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August 24, 2010 by USA Post 

Earth Google Intl Download, Earlier this month, on the eve of my summer vacation, I turn off readers when they hit the road this summer.
“It’s time to turn it all off,” I wrote in the Daily News. “This holiday season, have the courage to unplug the charger from BlackBerry. Turn off the iPhone. And stop Twitter.”

You could say I’m tweeting a different tone. At every step during my holidays abroad, which was based on applications. And while I’m still a believer in this release, I’d recommend some ways to make the journey smoother with technology.

As FlightTrack Pro, an application that allowed me to follow the flight delays and cancellations of my phone. And then there is GateGuru to help determine the best food in the airport and shopping centers as they pass the endless hours before your flight actually leaves.

I have long been skeptical about travel barefoot through metal detectors and other counter-terrorist tactics of the Administration of Transportation Safety. They manage to make flying even more stressful, often without having to do much to prevent air attacks. I, however, appreciate MyTSA of the agency, which provides updated information on wait times for security.

Once you put your shoes back and settle in at your door, free application you can check the Weather Channel. Weather, extended forecasts, and even pollen counts are at their destination within reach. It’s like having Al Roker in the pocket, but not as heavy as.

After my plane landed and picked up the bags, my obsession all week with Google Maps and Google Earth began. Using the former gets the shortest route to the hotel – if only to keep an honest taxi driver. Speaking of which, Taxi Magic will help you book a taxi and even track as it makes its way to pick you up. Or, if you are taking public transportation, use Metro to determine the trend. Then you can check out an aerial image of where you are going through Google Earth.

He wondered about the price of the property to its destination? Go ahead and check out local property values using Zillow. (I was dreaming of making a bid for a beautiful two-bedroom ranch in Pljevlja, Montenegro, until I learned that Golubovci schools are much higher.)

If you are concerned about the safety of the neighborhoods around your hotel, use SpotCrime to lift what is essentially a Google Map dotted with icons indicating whether they have committed crimes. A fist half assault. A stick figure ominous signs of a robbery. (I’m not sure how they would represent a TÃ¥singe in the stadium.)

Travelling outside the U.S.? Definitely grab a currency converter easy to use. You need it when you are with the traders do not trust – which in my case was all of them. (How much is 554 Croatian kuna? With a single touch and told me 98.)

I recommend leaving the camera at home with his Walkman. Instead, use your cellphone camera to take pictures, and download the Adobe Photoshop for editing. And if you post pictures on TwitPic, you can create all the excitement of a slide show without boring home to their relatives in person.

SitOrSquat helps you locate the nearest public toilet. Not sure, but I think George Costanza invented it. (Actually, this is useful if you’re on vacation or close to home.)

And forget those calls discordant hotel alarm clock. I know there is tons of applications out there wake up, but keep in mind the sleep cycle, especially if you are in another time zone. The sleep cycle is waking you up when you’re sleeping more lightly. I have no idea how it works, but usually does.

With these recommendations, you can now spend their entire vacation on your iPhone or droid. But I have a couple of ideas for travel applications that do not seem to exist yet, although they should.

ParkingWars: indicates where parking is available at an airport. (Ideally, this should work better than electronic screens at Philadelphia International Airport.)

Speakup: Calculate exactly how strong you need to speak to get the locals to understand what you are saying in English.

JetBoo: Allows you to report a surly flight attendant.

HatesUS: Calculate the intensity of anti-American feeling in your location and the shortest route out of the country.

HatesUSPro: As HatesUS, but also determines whether you are better off identifying yourself as the U.S. or Canada.

ShazamForMenus: Shazam is the ultra-useful application that allows you to keep your phone as a song plays to know its title, artist, and how to add to your collection. How about an application that lets you take a picture of something written in a foreign language – a menu, perhaps – and translates it, perhaps indicating whether it contains any animal parts unknown?

MyBodyScan: Taps in the body scanners in airport security to see what kind of underwear to the person ahead of you are using.

EZ-PC: Compile a list of common cultural “nuances” that travelers must take into account. For example, a recently published guide to the British government says, snapping his fingers one has a vulgar meaning in Belgium, and the Indians, it turns out not to be embraced (unless perhaps it is by Freida Pinto).

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