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Did Gene Simmons Get MarriedDid Gene Simmons Get Married, Dr. Ann Wexler is a psychologist based in Beverly Hills who specializes in couples therapy. Reality TV fans may be familiar with his work in the current season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, which has been helping Kiss star Gene Simmons and his longtime partner Shannon Tweed sort through their relationship problems. The season finale is broadcast on Tuesday night, and the previews show Simmons finally proposing Tweed after 28 years of being, as he calls it, “happily married”.

Dr. Wexler spoke about his background, his work in the series, and knowledge of Simmons and Tweed in this exclusive interview.

Let’s talk a little about your background and how that led him to work in Beverly Hills.

After graduate school he began a private practice in Beverly Hills, and have stayed here all the time, see a variety of different types of patients.

I ended up specializing in relationships, whether people are married or in a relationship, or are single people looking to find out why it remains one. I also owns and operates the couples therapy with my partner Mark Allison, MFT. The center provides workshops and classes for couples and singles.

How does that lead to the opportunity of working with Gene Simmons family jewels?

Gene got my number from someone and I’m not sure who. However, he referred to me, and then called me for therapy. I do not know exactly how the decision in the program to display before the cameras, but then asked if he would be fine, and we went there.

Did you have any fear of having it all appear on the camera? Did you fear that may affect the genetic ability to speak freely?

What I said to Gene from the beginning, and what I knew to be true is this, was that the only way to make this work is to be very real. For us to do therapy. . . is something that is very private, and therefore for the therapy to the camera and shown to millions of viewers, will only work if he was willing to participate in the process as a real patient of mine. I told him that from the beginning, and that’s what he did.

Shannon was real from the beginning. Never had any problems with it at all. I think it took a little longer to settle in.

He was familiar with KISS, Gene, Shannon or the spectacle before him in touch with you?

I had never heard of the series. I did not know existed. I did not know who Shannon. I kind of knew his name had definitely heard of KISS, but KISS had never seen or been a fan of KISS or listen to music.

The first time I met Gene, is that what is shown on the camera? Are those real therapy sessions or to first meet with him privately and discuss the limits of what would and would not be discussed in camera?

No, we have not encountered before. Our first meeting was in camera. (Laughs). I mean, reality television, and has to be real. When I left the waiting room and met with him, that was when I met him.

Interestingly, everyone has been talking about this season seem much more real. You may not be aware of it, but recent seasons have seemed more the script and staging.

There has been no script at all. There has never been anything. He walks around here and have therapy.

After his first session with Gene, what dating as far as what is the main problem is perceived?

Wow. Do I have to choose just one? (Laughs).

I think when I knew him well, I thought, ‘Wow, we really have to break this rock star character, this character on television. We must break with this and I have to know who he really is. I have to get to what really is for us to do the actual work. ”

My sense is that many of his interactions with people in your life – but do not know, this is just my feeling – that the television character, the rock star character is probably all I seen. And it takes some work to get through that. So walk to the initial meeting, I thought, ‘This is going to be the biggest obstacle is the will that allows me to break that person to see who really is? As it turned out really let me in, but I do not know if I would do it.

Do you agree that Gene Simmons everyone basically everything the man known as Gene Simmons is a facade?

No. It’s more complicated than that. Anyone who is in the public eye if you’re a rock star, a politician, celebrity, some of them have to hide from the public, because I probably would feel very exposed if you didn ‘t hide from itself. You just can not show everything to everybody.

I do not think that his whole personality is a facade. It is a very real with the different facets and a lot of feelings.

Do you have other clients in the entertainment business?


I wonder if you would agree with this: I am writing to musicians all the time, and has been my repeated observation that the entertainment business, by its very nature, is oriented to the exploitation of people with damaged personalities.

What do you mean by “damaged personality”?

People who have something in their past, like some childhood trauma that are running from, and perhaps is to recreate a different car in some way, or projection of a different me.

No, I disagree with that. First, I do not think it’s a good idea to generalize an entire profession as a form. I think when you are looking for actors, actresses, rock stars, musicians – people who do – it seems to be some tendency for people who wish to seek the attention of those professions.

But there are people who want to do, simply because they like to play guitar or sing or act, and attention is a side effect that in many cases is not desired. You see this in the celebrities who are very particular. In reality they are not looking all that attention. They really do because they like acting. Therefore, it is not true in all areas.

But I do think there is a segment of each of the populations that are most in need of attention, for example, the average person, and fill that need for attention or recognition through their fame and art.

What specifically about Gene? Think you have an unhealthy need to be perceived as important or someone to be envied?

I do not think he has a need to impress everyone.


Yes I think probably very enjoyable to be perceived as impressive, but I do not think he has a great need for it. Of course, there seems no need to be seen as so important, because this is a very low profile type in certain ways.

I know it’s surprising, because it seems that way. But this is not a guy who walks with an entourage. This is not a guy. . . presented on their own to therapy. He himself drove up here and went on his own, and I met people in the hallway, and it was fine. Some celebrities need an entourage. There is a guy who needs an entourage.

I know it looks different, but not having a driver who does not have people going everywhere. Going places alone.

In the episode last week, speaking with his family, who spoke about how many times an external display greatly exaggerated self-confidence is a cover for insecurity. It’s a lot of problems Gene, is an underlying insecurity that does not express?

I think so. Gene grew up without a father. It was essentially abandoned by his father. That was his experience in childhood, it was just him and his mother. And when someone falls for one of two people – who are supposed to be so important for these two people, and one leaves you, you’re left with the feeling of not being very special and important.

I believe that insecurity has stayed with him throughout his life. Although it has been so hugely successful and is so talented, he still has the deep feeling of having to prove he is the man. And I think that’s why sometimes there is an exaggerated self-confidence.

Shannon Let’s talk a little. At what point will enter the box therapy?

That’s a great question. I do not remember exactly. Several sessions in

At this point it is understood that infidelity is a major problem here? You ask her to come, or whatever you want in?

Come in. I suggested that infidelity has never been explicitly discussed, and I do not know if there is infidelity or not. We talked about flirting, we talked about his need for women in public places around, we talked about how they behave sometimes in ways that are less than respectful of Shannon. But whether or not the deceived do not know.

What is your assessment of Shannon? It is evident that a large part of the relationship is probably good, but the disadvantage that looks like it put in extra effort to hang on as long as she has.

Shannon is a really lovely woman. He is very smart and interesting and fun and nice, and I think is really in love with him. She is very devoted as a mother and a partner for him and her, is just what you do. You stay with the guy you love. You stay with the father of their children. And it’s only been this last year or so, Sophie went to college, which is still not scheduled or keep it.

I do not know for sure because I did not know before. Should not really say that she even contemplates it, because I do not know, but she has taken seriously the possibility of not being with him.

The first time I met her, had to have an idea that she was more inclined to stay or leave?

When I first saw it, I felt that she leaned more toward the exit.

How has it changed over time?

He has been back and forth to her. Sometimes it feels like sometimes you feel like leaving. I think it’s a big conflict for her because she loves him, and he is their partner and are a family. They have been together 28 years, so how did you happen to leave someone who is your family, I love you, loves you back?

But it was a conflict for her, because she felt despised and mistreated at times. But there are other times when he treats her well, and is sweet and loving, making it a major conflict for her.

In the study of their relationship as it unfolded in front of you, would you say your relationship is fundamentally sound or not?

I think relationships are on a continuum, and that parts of your relationship healthy and least healthy parts of their relationship.

Assuming you choose to stay together, you have to be different in this because both have their needs met?

Well, first of all honesty is important, and direct communication. I’ve talked to both about this, and how important it is to say, “This is what I feel, this is what I think, this is what I want,” directly.

I think sometimes when either gets hurt or angry, not directly from the State. Instead, a kind of retreat for a while and then come back and talk about it. And that need to be talked through. So it would work in the future if they decide to stay together is to work in an area of ??more direct communication and the expression of what each needs and wants.

Are you taking a position on the couple while working with them? Are you working to see a couple stay together?

I have no agenda as a psychologist. It is not my place to determine whether a couple should stay together or separate. I work with a partner on the basis of what each one expresses what one needs and wants, as individuals and as a couple. I help them discover if it works for them, but I have no agenda one way or another.

I’ve been reading about you online a little, and some fans of the series are saying it will end up getting his own show like Dr. Phil. Is that all that is on your radar?

Maybe more like Dr. Drew. I think Dr. Drew is great.

Honestly, if an opportunity like that came, I would be very happy. I love the idea of ??helping the world see that therapy is a good thing, and be able to help educate people about the expression of feelings and communication, and to better relations. Sure, I love that.

Do you think that therapy at this point is misunderstood by the general public?

I would say that many people have a misperception of what therapy is, yes. Many people still believe that therapy is for crazy people, and not just for people with psychotic symptoms. It’s for people of all kinds.

The thing is that relationships are difficult at best, and life throws us all sorts of curve balls. When these things happen, relationships are challenged, and often people are not prepared. They do not know how to get through the tough times, external stressors. They do not know how to continue operating as a team when curve balls are thrown. And I think that is something that therapy – especially in couples therapy – helps a lot with.

I read on your Facebook page that could be working on a book. Can you share some information about that at all?

I have written a series of documents in a variety of issues, including borders, the limits of compassion, five rules for fighting fairly, happy divorce for children of divorced parents dating, dating divorced mothers, three steps to get what they want in a relationship, and how you want and still be me?

I could write a book is a compilation of these documents or I can write a book on “Rehab relationship,” as having the best relationship possible.

Is there anything else you want to say about what we’ve been doing with Gene and Shannon, family jewels or anything else?

This was a unique opportunity that has been rewarding for me in a number of levels. I appreciate all the nice comments I’ve been getting from people across the country. It has been very rewarding for me.

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