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Dr G Medical ExaminerDr G Medical Examiner, A court spokeswoman says there will be prosecutions from 9 am the trial broke early for the day Thursday after Anthony unexpectedly fell ill. There was some doubt as to whether the cut is made on Friday. Prosecutors appear to be taking testimony by the Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia. Dr. G, as it is known, said in 2008 that caused Caylee’s death was homicide by undetermined. His testimony is likely to bring a lot of fire from the defense team of Anthony.
In a statement, Garavaglia agreed with defense attorneys that there is no evidence, but said it is in accordance with its right to consider the circumstances of the tape near the mouth of Caylee and the fact that the body was the subject of dumping.

In a March report, the defense expert Dr. Warner Spitz said that scientific evidence does not support a finding by the Orange County Medial Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia that Caylee cause of death was homicide by undetermined. Spitz conducted a second autopsy on the remains of Caylee.
Anthony disease occurred during the recess of the evening, just after 15:00

During the break, Anthony grabbed a water bottle in her hand as she covered her mouth with her fist. She was seen talking with defense attorneys Fryer Dorothy Clay Sims and Lisabeth.

Lawyers for both sides then consult among themselves in the room near the podium.

Perry returned to court as a deputy Antonio ran from the room. The jury was not present at the time.

Anthony returned moments later and took her seat. The jury was returned.

Perry told the jury that the court would be taking a break early in the day. He told jurors not to speculate about what had happened.

After the jury was excused, Perry gave the media a brief explanation.
“Ladies and gentlemen of the media, Ms. Anthony is sick. We recessed for the day,” he said.

Perry said that neither the defense nor the prosecution had a comment about the disease. Asked the media not to interview the lawyers on the case.

A corrections spokesman said Anthony is back in custody and unspecified medical treatment.
Hours earlier, the testimony focused on the recovery of the remains of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, from a wooded area in December 2008.

Anthony cried as photographs of the remains were displayed and avoided looking at the screen where it shows.

The jurors were clearly moved in the pictures. Some were seen rubbing her forehead, while others seem to have trouble seeing the images.

“These images are definitely going to be burned in the minds of the jury,” said WESH 2 Bob Kealing.

Kealing said one of the photos showed the tape that was attached to a small skull. Small white teeth visible on the tape.
A juror was almost in tears, Kealing said.

“Normal people do not see this kind of thing.’re Used to television and the images they see on television,” said former prosecutor and defense attorney Jeff Deen, which provides a legalanlysis of WESH 2 News. “These images are powerful and are designed to be powerful.”

Din said it was an important point that the tape was still trapped in the skull, and held the bone in the jaw with the rest of the head.

Orange County Deputy Chief Gary Utz testified the skull had her jaw or lower jaw, still attached, which was relatively rare, given the stage of decomposition.
The film, which he said, was helping to keep the jawbone attached, along with the hair on the skull.

The position of the tape might help test the theory of the state that the tape was used to suffocate her.

Defense lawyer’s say the tape was placed and staging.

The crime scene technician Jennifer Welch detailed items found with the girl’s remains to members of the jury, including a black plastic bag, a duffel bag-white, a red plastic bag of Disney, a couple of shorts, a blanket and “pieces of clothing.”

The defense later sent to shorts and a laundry bag for additional DNA testing, but found traces of male DNA.

Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony were not in the courtroom, while the photos were shown on Thursday.

Jurors also heard a recording of a 911 call in which a utility worker reported that the meter reader Roy Kronk claimed to have found a skull in the place where the remains were found.
Thursday morning, jurors heard testimony from the brother of Casey Anthony, who said his sister -from prison on bail month after Caylee was reported missing -, told an alternate version of how the child was kidnapped by her nanny.

She said his sister told her in August 2008 that he had met the babysitter, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, Blanchard Park with Gonzalez’s sister.

Casey said that Gonzalez grabbed her and said she was taking Caylee from her because she was not a good mother, “to give a lesson,” said Lee Anthony.

Gonzalez also warned not to go to the police, as the story of Casey.
Lee recalled her sister saying, “She could not believe what was happening, and felt a bit surreal to it,” he said. She said she did nothing to stop her son to be taken, she said, because “she was scared and did not know what to do.”

Her sister told her that, from time to time, Gonzalez would be your contact through Casey’s MySpace page and direct as to what to do and where to go. Went to the places he said, hoping to see or get her daughter, but never succeeded in finding it.

Casey’s story, related by Lee Anthony, differed markedly from the one she gave authorities after Caylee was reported missing. He argued that the police dropped the child at the sitter’s apartment in the morning and never saw her again.

The authorities were unable to find a babysitter. We found a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez who Casey Anthony has denied meeting or Caylee and then sued for defamation.

“It never materialized Zanny?” Lee Anthony Baez asked Thursday. “Today, no” he replied.
Lee Anthony also testified Thursday that he was searching the Internet on the computer from the Anthony family July 15 and 16, 2008.

A forensic team testified Wednesday that seeks no Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez is on the team until July 16 – dealing a potential blow to Casey Anthony claims to authorities that she was frantically searching for her daughter in the month before her disappearance was reported.

Computer experts testified Wednesday that in March, someone using the desktop computer, which is located in the Casey Anthony home shared with their parents, according to terms such as “chloroform”, “inhalation”, “how to make chloroform” and “head injury.”

The searches are in a portion of the hard disk that indicates that has been deleted, Detective Sandra Osborne of the Office of the Orange County Sheriff said on Wednesday.

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