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July 9, 2010 by Post Team 

Easter IslandEaster Island: (Examiner) — The dream of a tour operator in South America has become a reality. Lan Airlines has announced a plan to offer direct flights from Lima, Peru to Easter Island, from next January. Where is Easter Island? Off the coast of Chile. For Americans, this announcement is great news! The only way to get now is from Santiago. (Or New Zealand or Hawaii, comes the other direction)

Easter Island has a rich history and interesting environmental legacy from the cult “Birdman” of being known as the “navel of the world.”

Did you know that Easter Island has its own National Football Team? The football team is not a member of FIFA, so do not compete in the World Cup, but they do compete with other South American cultures, including the Galapagos Islands, Aymara and Quechua.

There are many people who want to explore World Heritage Sites in South America, including Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island. Easter Island is populated by big giant moai stone statues created by the head in the early Rapanui. Moai represented the deified ancestors of the Rapanui people. If you are unsure of what appear moai, just arrived in my backyard or in my office.

My family (who have never been to Easter Island) love the “moai” heads on Easter Island. Our children have been built from clay, made drawings of them and written reports around them in school. In my twentieth wedding anniversary, one came to my backyard! No full-size, since the real moai are large enough to accommodate the Mother Hubbard and his tribe. However, the one in my yard is too heavy for me to move. The traditional symbol of 20 years of being engaged is in porcelain. In general, plates and dishes, but qualify ornaments. I suppose in a roundabout sort of way, my husband guessed that one right.

At one point, early in Rapa Nui people had to leave the island due to overfishing, or so the story goes. Others argue that his departure was accelerated after contact with Europeans and their diseases, not to mention the slave trade. Now there are over 3000 people on the island Rapa Nui, who mostly live in the coastal town of Hanga Roa. Tourism is the main industry and will do my best to support it.

The good news is that if you’ve been waiting (like me) to visit Easter Island when in fact they could understand how to get there, then now is your chance. I would go before the word gets out. We invite you to tag along with me, because I’m reviewing my 2011 travel schedule now. You might even see a local football match.

Norfolk RT flights to Lima are running about $ 568 for travel next February (almost time to go to an island!), But according to their website, Lan has not yet published flights to Easter Island.

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