Eastern Cougar

March 3, 2011 by staff 

Eastern Cougar

Eastern Cougar

Eastern Cougar, The fish U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared the cougar this day of the east, in the mountain lion, or a subspecies Puma extinguished, review the state of the following without any records of an animal is confirmed to authenticate the slain, from the last one by one in Maine 1938. Puma only one subspecies from the east of India – The panther in the Florida – survives. Panthera far from the Southeast Florida by the late, now from the siege of the remnant of one of South Florida sprawl of the inhabitants.

“We ask this confirmation of the Eastern cougar’s being put out too late, warns our ecosystems outside the WHACK, that many know the gardener to consign to the area with the damage a deer a glutton Michael Robinson said he, with the center in the Biological Diversity. But until now it shall happen to be kept to recover the Florida panther dwelleth in the back by the current reintroducing an animal to the historical range. If we can, to do, to render to the balance of nature we’ll help at the same time.

On Feb 10, 2011, he asked to be the center of the Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar reintroduce leopards, and Florida to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge to surround the lands of Georgia and to the north the south of Florida. Reintroduction is called for in the plan of salvation 2008 Florida panthers, fish, and Wildlife Service is in the stabulationi of execution. Three studies in – more is taken to the computer mapping of the two of many that were introduced into the Puma Texas in the Florida wild as leopards, and surrogates, and then after some years he removed his monitoring the care of – identified in the round about Okefenokee refuge lands as suitable for reintroduction.

Florida Panther Reintroduction assistance even a wasting of the swine be held in check is to take care of sensible things are born. The nonnative pigs and eats the twigs and inserted of longleaf pine in the refuge, the help of the forest have been reduced to render the just percent of its original range. Panthers have fed the pigs, and because of the help to restore ecosystem in the forest, among the many animals in danger, he could rely.

“It is not yet too late, he says a leopard Florida Robinson.” Health of the panther, to be in the critical range the interior Department is bound to Habitat. The panther to recover and bring back the vanishing longleaf pine leopards, and used to go to the forest, to a greater reintroduction Okefenokee ecosystem are needed. ”

Now even the anniversary of the two-year notes last American killed a Jaguar known to the wild beasts, who MACHO B of the Nones of euthanized 2, 2009 after the bungled operation Snaringes of the fish by the Arizona Game Department.

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