Doomsday Comet

October 17, 2011 by staff 

Doomsday CometDoomsday Comet, Although brought the fear of something they believed that the comet Elenin could lead to the extinction Earth, astronomers say that only a waste stream of “doomsday comet” that allegedly have come to the atmosphere.

Elenin Comet broke up in August after a huge solar storm struck. On September 10 passed near the Sun that it’s over, so I re-entered the Earth were just a comet remains completely intact, astronomers said, adding that what was left of Elenin not return for 12,000 years.

Astronomer Don Yeomans of the Bureau of Near-Earth Object Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA said that the comet can not find what you believe “is already dead and buried.”

Several predictions came when the news about the “doomsday comet,” he said.

Some rumors began to circulate that Elenin could wreak havoc on the Earth, causing earthquakes and tsunamis, after it is aligned with other celestial bodies. Another said it was not a comet Elenin, but actually a planet called Nibiru, and would bring to the world.

These stories were pure nonsense according to Yeoman, who said Elenin was a “second category, the comet wimply little should never have been known for anything.”

Alleged connection to earthquakes comet was only a correlation as earthquakes occur somewhere every day to blame the comet’s position change is not statistically valid, he said.

Yeoman explained that the frenzy over Elenin could be the result of some people making a snowball outrageous claims on the internet.

The comet was named after a Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin, who discovered it in December 2010.

The blue star near the center of this image is Zeta Ophiuchi. Zeta Ophiuchi is actually a large mass, the hot star, bright blue plow their way through a large cloud of interstellar gas and dust. Astronomers speculate that the giant star was probably once part of a binary star system with an even more massive partner. It is believed that when the couple went off like a supernova, blasting away most of its mass, Zeta Ophiuchi was suddenly freed from the attraction of his partner and shot like a bullet moving 24 kilometers per second (54,000 mph). Zeta Ophiuchi is about 20 times more massive and 65,000 times more luminous than the sun.

If it were not surrounded by much dust, would be one of the brightest stars in the sky appear blue eyes. It is halfway through its very short 8 million years. In comparison, the Sun is about half of its 10 million years of life. As the sun will eventually become a quiet white dwarf, Zeta Ophiuchi, like his former partner, ultimately, will die in a massive explosion called a supernova. The most interesting features in this image are associated with interstellar gas and dust around Zeta Ophiuchi. Another interesting feature is the bright yellow curved thing just above Zeta Ophiuchi.

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