis. I’m not sure how far to go heaven fall down that road, albeit on the basis of four hours I’ve seen, military strategy sessions would not be out of place in a film of World War II as directed by Howard Hawks, with lots of eye level, shot the men who took the measure of each other under the stress of battle.

There are familiar rhythms of this kind, which cannot help Falling Skies in the fall. For example, any particular action scene – Tom and his team attacked by Mechs and / or Skitters – is invariably followed by a pause in which the characters to reflect or discuss the anarchic world that are trying to regain control. Because Tom Mason taught the American Revolution, which makes comparisons between the 18 th century and the world Falling Skies also echoed some of the military leaders of the series, and can be tough. Many of the scenes between Tom and his sons (his wife died in an attack early invasion) are nice and quiet, deeply earnest, a welcome influence Spielberg.

So far, his most interesting is the anarchist leader of a band of marauders, John Pope (Colin Cunningham), who was captured by Tom and Weaver, and demonstrate its value as a cook. The Pope and the sardonic performance Cunningham, Falling Skies provide some much needed sparkle sharp humor – all the war stories unpredictable needs from a man with few scruples to launch all other morality (or lack thereof) in high relief. Ultimately, however, the fall of heaven rises above any performance one, is the spectacle of humans against aliens who lures you in calls to the old, but sometimes it works the old.

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