Eva Longoria Python Bag Critics

November 3, 2011 by staff 

Eva Longoria Python Bag Critics, Reese Witherspoon She had been heavily criticized by rights groups of animals after being spotted with a python skin bag 4000.
And Reese Witherspoon star list has seen the error of her ways after seeing a documentary about how the reptiles are treated.
PETA sent Oscar-winning actress, the film, which was organized by the tightrope of her co-star Joaquin Phoenix, after hearing that had been lingering around town with Chloe Paraty Python’s unique and leather bag.

The shock of 35 years of age, could not believe the cruelty of the process that sees animals nailed to a tree and flayed alive.

A charity spokesman said: After hearing about it, PETA immediately ran video exposure of exotic skins industry-Reese.
“Organized by the tightrope co-star Joaquin Phoenix, the video describes how snakes and other reptiles are often skinned alive and how they suffer a slow and painful death for the sake of fashion.

“Thank God, Reese has just informed PETA that she no longer carry the bag.”
And it seems that no hard feelings between the band and the star of Legally Blonde, whom he had previously named the world’s sexiest vegetarian.
PETA Vice President Lisa Lange said: “We have long known Reese be a very nice person, so we are pleased and not surprised, that is to hang her bag python forever.
“We expect honest mistake Reese will serve as a reminder to all of us to be extra sure that what we are buying is of mud or snake false pretense.
Exactly how the star is the subject remains a mystery, since it could not have purchased the item in California, where it is illegal to sell the material there since 1970.
It is likely that it was given as a gift without realizing the materials used in the fashion element.

And it seems that the star and quite free from the bag, as she was seen with a cute little blue number while shopping in Beverly Hills today
When it was learned this week that he had been walking with the bag of a PETA spokeswoman told the Mail: “No matter how much you paid for that bag Reese, animals have to pay a much higher price.

“Every year, millions of snakes are impaled on hooks or nails in trees at the head and skinned alive.
“The hoses are inserted into the mouth of large snakes like pythons and their bodies are pumped full of water to loosen the skin to be cut more easily.

“The animals’ peeled, writhing bodies are discarded, and often takes days for animals to die from the effects of shock and dehydration.

Under Section 653rd California Penal Code is illegal to import python in California for commercial purposes.
This includes possession with intent to sell, or sell in the state.
However, it is not illegal if someone buys elsewhere python and takes him in.
Reese with the bag stylish as she padded around the hip area of ??Venice in Los Angeles on Friday.

She smiled at her phone and purse designer attracted admiring glances from passers-by.

Chloe python bag is available in black line of an eye-watering and 3820, excluding sales tax.
Other celebrities have criticized for python skin bags include Kylie Minogue and Eva Longoria.
The ethical hot potato has been the fashion houses like Victoria Secret, H & M,, Cole Haan and Nike’s promise promising sign that PETA never to sell exotic skins because of the cruelty.

It is not the first time Reese has connected with a line of animal rights

His film Water for Elephants was criticized after he left one of her animals of the same name had been inhumanly treated by the instructors.
Tai was seen was given electric shocks and beatings with a shocking video clips.
The secret image was released by Animal Defenders International charity and showed her crying in pain when he was caught in performing a headstand.
The abuse caused filmed responsible for 20th Century Fox to speak out against animal damage, but refused Tai was injured while in the set.

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