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DoonesburyDoonesbury:On February 11, Stars and Stripes Newspaper published a Garry Trudeau “Doonesbury” strip, a career long, biting comic more often than not the criticism of the military. The strip in question depicts two women in uniform motion through a mess hall or DFAC. A tall woman with red hair, Melissa – who re-enlisted and returned to full duty after being raped by a fellow (highest rank) – complains to her friend short brunette, Roz, that the ogling of the troops male is getting worse every day. All around, men are watching. Trudeau, as he often does it gets here and he takes this issue head on.

In fact, I think it’s this much as well that inspired a retired chief warrant writing a letter to the editor, claiming that the poor men in uniform are bombarded with a mass of propaganda against harassment simply castrates them. It makes them “professional suicide” when all I want is to talk to pretty girls! Its ultimate denial of privilege would be surprising if I were not so insensitive to such things now.

It was, as it should be, a response of a female Army captain, who reminds us that the original letter writers may have forgotten to check their male privilege in the door when we consider what is being a woman in a unit of mostly men (and especially what it means to be a survivor of rape.) She says that most women in her unit on getting your food to go or send someone to bring something for them, so they do not have to be there with all the men watching them. Although the letter-writer says he does not personally feel that is threatening, she admits that some of the younger soldiers feel threatened.

Understanding a woman is more likely to be raped by a fellow killed by enemy fire, is a valid threat. And remember, the definition of sexual harassment is “unwanted conduct of sexual nature that relates to your job or work environment.”

That letter was followed by a letter that is being a major opinion letters read at S & S, entitled “Women look too, and I had to read it several times to put my eyes back in my head. Surely, I thought No one is so insensitive that he would write about how horrible it is to be a good looking, well-chiseled man (I think I won one page of the novel by Stephenie Meyer) outside the context of an axis of oppression in this situation. The icing on bad metaphorical cake was this: “Do not do this for attention, I do it for personal pleasure, to prove to myself I’m better and more beautiful than those around me, but I do not want other people to realize this.”

Because women who are ogled (or followed the logical conclusion sexually assaulted or raped) call, to wear clothes to ensure, by developing, putting on makeup. We all seek attention only queens, you see.

What has not calculated in your equation, what Trudeau did so well, and what is most completely lost rape apologists, is that no matter what a woman, clothes, pictures, or how to act. What it boils down to this: The difference between a woman who is raped and is not – inside or out of uniform – is the presence of a rapist.

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