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November 25, 2009 by USA Post 

If CNN’s Former News Personality Decides to Run, He Will Make a Huge Impact
Lou Dobbs, a longtime host of an afternoon news show on CNN, recently resigned his post and told a morning radio show that he is thinking about running for president as a Republican in 2012.

The Washington Post today stated that Fred Thompson, former senator and former presidential candidate in 2008, asked Dobbs Monday on his radio show if he had given any thought to running for president and Dobbs said
Lou Dobbs for President in 2012 Will Change Everything
Date: November 24, 2009
Washington, DC
United States of America
“Yes, is the answer.”
Reasons for Quitting

Did Lou Dobbs quit CNN to start running for office? Dobbs has said his reasons for leaving CNN is because the tone “changed” after Obama was elected in a report by the New York Daily News. Former CNN staffers seem to support this report according to Newsbuster’s report on CNN’s interview of Chris Plante who said he “no longer fit in.” Dobbs has always been a common sense kind of journalist who criticizes the left and right as to what does and doesn’t work in society.

Dobbs suddenly resigning because the stance has changed doesn’t make sense. If he was having pressure put on him from CNN that seems to be paradoxical to their recent firing of Glenn Beck due to Lou Dobbs’ insistence. I think their respect of him was prevalent then and it still is now.

Perhaps Dobbs is thinking that he can get more done in another arena. Radio personalities Don Imus and Howard Stern moved to satellite radio when their mainstream shows tanked when advertisers pulled out. I don’t see Dobbs being a sidekick to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh–his brand of politics is unique.

Stance on Immigration

Dobbs became controversial on CNN with his stance on illegal immigration. According to, Dobbs has called illegal immigrants an “invasion”. While I disgree with Dobbs’ extremism, I can understand his frustration.

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