Election Day 2010

November 1, 2010 by staff 

Election Day 2010, With only one more day of campaigning Tea Party prepares to take back America on Tuesday. As Barack Obama and other Democrats appear before half-empty halls and provocative face, Tea Party candidates are greeted by a crowd full of people, eager and excited about voting in this November 2010 election midterm . But have no illusions, this is only the first step to taking back the country from liberals.

Many people, especially in the media Lame the street, often wondered who exactly the movement of the Tea Party is leading the country from? They ease response, “Are you taking back to the Indians?” Ha-ha! Very funny! No, the real answer is the movement of the Tea Party wants to take back the country from the destructive forces of progressive liberalism that have been heading toward socialism in the last century or so.

Tuesday’s election is not the end of the story. Quoting Winston Churchill, as I often like to do tomorrow’s elections “are not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning” of the progressive movement. What began in February 2009 when Rick Santelli CNBCanlyst said the need for tax party to protest against waste and $ 800 billion stimulus bill Obama then became the summer of discontent with raucous meetings at City Hall when the Americans faced their congressmen about Obama’s $ 2 billion takeover of health care.

Since Democrats have taken control of both wings of Congress after the 2006 elections in the medium term, with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in office, and nearly 6 trillion dollars of new debt has been accumulated in the States people together. If that was not bad enough, they have set the stage for billions more to be added in the coming years. Meanwhile, this year the Democratic Congress has been so dysfunctional that has yet to approve a budget for next fiscal year, which was back by 15 April. It seems unlikely that even do this during the session of short ‘lame-duck “after the elections tomorrow.

The movement of the Tea Party understands very well that tomorrow’s election is only the end of Phase One of taking back the nation from the liberals. Barack Obama will have to deal with the loss of the House by the way, and possibly the Senate. Because so few Democratic Senate seats were up this election cycle of 2012 will be the next target, where Senate Democrats are more re-election, and Obama himself. The Tea Party will take back the country from looters, the makers, who produce no real wealth or real jobs, ie, government and union leaders of large size. The November 2010 election results will only be the end of the beginning of the rebellion of the peons. In 2012, the second phase will see a change even more real and true hope for America!

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