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Emmy Awards 2011Emmy Awards 2011, It’s almost that time of year again! Yes, with just a couple of weeks to go until the big night of the Emmys, TV legend throughout the industry are dusting off their best clothes and practicing their speeches.

A great event needs a great host, making it the same way they have managed to get one! Jane Lynch is wonderful joy of guiding us through the night this year.

Jane spoke with reporters recently about what we can expect from this year’s Emmy awards, if she has the nerve, and what we might be seeing in the third season of Glee, so read on to find out what he had to say. .

One of the great successes at the Emmys last year was the opening number with you, Jimmy Fallon and lots of other stars. It will keep track of this?
“Follow? No. I mean, I think we started from scratch and not try to keep anything from last year. I pre-record something at this time for the Emmys, and I will not tell you what it is.’ll ruin the surprise. ”

Have you had much input in the jokes, etc?
“Oh yes, absolutely. I’ve been part of every aspect of it. And though I will not put pen to paper, I’m working with everybody. We’re having a great time. It is a great group people – they work very well together. ”

Will the cast of Glee participate at all?
“For now we are still putting together the pieces and I threw a couple of ideas for the cast of Glee, so I bet there will be an apparition.”

These are some of the stars Glee pitching jokes?
“Not yet. We have sort of been hiding down just to get what the series is to look and what will be in it, but will be in touch, I think, very, very soon.”

Have you had any advice from previous Emmy hosts?
“No. I know several of them. Jimmy [Fallon] sent me flowers. But in reality, nobody really gave me some advice.”

If Sue Sylvester gave him advice, what would?
“Oh, somehow find a way to give all the awards yourself. I think it probably would be your advice.”

Is there any change in the way that the awards are presented?
“I think we’ll have some small things we have not seen before to enter all major categories -. Drama, comedy, reality and the TV movie / miniseries I think we’ll see something a little unique.”

Is there anything about hosting the Emmys is particularly concerned?
“What worries me is that I do well and making a fool! I trust my writers and everyone working in the program knows what they are doing. Every time I made an award of the crew is exactly the same – they know what they are doing, so I really feel I’m in good hands what worries me is -. I want interesting and fun, and also serve the purpose of the night, which is in honor of the television and people in it and make sure you keep an eye on that. However, little bites that we have to do something fun and funny, I feel responsible for them that they need to be entertained. ”

Want to make a presentation to host the Emmys or just through it and avoid a disaster?
“No, I think you want to make a splash.’d be lying if I said I wanted to be the prize for the best show ever! We want to make it special. It is a coveted and as later on television, they call it, so you want is to do justice. I know I do. I’m humbled by it and by participating in this business long enough, I think if you look at the big picture and shoot beyond the doing and the result – “I hope this is fabulous” – it will not do very well so I’m staying in the moment, the cancellation of what I have to remove, and doing everything for everyone. Moment of it. You take apiece time, but I’d be lying if I said I hope it’s a twist. ”

Obviously you’re nominated – do you think that means you have extra nerves at night?
“I think my nerves are expected to focus on doing the show. It’s almost a relief not having to think about being nominated! I feel very, very honored to be nominated and especially to be nominated in the group that I am. Actresses I think are just amazing – they are like good television and network television has some very good right now too not just HBO and Showtime, the shows we usually see, but I’m watching lot in television. Days. ”

What do you think makes a good host?
“These awards and people receiving awards and entertainment is in the middle, but remembering that it is a night of celebration in this industry is to remind ourselves before every meeting we have -. That’s what we’re here for. My job as host is to move along and just the kind of background energy, ‘is not this wonderful? Look what we’re celebrating! ”

Can we expect a lot of costume changes?
“You know, when people asked me when I first came to the concert if he was changing clothes every time they came out, I was like, ‘Absolutely not’. But I will change my dress every time I go!”

If I had to bet your house, who’s definitely something you think will win this year?
“Oh, I have no idea. I have no idea. I can not say I have given an ounce of thought!”

Can you tell us three things you will not see you at the Emmys?
“Probably not a tracksuit. Probably not going to do a dance number details. What else … I hope you will not be bored.”

Would you like to watch award shows when you were a child?
“I did see them and filled me with anguish that had this kind of empathic response -. In fact, probably was the projection I was embarrassed for people when someone gets up there and not know what to say or not! Articular O I just suffer for them. Sometimes it just be a musical number as horrible. I remember one year a terrible musical number with Snow White, and I was like hiding under my bed was so embarrassed. ”

Your attitude towards awards shows changed since entering the business?
“Yes, they are easier to bear when you’re there. They are easier to treat, because it is just a bunch of people sitting around. Looking at the TV box, it seems that this huge glamorous thing, and that’s what the great attraction But there’s something about the television lights that make this incredible thing, lovely. But when you’re there, sitting in it, has no such feeling. Is that, “Oh, here we are doing this.” It say you’re excited because you get to see all these stars, maybe you are nominated, but it’s easier for me to have to be in it. ”

Give one reason why Sue Sylvester would be a better host Emmys Jane Lynch, and vice versa.
“I would say Jane Lynch will be better than Sue Sylvester. Sue Sylvester explosive and the show would be a spectacle never forgets. But it could be a kind of warrior and angry and violent. I think a show with Jane Lynch would be much more enjoyable and easier to digest. ”

You’ve had a lot of guest roles in the past – will return to the shows?
“I love doing a lot of them. I did Two and a Half Men last year, so it was really nice. The answer is I do not know, but I would like. It is difficult to organize the scheduling of such things because we are all in production at the same time. But minds, especially criminal, oh, I love to do. ”

Fox President Kevin Reilly said recently that the new season of Glee is back to basics – Do you believe it?
“I think what he was talking about sticking to the stories of the regular characters. We had a great season last year, but we did kind of go all over the place with guest stars and had a lot of fun with that. And ‘we new kind of sophistication in the stories of these children, especially in light of the fact that several of them will graduate later this year. ”

What else can you tell us about the new season of Glee?
“It really feels like we are following children’s stories, the regulars, and see where they go into the details of their intimate relationships and with graduation looming is not only the work of the Sectional, Regional, National -. It is a kind of what these kids are going to be doing with their lives. So it’s pretty interesting. It’s fun. ”

Will you have all the musical numbers this season?
“Not that I know. I have not so far and we’re [working] in episode three.”

Can go on any of the arguments in Glee?
“In the beginning, with Tina. Although he never stuttered, she was always in the background and from time to time she passed out and shows what you have. I was a bit like that. I kind of hid and then I ran away and go “Look, look! ‘Of course, my background is not at all parallel what Kurt is going on, but I knew what I was having a very large, dark secret that not even his best friends did not know that is so debilitating in high school -. That makes you feel so separate and alone by Chris [Colfer] the young and Kurt’s character has been so brave and went into his life and said: ‘this is what I am from Lima, Ohio – take it or leave it “. And they say: “Let’s take,” which is very nice. “

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