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January 22, 2011 by USA Post 

Duke Nukem, The video game fans worldwide rejoice that release date has finally been set for Duke Nukem Forever, more than a decade after its initial announcement. As expected the game will arrive in stores May 3, 2011.
There have been several iterations of Duke Nukem, dating from 1991, when the game was a side-scroller MS-DOS. In 1996, Duke Nukem 3D took the game in the field of three-dimensional first-person-shooter, and Nukem namesake became known for his lewd behavior in the game.

George Broussard, one of the creators of the series, originally announced in 1997 Duke Nukem Forever. Four years later, he said it would be done “when it’s done.” And now it’s done.

“Duke Nukem Forever’’EST more than just” long overdue, “is the longest-waiting. The result of 3D Realms’ revolutionary 1996 to the first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D”, first announced in 1997, DNF has been Godot game, second perhaps only to Ghostbusters 3 in the pantheon of Messianic geekery. He defined “vapourware” – products that are advertised, and seem able to absorb the money, but consistently fail to show – for a generation of players. And now, the penguins to GameStop unborn.

The meaning of “Duke Nukem 3D,”the pride of the Clinton years, can hardly be overestimated, but God knows we try. Profane and half mad, with a mouthy, steroidal protagonist whose vocabulary was formed only citations of the most badass movies like Army of Darkness and they live, Duke 3D has taken the FPS genre to young dungeons and stations space and in the streets and strip clubs . . . and space stations. It brought unprecedented interaction with a virtual world, inaugurated the era of online multiplayer, sold nearly four million copies, and has forever changed the genre.

How can you better? If you’re George Broussard, 3D Realms and Duke 3D honcho brain, you give everything you have. And 3D Realms had much to give, in talent and – above all – cash. Financially by the product of Duke 3D, Broussard & Co. thought they could take their time to do more than once reconstruction of the whole thing from scratch as the game technology lapped. But money is burned, as well as very talented. In 2009, after seeking a $ 6-million injection to finish the game publisher Take-Two Interactive has pulled the plug, and Duke lay until a new developer and publisher (Gearbox Software and 2K Games respectively) have worked their necromancy.

“The most anticipated of 2011 Zombie” The mad, sad history of litigation flavored ‘Duke Nukem travel Forever”lente Trainwreck of “Most Anticipated Game of 1999″ to “Most of the dead and buried 2009 Game “to have, and probably be told throughout the book. For our purposes, it suffices to know that, like the zombie tales, the story holds DNF terrifying truth behind its entertainment value.

“The Saga of DNF is a game developers who can laugh,” said Jason Kapalka Canadian game developer, co-founder and creative director in Seattle, PopCap Games, but the truth is that you can understand exactly how this kind of thing happens, if you’re a certain type of game developer obsessed with perfection and make up a classic. ”

Kapalka knows whereof he speaks: one of his concerts when the industry has been implemented online multiplayer Duke in 1996, Total Entertainment Network. “All games are a race,” he said, “between taking as much time as you need to polish and expand your vision, and March inevitable and rapid time, with new computers, new games, and new business models may quickly make your glorious idea obsolete. “

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