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November 20, 2010 by Post Team 

Elena Satine, Smallville gets away with (almost) kill this season, turning its tenth season, not only in further exploration of the origins of Superman, but also make some comments of political barbarism. This week’s episode, “Patriot”, continued the theme of last week the Registration Act Vigilante, and bring the beast that is Aquaman, Arthur Curry (Alan Ritchson).

Antagonist of the night was blustering Colonel Slade (Michael Hogan, Battlestar Galactica’s Colonel Saul Tigh), who compared the super-hero to villains as extreme as Hitler and Saddam Hussein. “Slade has sought to confine “hero” in prisons, arguing that their refusal to sign the VRA up sedition unpatriotic. Strong things, such asanlysis of Lois Lane ideas Slade “. A smoking heap of the Spanish Inquisition”

From the beginning, before Slade full on villainy was exposed, Clark and Oliver Queen discussed the intricacies of the VRA, with Ollie volunteered to sign on the dotted line, if it would improve the image of superheroes. (Clark, ever the idealist young man, was ready to jump on board as well. These are the moments when Smallville has always need a version of Batman to say something like, “Really, Clark? Really? Awake and feel the dark side. “)

Primary objectives were Slade Arthur Curry and his new wife shamelessly Mera (Elena Satine), who strutted around in a bathing suit holding combo that moved like bustier. (The nasty little secret of Smallville is that it is one of the kinkiest shows on at 20 hours, with – alone tonight -. AC bndage, heels Laws “black peak, Mera and Wonderbra-free Why homelessness, it was sufficient to Frederic! Wertham place of the tomb and blush) Brava, by the way, Erica Durance to the scene in which Lois threatened Dr. Emil Hamilton with a scalpel to obtain information – this girl can sell any scenario, and I speak both Lois and Durance. It deserves its perch in the Watchtower.

AC and Mera had been busy making their environmental safety audit as jumping ocean oil platforms – see what I mean about the radical politics of Smallville? Forthcoming, Slade, working in a facility in Alaska (hello, Sarah Palin!) Had AC chained and Ollie had tied to a plank and was routinely soaked in water. We would call it water boarding; Smallville he slipped into the same diff … Oh, and Clark was trapped in a prison whose bars were made from green Kryptonite “edge of the tank.” No wonder Oliver Queen referred to the area as “Your Ice Gitmo.”

The episode was directed by star Tom Welling, and he kept the pace moving so quickly zoom past the hour as AC gushing flowery dialogue on Mera to be “intelligent, passionate, fiery!” As an actor and director the biggest challenge Welling tried to conserve energy during the last moments of the episode. It was then that Clark was carrying long pieces of information about the dark future, there was also the revelation that Slade was marked by a sign that Omega has suggested he was under the control of Darkseid. The players are already hitting me on the knuckles for not mentioning that Slade is Deathstroke. (This name was not used tonight but then, no more than “Aquaman,” I can remember.) But I maintain what I originally wrote this: My faith in the minds of the producers of Smallville they intended both Battlestar Galactica to give fans a treat by having Slade reappear with a metal plate over one eye – a visual quote from his character Colonel Tigh.

Well, time wait for no man and Tigh: It’s Luthor next time … which unfortunately will not be until December 3.

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