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June 15, 2011 by USA Post 

Duke Nukem ForeverDuke Nukem Forever, It took 14 long years, but eventually the players can get their hands on ‘Duke Nukem Forever. ” For those born after 1996, is the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, “a vulgar, violent, first-person shooter but critically acclaimed and popular. It follows ‘Doom’, but took the genre to another level, instead of a generic Martian base, is located in Los Angeles. Instead of brown corridors and sad, you can interact with everything from toilets to billiard tables strippers. And instead of a faceless sea, space, silence, who starred in Duke Nukem: A man who appeared to be the result of every action movie star shooting 80 in the blender, with a set of phrases torn from them.

So when developer 3D Realms announced in 1997 that was a sequel on the way, fans rejoiced and waited impatiently.

And waited.

And waited.

14 long years later, ‘Duke Nukem Forever is finally available. But it’s worth the wait?

Well, no.

The questionnaire has not been kind to the Duke. They range from brutal to, well, more brutal. But I think that ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ is worth playing for a different type of experience. You will not find me arguing that it is a good game – frankly, it is not. But it has entertainment value beyond being a game.

‘Duke Nukem Forever “feels lost in time. This is expected from a game that spent more than a decade in development. 3D Realms has reviewed the technology behind the game more than once, constantly pushing back, with only strange screenshot here or trailer there to keep people believing that the game is still there. ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ was an amazing 12 appearances in the annual list of the Wired Vaporware Awards. And finally, the race had to end. 3D Realms. When he finally gave up and closed.

Even then, it was over. In 2010, Gearbox Software took over the game, set up, and quickly pumped for its release.

What gearbox, apparently did was to review the game. The screenshots you see here that looks like a good-looking game, but not tell the whole story. There is, in my Xbox 360, a good game the future. At best, you can watch a couple of years out of date, at worst, is a blurry mess, stuttering.

Playing the game feels like being thrown back to the mid-90′s, and not in a happy, nostalgic. You’re immediately reminded every single advance in the genre of time start shooting. Do you have a cover mechanic like Gears of War? Nope. Is the enemy‚Äôs smart team and flank you like Halo? No matter where you are you still shooting as GoldenEye 007? Not like I can say. All you have to do is point the enemy and hold the trigger.

At the same time, Duke is thrown some statements that embarrass Jean-Claude Van Damme. Look, I am a child-like. I’m fine with toilet jokes. But Duke’s mood is not so bad it’s good, it’s so bad it’s just … bad. It makes me laugh to think I’ve found nothing like that funny. (And believe me, 15 years old, I thought ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ was hilarious.)

The individual parts that make up ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ are terrible. But it adds to an experience like no other. It’s a step back in time: A look at what one of the most talented developers in the world thought was the future for more than a decade. I cannot say that I enjoyed playing, but I can say I do not regret the experience. It is less a game and more a museum piece, a kind of historical artifact.

While waiting for ‘Duke Nukem Forever, always wondering what 3D Realms was spending all that time in development. 14 years, we have our answer. Not good. But the satisfaction of finally experiencing is enough for me.

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