Dr Laura Quits

August 18, 2010 by USA Post 

Dr Laura Quits, Dr. Laura, the more than fifteen years of stardom talk show, which coined the self-descripteor “America’s # 1 Talk Radio Host Women,” goes off the air at the end of the year. Last week, the host of the show he got in trouble for a segment with a black female caller, and threw n-word 11 times in the course of five minutes.

The talk show host he was on Larry King to explain his decision not to return to his contract until:

“I’m here to say that my contract is for my radio show later this year and have taken the decision not to make radio more. The reason is: I want my right to the First Amendment. I want to be able to tell which is in my mind and in my heart, which I think is useful and helpful without someone getting angry, some special interest group to decide this is a moment of silence a voice of dissent, and attack and attack members of sponsors.

“I’m kind of done with that. I’m not retiring. I’m not going to leave. I feel really energized, stronger and freer to say things that I think has to be said for people in this country.”

Last week, Dr. Laura was remorseful, but it has evidently decided to go out guns blazing, unrepentant to the end. He said:

“Black kids use it all the time. Turn on HBO and listen to a black comic, and all you hear is (n-word), (n-word), (n-word). I do not understand. If someone without that says enough melanin, is a horrible thing. But when people say black, is affectionate. It is very confusing. ”

No, Dr. Laura, it’s not so confusing. And throughout the rest of the phone call, said many more revealed the depth of their biases go.

However, each time the foot disease in the mouth creeps up on public figures, the most important point is lost in the furor. This is time to sift through the archives ColorLines, because you know that one of us has been through this before. Kai Wright, in fact, back when a similar controversy with Don Imus radio talk offensive comments leveled at the Rutgers basketball team of University Women:

From the mid-1970s, conservative thinkers began advocating a new “colorblind” society, in which Jim Crow bald, institutional barriers to equality had been dropped and the race problem had been resolved irritating. Our political and cultural understanding of intolerance quickly released by the collective to the individual – racism, says Ramos, was reduced to “individual acts of meanness” carried out by a few ignorant idiots.

The distinction is a noun. If racism is personal, not structural, then racial inequalities are so good. If the oppression carried out individually, and then the release must, too.

resources of society such as affirmative action are therefore ill-conceived, it is argued, because they drag behaved perfectly white guys in the ugly process of dealing with inequality. If you’ve never called someone a “nappy headed ho,” Why do you have to participate in correcting the racial imbalance at the local university? Because fanaticism ends over means making clucking our tongues in a few dirty words.

So Dr. Laura, you can rest easy knowing that racism is much bigger than your nasty comments only. And yet, in good time. You’re not going to disappear for long, but the waves do not miss during your absence.

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