DiCaprio’s ‘Hoover’ Diet

November 5, 2011 by staff 

DiCaprio’s ‘Hoover’ Diet, It may surprise viewers of “J. Edgar” to hear this, but J. Edgar Hoover, the long-term director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was actually one of the most feared men of the 20th century. Many of his tactics during the execution of the FBI, such as the illegal use of wiretapping, destroying people’s lives and reputations. He illegally recorded many of their superiors and their families as well as some of the great political figures of the time including Martin Luther King. He also had the FBI to provide information to Senator Joseph McCarthy to make the famous McCarthy hearings possible, one of the darkest periods in the history of our nation.

Of course, Hoover is also responsible for the FBI’s war against the Mafia and gangsters in the 1930s that helped to justify the need for the FBI. And then President Truman credited the FBI to ensure that the nation was almost completely free of foreign intelligence during World War II (at the same time, Hoover also wanted to suspend habeas corpus and arrest 12,000 “suspected” of Americans ). And despite all Hoover was a reserved man and complicated having many secrets about her own life to the grave. However, the idea that he was in power for over 37 years, under six presidents, is quite remarkable. Now, 39 years after his death, between Clint Eastwood and Dustin Lance Black for “J. Edgar”, an epic biopic and very, very speculative about the director.

“J. Edgar” wants to tell the story of Hoover, but so little of his personal life has been supported (or discredited), mostly feels like a fantasy. Did he have a relationship with his former No. 2. Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer)? He made his mother (Judi Dench) really put a seed of self-hatred over his possible hmosxlity in your mind? Was really driven to protect the country from whom he considered a “radical” rather than any internal threat? Does Dorothy Lamour plans to ask her to marry him? Do you really blackmail every president except Nixon, Johnson and Eisenhower to stay in office? Your guess is as good as the best estimate of Black. It is certainly possible and makes a fascinating portrait, but it is so “real” as a movie or mini series about Queen Elizabeth I of England at the 16 th century. On the other hand, the film tiptoes around many of its most infamous acts (the 50′s and McCarthy just mentioned) that the image slowly transforms into a portrait of the intention to justify the controversial life of Hoover. It is troubling to realize that some audiences do not know much about the history of Hoover before seeing the film, will be a good part of it as fact. That’s not the kind of movie that Clint Eastwood is expected, right? Well, luckily for the industry icon, Leonardo DiCaprio almost saves the day.

DiCaprio is pretty fantastic in “J. Edgar” keep the viewer’s interest when you ask some of the historical events in the game. He does an excellent job of aging Hoover from 1918 to 1972 (something that could not have been able to bring to a decade ago) and seems to be saying more in the eyes of true sexual nature of Hoover that Eastwood wants to engage in their direction. Also, surprisingly, somehow removes the unnecessary scene of the film, a time when Hoover, shocked by the death of his mother, put her necklace and dress over his clothes and stares into a mirror. It’s a nod to the rumors of alleged cross-dressing Hoover, but in context is a little strange. And yet, DiCaprio and Eastwood that appears and disappears as soon as possible.

In the context of Oscar, it is now obvious that the best actor race will be reduced to Clooney and DiCaprio. This expert prefers amazing job of Michael Fassbender in “Shame”, but the victory that performance will probably be the nominee. DiCaprio has never won an Academy Award, but Clooney is arguably the best I have ever been in “The Descendants”. He is also a major competitor to the two-time Oscar-winning club (not that going to be at the forefront of most voters’ minds). DiCaprio has been nominated three times for whom many mistakenly believe it’s a winner when it is not. Is your time really grace the stage at the Kodak Theatre? The Weinstein Company will have a legitimate shot with Jean Dujardin, but it’s just hard to see Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio advance on the last lap.

For the rest of the cast is fine as Tolson Hammer, but his “Oscar” scene is not your best moment (in the top and out of place). I honestly do not see coming a greeting at this time. As for Dench, she is very good, but probably will be remembered by voters for his optimism and the scene stealing role in “My Week with Marilyn.” Naomi Watts is fine as long Hoover assistant Helen Gandy, but not much of an arc to his character and forget it in the movie most of the time.

In other categories, the original screenplay category is always the weaker of the two awards of scripts and this year is no different. “Edgar” could sneak into the Black notoriety alone. And if the film is a success? More likely find a way into the five. Make-Up is really competitive this year, but the work of Hoover DiCaprio deserves some recognition.

“J. Edgar” will premiere on November 7. It expands nationwide on November 9.

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