Fairy Basslet Fish

January 7, 2012 by staff 

Fairy Basslet Fish, The term “Fairy Basslet” is the general name for the tropic members of the sea bass family that is often used to decorate salt-water aquariums. They are small colorful fish that have a wide range of colors and patterns, however, like the many other reef fish, the males are more vividly colored than the females. The unique aspect of the Fairy Basslet is that these fish can change sex, from female to male. Fairy Basslet are also called Royal Gramma and Gramma Loreto.

See these fish in their natural habitat by diving in the Western Central Atlantic: Bermuda, Bahamas, and Central America to northern South America. Or, visit an exotic aquarium supply.

Look for fish with an average length of 5 inches and an average weight of 1 to 2 oz.

Find a fish (or fishes) that have 12 dorsal spines and 10 dorsal soft rays.

This fish features a purple front that appears blue underwater and a yellow/orange rear. Look for a dark spot on the fish’s dorsal fin.

Fairy Basslets are a gentle harmless fish that swims upside-down (you read that right, they swim upside-down).

Be tenacious. The Fairy Basslet are very shy and may be hard to find in their natural habitat.

This fish’s eyes are outlined in blue and their pelvic fins are lined with purple.

Tips & Warnings
Fairy Basslet are widely collected for home aquariums

You need to give this fish many hiding places in the tank to help make them feel secure.

They can be quite active and are great to watch if given the proper tank environment.

Fairy Basslets are sensitive to an acidic pH.

They are best suited to a species tank.

These fish are picky eaters and prefer small, live foods. Brine shrimp is usually accepted.

Bicolor Fairy Basslets live together in a large group.

This fish may not make a good choice for a reef tank because they will nip at smaller invertebrates such as red and blue leg hermit crabs and turbo snails.

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