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Eppicard, PALM BAY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – A Palm Bay mother is upset and wants others to only one parent to know how has been taken by more than $ 1,300 and payments of child support.

“I was in the midst of the birthday party of my daughter and I had gotten a text message on my phone saying it was my EPPICard, government support for child card. And what he said was needed to reactivate my card” said Anita.

A EPPICard is an account similar to a bank account used for payment of child support. The EPPICard functions as an ATM card. Excited to be getting a long overdue payment child support from her ex, Anita called immediately.

“It came as JP Morgan, this is your Florida child support EPPI card, you need to activate your card so we can put your money on the card and can be used from your example a lot of money,” said Anita remembering what the recording said that when she called the number listed in the message text.

Then she was instructed to knock on your account number and pin EPPICard. So he did, thinking it had reactivated your account. Then log into your account online and saw EPPICard a deposit of 2104.79 and had been.

“Then Sunday I went to Walmart and went shopping for school for my children cashed out at Walmart. Vine put things away, “said Anita. But when he tried to use your new EPPICard only four hours later to buy dinner for her four children,” the waitress handed me my card back and refused, he said. He told me to run again. It was rejected once again. ”

Anita paid cash for food and took it home for the family. The second he walked in the door, register your account EPPICard. What she saw surprised her. Two New Mexico pending transactions. A balance inquiry Santa Monica, California, and then someone uses an ATM to withdraw more than 1,300 in your account.

“I have my card. It is the only card and I was sitting here in Florida,” said Anita.

He immediately called the number on the back of your EPPICard to report what happened. She told the customer service representative about her return to activate your card after your ex has made the deposit. Turns out, the text message you received to reactivate the account was false. Anita thieves unknowingly gave your account number and PIN, essentially given the keys to scam them out of their own money, without knowing it.

advice to the parents of Anita receiving child support, “Do not give out your information, even if it sounds true.”

Palm Bay Police are investigating this scam. The FBI says that each time they are instructed to reactivate a card, call the number on the back of the card and ask about the request in the email or text to make sure it is legitimate.

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