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May 25, 2010 by Post Team 

Dragon Ball Z KaiDragon Ball Z Kai:When you get to Dragon Ball Z Kai, I could not have lower expectations. Fresh from the review of Dragon Ball Z – Bardock: Father of Goku, my initial excitement about finally having an excuse to jump into the Dragon Ball universe was gone. I expected more of the same, but I am pleased to say that Dragon Ball Z Kai completely reversed my opinion of this franchise and created a new fan. Kai Dragon Ball Z: Season One is the first part of the classic anime at its finest!

Before the destruction of the planet Vegeta, a child is not named Kakarot unremarkable sent by his father to Earth for one day avenge the Saiyans. Kakarot is discovered by Gohan, adopted and trained to become a great warrior. Since defeating Piccolo in Dragon Ball, Goku married his childhood sweetheart and had a son he named Gohan, after his adoptive father.

All is well in life until the day that Raditz appears claiming to be his long lost brother Saiyan Goku. Raditz Goku wants to join his small clan of the remaining Saiyans to destroy the life forms on a planet particularly difficult. Horrified at their roots genocidal Saiyan, Goku Raditz offer refused. Raditz This leaves no choice but to kidnap little until Goku Gohan joins the gang Raditz. Goku and his former nemesis Piccolo Raditz team to take. Before his death, drops the bomb Raditz the other two remaining Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, are more powerful than even him. The story from that point is the formation of Earth warriors as they prepare for battle with Nappa and Vegeta. Kai Dragon Ball Z: The first part ends with the last battle between the warriors of the Earth and the last two Saiyans.

This series can be best described as Dragon Ball Z: The Good Parts version. Toei Animation Dragon Ball Z Kai spliced together by removing all the fluff and padding of the original. This revised version of Dragon Ball Z is said to closely parallel the original manga by Akira Toriyama. The story is weak: a lot of events that produce significant and enormous battles taking place in these first 13 episodes. As mentioned, I am a complete novice Dragon Ball, so do not know what scenes in particular were removed, reordered, or edited from the original series episode 291.

This new cut is focused on the story and keeps the action to the forefront. The story is fast paced and often vibrant, most episodes of extreme right at a point where you feel obligated to see what happens next. There were a couple of episodes in the medium began to lag in which three different groups of characters were training for the next battle with the Saiyans. However, the story moved to the big fights just in time for picking up rides without hitting you in the head with Gohan and Goku was much better as warriors.

According to the reputation of Dragon Ball, this series contains a lot of fighting and some truly epic battles. The story itself was far greater than expected. However, there were some disturbing incidents as Piccolo destroyed the moon simply because the full moon turned weregorilla Gohan in a mad, giant, but most of the story is well done. Dragon Ball Z Kai is not the greatest story ever told anime, but it has its own set of action against the modern. The first season, the first part, to the boxset a huge cliffhanger that leaves you longing for just one more … … … episode.

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