Eat With Your Opposite Hand To Slow Down Eating

February 25, 2012 by staff 

Eat With Your Opposite Hand To Slow Down Eating, Do you ever find yourself eating so fast that you’re out of breath? Perhaps you’re just in the habit of inhaling your food or perhaps you, like most of us, are just in rush. While eating quickly may seem like a time-saver, slowing down will help you consume less calories and feel fuller for longer. You may actually start enjoying your food too. This week, my team and I have prepared some simple but very effective strategies that will help you sloooowwww down.

The Benefits of Eating Slowly

You consume less
Improves the digestion process and prevents heartburn and indigestion
Enhances the dining experience – you end up tasting your food more and enjoying the flavors and textures
Allows the natural signals of fullness to register – so you don’t eat too much (set aside at least 20 minutes for each meal as it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to produce the hormones that tell your brain that you’re full).
If you’re breaking speed records at meals, consider the simple but effective strategies we offer below.

Heather’s Tips To Slowing Down at Meal Time

Use chopsticks for all cuisines when you’re eating at home. It will automatically slow down your rate of eating and the amount of food you’re going to eat. If you’re a pro with chopsticks, however, make sure to use them in the opposite hand.
When you’re out at a restaurant, make sure to eat with your non-writing hand. This will force you to slow down.
Foods that force you to eat slowly: seafood with their shell on like lobster, crabs, mussels as well as fruit you have to peel like oranges and grapefruit

Stephanie’s Tips To Slowing Down at Meal Time

Relax when you get home from a long day. Instead of going straight to the kitchen, take a couple of minutes to relax by washing your face, changing into comfortable clothes, etc. Decompress before you start your meal. Don’t give food the power to relieve your stress!
Be the talker, not the eater when dining out. Focus on the conversation at the dinner table, not on finishing your plate!
Foods that force you to eat slowly: Marinos 100 calorie ices or frozen grapes

Dara’s Tips To Slowing Down at Meal Time

When at home, time your meals using a watch or a kitchen timer until you get used to the slower pace.
Make sure to put your fork or spoon down after every bite and take a sip of water when you’re at home or eating out. At first, this will seem awkward and tedious, but you’ll be surprised how much sooner you’ll feel full.
Foods that force you to eat slowly: Freezing your Dannon Light and Fit or having your soup super hot!

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