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November 11, 2009 by USA Post 

Matthew-Eric-WrinklesConvicted killer and death row inmate,  Eric Wrinkles (Matthew Eric Wrinkles) apologized to his family members on today’s Oprah Winfrey show for the brutal murder of his estranged wife, his brother in law, and his brother in law’s wife.

According to the case summary, in June 1994, Matthew Eric Wrinkles filed for a divorce from his wife Debbie. During this time, Debbie Wrinkles had an order of protection preventing Eric Wrinkles from having contact with her or their two children. During the time of the divorce, Debbie and the children moved in with her brother, Mark “Tony” Fulkerson and his wife, Natalie Fulkerson.

On July 20, 1994, Eric Wrinkles and Debbie attended a divorce hearing and afterwards had agreed to meet a nearby restaurant where Debbie would allow Eric Wrinkles to see his children. Debbie failed to show up for the meeting and after several failed attempts throughout the day, another meeting was never scheduled.

On July 21, 1994, the following morning, Matthew Eric Wrinkles arrived at the home of Mark Fulkerson wearing camouflage, face paint, and was equipped with a .357 magnum revolver and a knife. He scaled over a fence, cut the phone lines and broke through the back door.

Once inside the Fulkerson’s residence, he shot Mark Fulkerson four times, while in the presence of Mark Fulkerson’s three year old son, Matt. Eric Wrinkles turned his revenge upon his estranged wife, Debbie. Eric Wrinkles then sought after Debbie and shot and killed her. Natalie Fulkerson tried to leave the horrific scene but was caught by Eric Wrinkles as she headed for the front porch. She was shot in the face at close range by Eric Wrinkles and was killed. Eric Wrinkles escaped but was caught the next day.

Eric Wrinkles was charged with three counts of murder and the jury unanimously recommended the death penalty. Eric Wrinkles niece and nephew, Kim and Matt (who were 9 and 3 at the time of the murders) were on the Oprah Winfrey show today. (Click here to see a video of Kim and Matt discuss their parents, Mark and Natalie Fulkerson)

Eric Wrinkles apologized to his family member but not everyone accepted the apology. He blamed his actions on July 21, 1994 on his Meth Amphetamine addiction and said that he never had intentions of killing anyone that morning. He said that he was planning on going hunting and stopped by the house to visit the children. He appeared on the show saying that he hoped to provide Kim, Matt, his two children and Tracy (Debbie’s 19 year old niece who was living with the family at the time of the murders) closure. Eric sent a letter to Kim and Matt, you can view the video of Kim reading the letter here.

Natalie’s mother raised Kim and Matt and Debbie and Mark‘s mother, Mae, raised the couple’s children. Mae stated, “He has been tried by 12 jurors. He was sentenced to death row, and that’s where he should go. He should die. He killed three beautiful people and left four children orphaned.”

The family has mixed response to Eric Wrinkles death penalty sentence. He is scheduled for execution by lethal injection.

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