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March 5, 2012 by staff 

Eye Lift Surgery, We all know that plastic surgery can enhance you and make you look younger…regardless of whether you are a man or woman. Nowadays, men and women want to appear younger than their chronological age, not only for romantic purposes, but for their careers as well. But how much younger can plastic surgery make you look? It depends upon the individuals. However, a new study conservatively found that patients may look up to 7 years younger than their chronological age and with various enhancements, perhaps up to 9 years.

This is the first time that a study has been done in an attempt to assess the number of years cosmetic surgery takes off your face. Of course, when a number is pinned on the years that can “hopefully” be vanished, one imagines the baby boomers lining up to take advantage of the “somewhat medically guaranteed” shedding of that last agonizing decade from their faces. This number was arrived at and published in an article in the Archives of Plastic Surgery on February 20.

Researchers at the University of Toronto studied 60 patients, between 45 and 72 years of age, who had cosmetic surgical procedures. Patients were divided into three groups. The first set of patients had face and neck lifts; the second group had face and neck lifts, and eyelid work; the third set had eyelid work and face, neck, and forehead lifts.

Dr. Nitin Chauhan who worked on the study and his colleagues signed up 40 medical students to review “before” and “after” photos of the 60 patients they had operated on with various facial cosmetic surgical procedures. The results were interesting. Prior to surgery, medical students estimated patients’ ages to be an average of 1.7 years younger than their chronological age. The number moved downward to 8.9 years younger as they assessed photos of patients after their surgeries had healed.

Changes in perceived age differed depending upon the three groups’ procedures. For the first set of patients that had face and neck lifts, the average perceived change was 5.7 years. In the second group that also had eyelid work with their facial and neck lifts, they disappeared 7.5 years. Coupled with forehead lifts, the third group reversed back the clock the most with 8.5 years. The average rounded out to be 7.2 years.

According to the study authors, the “findings offer some objective sense as to our success with surgical intervention as facial plastic surgeons and provide us with more evidence to give patients when formulating their preoperative expectations.”

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