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September 12, 2011 by Post Team 

Entourage FinaleEntourage Finale, They say all good things must come to an end. “Entourage” was a hit in the series finale Sunday night. In the last half hour, the series creator / head writer Doug Ellin resolved all the loose ends that leads the last episode.

As the episode begins, Vince comes in and tells the boys that he is “absolutely” in love with Sophia, the author of Vanity Fair, and he wants to marry her. “This is it.”

“Let’s see how high the news,” defies Drama, Turtle and Billy.

They tell Sloan pregnant. Vince’s eyes widened.

Ari, unshaven and in a daze, trying to attract football coaches to the agency. Mrs. Ari – Melissa – presented in Ari’s office noted that they have to say their children are divorced. The usual bombastic, caustic Ari is totally docile and friendly.

Eric decides to go to New York to be with Sloan. “I have no rights,” says Vince. Eric Vince invited to their wedding in Paris. “I have no time for this sh*t,” he tells Vince to suck.

“I could not do this without you,” says Vince E.

Turtle and Drama to visit Sloan. “It is carrying our baby,” says Sloan turtle. “Even if you lose E, we never lose,” Johnny recalls. Sloan is not very impressed.

Sloan asked if Eric unfortunately slept with her ex-stepmother.

“I swear by my life,” a drama he says. “I swear in his career,” pushed. What does.

Mrs. Ari – the outstanding character of the season – it’s crazy. “My life is disappearing,” Ari said bitterly. The psychiatrist suggests that give their marriage another chance.

Billy tells Vince that he, and 3 baby turtles surround Sloan as the plot of “Three Men and a Little Lady.”

If a child is “Three men and two young men,” Vince says.

Terrence called Vince (the great Malcolm McDowell), Sloan’s father, to try to persuade him to take Eric back to his favor. When the issue arises and baby Eric Sloan, Terrence turns. I had never known. Ooops.

This was the sharpest, best written episode of the season, thanks perhaps to the fact that Ellin wrote. The dialogue is fresh and feels like the old, funny “Entourage.”

“I’ll shoot,” says Terrence Eric on the phone.

Eric is upset with the boys. He and Sloan seems further away than ever.

Caused by an opera of his daughter loved, Ari takes his family photo and his lucky horseshoe and tells his business partner Barbara will leave the agency.

Vince Sloan visits and becomes the charm. It’s about getting to resort to Eric, Telinga Sloan is a small Jack Russell terrier and emphasizes that they should be together forever.

Ari goes home and tells his wife to be transferred to Florence. He says she has quit her job. His family is everything, “I care,” he tells his wife surprised. “I’d marry you a thousand times. You are the love of my life.”

They kiss as the opera singers sing in the background. in his way. Lloyd comes in and tells Ari he needs to stay at the agency. “Ari said Lloyd will be well on their own and will always be part of Ari’s family.. You are always the gay son I never wanted,” says Ari.

“I need you, Ari,” Lloyd insists. He then tells the Golds that is going to marry Vince and E are pregnant. Aris is with eyes open.

Vince is going to Paris.

Da E and Sloan in a private plane to go anywhere. You get the feeling everything will be fine in the E-Sloan earth.

Led Zeppelin, “Going to California” plays in the background as the series ends. As the credits, John, director general of the study Ari thought about running, keeps track of Ari and offers the highest position – position at the top of the corporation. Hmmm.

Viva! “Entourage.” I can not wait for the movie.

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