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October 3, 2010 by staff 

Eddie Long, The name Eddie Long megachurch New Birth 25,000 members Atlanta Missionary Baptist Church is. So it is clearly the “Baptist” name.

However, most media reports on the scandal Eddie Long downplayed the “Baptist” connection.

If Eddie Long megachurch member 25,000 has been called St. Mary’s Catholic Church, do not you imagine that the news articles would mention the “Catholic” connection?

Certainly, Baptists can be a little harder to get a handle on the Catholics, because there are so many different kinds of Baptists, including the Independent Baptists. Baptists and even maintain them, including Baptists Baptists are right.

But here’s the reality, almost anyone can call himself or herself “Baptist” preacher and build a “Baptist” church. And almost no one in Baptistland diddlysquat says about it . . . until there is a scandal. Only after there is a scandal that other Baptists will say things like, “Oh, it’s not really a part of us – not a real Baptist.”

Goosey Loosey-this reality in itself is part of the problem in Baptistland.

Instead of avoiding the “Baptist” part of the identity of the Church, the media should ask themselves why it is so easy for a preacher to use the “Baptist” name. And when people see others trying to blow Baptists accept a scandal plagued “Baptist” preacher as “not a type Baptist,” they should realize the weakness of the “Baptist” brand. It is a name that can be attached to almost any preacher and a church.

And when something goes wrong, there is nobody who will be responsible for supervision or exercise. As Baptist historian Timothy Weber once said, when things go wrong in Baptistland, “there is no there, there.”

In 2002, the famous writer Terry Mattingly religion wrote one of the most concise explanations of Baptistland “no liability” issue I’ve ever seen. The title of his column was “Where the Money Goes Baptist stop? ” And his response was essentially this: Nowhere.

In Baptistland, the ball stops nowhere. And when the ball stops nowhere, nobody takes responsibility and does nothing.

Be sure to observe that when Terry Mattingly talks about “why it will be difficult for freewheeling and autonomous Protestant congregations to attack the clergy sexual abuse”, it uses the Southern Baptist churches as the prime example. That’s because when it comes to the lack of accountability and oversight, the religiously affiliated with Southern Baptist churches are coasting and inexplicable that the independent Baptist churches such as those of Eddie long.

Bravo again for BaptistPlanet clearly indicating the “Baptist” in connection history Eddie Long. Only when people begin to see patterns in these “Baptist” stories – models that Terry Mattingly wrote about in 2002 – that the matter could finally be considered responsible.

“Two-day award-winning veteran public and online journalists” who are both Southerners write BaptistPlanet. These guys know the terrain Baptist, and they know whereof they speak. They rightly identified as Eddie Long “Baptiste.”

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