Dirt Squirrel

November 4, 2010 by Post Team 

Dirt Squirrel, Best. Survivor. Sendoff. Ever. “You’re a 100 percent grade-A ground squirrel.” The players were at Tribal Council again tonight, with new faces, with the same old fool and a surprise: a castaway in a rodent problem. So why did the squirrel go flying camp at home pal Bullwinkle Rocky?

For one thing, squirrels Alina was not in the Alliance of Minorities. She has lost its original allies, Shannon and Kelly B., and nobody likes orange food-sucking bandits. Dirt or squirrels.

Keyboard Cat: When I met him in Nicaragua, Benry struck me as a kind of Douchey it was advertised as a “Hollywood actor”, after all, but the way he played Alina off tonight was pure entertainment. Is it playing the game as if-Sash and Brenda? It’s hard to say, but I hope Benry left more hate in him for his tribemates others. For example. .

“I Can Play Dirty”: The curtains are back on the Nasty Show NaOnka, but Dan is just naive enough to believe his alliance would punish Bandit tortillas, not yet. Even if it makes Jeff Probst “voiceless” and offers pixilated finger salute to his tribemates to Tribal Council next week, nay still immunity idol to protect her. But who will protect the poor against Fabio’s bullying?

Book of Moron: Marty’s mouth needs to close the T. Jimmy instead. He came thisclose to be ousted because of his paranoid ramblings. (Courts of ancient history: paranoia Jamie Guatemala so upset his tribemates they changed their vote and sent home.) And Marty is still talking about Jane’s personal woes as “the saddest story ever on Earth? It Icky-not just high ranking on the scale of “I stole your food” to “I’ll throw your artificial leg into the fire”, but still … ick.

GI Jane: Chase and his colleagues from North Carolina brought a little fun to the episode tonight, even if they bonded over their shared grief. Hopefully it will give South BFF Jane few lessons from cold, because these dances and horn fish are boring and it would be good to have at least one person aged around taking care of babies.

Headdesk: As Jeff said, Alina is the first member of the Survivor jury of Nicaragua, which means … we’re stuck with Dan until the bitter end!

Next week on Survivor: Unless the Medallion of Power has risen for the sole purpose of saving Marty, it should be the next to go. Right?

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