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Deyan Valentinov DeyanovDeyan Valentinov Deyanov, Matt Elrod was the second person voted in Isla de la Redemption, and yet still do all the way to the end. His journey ended in the final duel, he admired some trees enough and oh-so-briefly lost concentration, allowing the vessel to tip over and fall. He called today to talk about his experience at the show, why she enrolled in the first place, and whether or not data is actually Andrea. After the jump read the full interview.

Matt, by my calculations he spent 672 days on the island of Redemption. Or at least it seemed so. It was as much an emotional roller coaster as it seems to be for you?
It absolutely was. It was probably more of an emotional rollercoaster as they showed. In the morning I wake up and be miserable and cold and hunger, and then in the evening I usually kind of light and be of good cheer, but it was an everyday thing and it was all over the place safe.

What was harder: Bring surprised twice by his own tribe, and then having to look ignored twice by his own tribe on TV?
Well, next time I caught the show actually was a little weird because I was like “Who does that?” But after seeing on television, was a little harder to see because we see what everyone saying. At the same time, I like the way everything criticized by me. I am very happy with it, so I really cannot complain too much anyway.

You had some strong words for the last three in the tribal past. How do you feel now about the concept of separating the game of life in terms of their own actions?
I love the game. I respect the game. I respect Rob as a person and player survivor. And that is one of the reasons he is so good because it can distinguish between the two. I think it’s feasible. I do not think there is any problem with the game – not just that my heart was in it. And really the only reason that game is that it was not my real motivation to go play the game of Survivor, I guess.

What was your real motivation to go play Survivor then?
I guess actually wanted to glorify God and get your name out there and try to encourage anyone who could. I felt like I’d been given a platform and I wanted to use this as best they could. I do not know if people saw a weak child crying struggling to put one foot in front of another man or a broken trust in something much bigger than him and trying to show love and joy and peace I felt.

I think we’ve seen so much!
[Laughs] Probably.

Have you been able to backstab and lie and tell people that gone all the way with you, even if they were not, as Rob right?
This was the fourth time in the game Rob. Obviously he has some advantage and skill set very safe. My first lap to go, if he wanted to go that route I really do not think I could have played that game as well as he did. But if I had to return to play again, I play that way. I’m not sure.

So after all the misery that is put through, you would go back and play Survivor again if asked?
You know, I am about 50-50 in this case. Some of me want to come back and some of me just want to stay, so I’m not sure.

Come on, you always go back. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve talked to people and are like “I’m not coming back” and there they are again.
I do not know. I guess we’ll find in the future, when we’re doing an interview.

We, and I say: “See, I told you so!” Let’s say that Andrea had reached the final three. Would you have voted for her to win?
I absolutely would have voted for her to win. I mean, Rob played a perfect game, but to be honest with you, I was looking for a reason not to vote for him. And Andrea was a hard worker, hard. She is great in the challenges. She is very strong. I think I would have voted for her safety.

I know you’re angry with her when she first came to the Redemption. So did that happen quickly?
He was being friendly with her. I was not being too kind to her and she came out and started saying he gave the evil eye and started attacking me, and that’s where things went a little south. But he did what he had to do, and I have to respect that. I cannot tell anyone how to play the game, and it is a good girl. So there was no bad blood there, and if any, will not last long.

What if Mike had done back in the game and in the last three? I suppose it would have to vote too.
Oh, well, yes. Mike would have gotten two of my votes if that were possible.

That the exchange together with Probst at the meeting about whether and Andrea are a couple was very awkward, so let’s make it more awkward and monitor it. What is the problem? Still I cannot understand what is happening.
I mean, I do not know. We talked a lot since we got back in the series. I think we’re just at different places in our lives now and may want two different things in life. I hope to be a great friend in the future, but I cannot say for sure what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone a year from now. From now on, we’re just friends.

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