Dexter Season 6 Episode 4

October 24, 2011 by staff 

Dexter Season 6 Episode 4Dexter Season 6 Episode 4, If you thought last week’s episode of Dexter ended on a dark, “a horse of a different color” in some way to the top. It seems too early in the season of things falling into place, but something tells me it’s only going to get darker and more complicated from here.

Dexter tonight was too busy with work and personal problems to stalk any prey, which left us without a victim to kill the room, though Gellar and Travis’ kill of the night almost made up for it. Ignoring the slight threat of the consequences Gellar, Travis went on to date (and bed), a cute waitress. After seeing Travis and the waitress go at it (in fact, crushing what was left of my positive associations with Edward James Olmos class, Bill brave, loyal Adama), Gellar attached to the girl and put her in an eerie spiked collar angel get-up. We install in a greenhouse and set a Raiders of the Lost Ark-like detectives trap for that fire when he met her.

Deb saw the fishing line, but it was a second later and the waitress ended up shot to death by his neck while his angel wings spread behind him. Gross. Creepy. Horrible. This has to be a major first for most of these characters. We have seen the Miami Metro homicide detectives to find the head and other body parts and mutilation of fear, but once accidentally involved in a murder before?

Lobsters came later, but they were just for show. And all the time, Travis was there watching. Nobody seemed to notice him, apart from Dexter, who usually can smell you.

Seeing what happened tonight at the waitress, who can not help but be even more convinced that Travis’s sister will be brought to this at some point. Gellar We did not want Travis to spend time with her, and tonight we realized what he is willing to make to the distractions of Travis. It’s just a matter of time before he is distracted again.

Judgement Day
The police are already Gellar, which is interesting because it seems pretty early in the season for them to be on the right track, however, as noted, Professor Gellar, who apparently is known to be an expert in Revelation (Revelators ! accumulate.) has gone “underground” and is believed to have stolen a sword that is likely to be the weapon used to stab the previous victims, including the type rider. Between trying to keep track and can be diverted for other potential murderers, there is still plenty of ways to keep busy detectives found no Gellar and Travis, while Dexter has better luck. The fact that Dexter seems aware that there are two murderers (taking into account differences in how the bodies of the victims have been manipulated) detection is added Travis, gives you more of an advantage that the police have, in all anyway.

This season has its official grand mal nickname! Gellar and Travis are the murderer of doomsday (or murderers if / when Miami Metro realizes that two of them). It was fitting that this night marked the official naming of the season villain, taking into account other three were mentioned tonight. Dexter and Deb noted the similarities between the dummy, the man and the preference of the Ice Truck Murderer playing with body parts. And later, Ryan was Trinidad and Bay Harbor Butcher (Dexter!) when asked about other serial murderers artifacts.

While we’re on the subject of Ryan, who may have found the motivation tonight. Masuka found that the fake hand in the ice box truck murderer evidence made its way online and did not take long to realize that it was Ryan who put it there. It was too obvious that this was it, so I’m questioning if your only interest in serial murderer evidence is to earn some cash. She said she was in Masuka roller derby and it’s time, the hand appears on eBay, posted by a user called Rollergirl (or something). To make matters worse, a random person calls Masuka to verify that the hand was real. I’m thinking-this, or put the whole issue of Masuka catch it? And if so, why?

Brother Sam
Interest in faith Dexter broke tonight when Harrison finished in the hospital who need their appendix. While waiting for her son Dexter out of the surgery, his brother Sam shared his discovery of faith, and the decision to live a better life. Dexter does not seem sold on him, but he took a moment to pray for Harrison, or rather, to seek and negotiate with God in exchange for the health of your child. After Harrison left the surgery, and Harry Dexter spoke about faith and God.

I do not know how I feel about Dexter exploration of faith and religion in this season. While it is interesting to see what curious to hear brother Sam, and even attending a baptism, everything seems more or less of observation at this point. I’m not sure I can not imagine leaving Dexter this season changed spiritually, but may be surprised. There are still plenty of time to go, after all.

Deb intensifies
Deb had her first official night news conference. LaGuerta was ready to step forward and address the issue rider with the press, but reminded him that Matthews is the responsibility of Deb to do that now. Of course, when LaGuerta gave the order to Deb, she made it sound like his call to Deb to do the press conference, saying he thought he would make the situation seem less important. Then he casually mentioned that work falls within descripteion Deb.

Deb is probably one of the worst toilet mouth of any character on television. If you can think of someone who is more creative and liberal swearing, do not hesitate to disagree with me there, and they say I could fill a jar oath faster. Meanwhile, the press got a taste of tonight Deb favorite four-letter word, as expected got nervous during a question and stated bluntly that the only thing that mattered was “catching the f * cker who did this.”

Matthews loved the press conference. Maybe I just was trying to be supportive or maybe this is exactly the kind of blunt honesty you want from the person dealing with the press on behalf of the department. Without a doubt, explain your choice in the promotion of Deb in the first place. Anyway, things went well for Deb, despite the obvious LaGuerta hope to see her fall on her face on television. New type Mike Anderson noted the cheerful expression LaGuerta during a news conference. Deb not only did well tonight, but his decision to hire the detective in Chicago is proving a great success. In addition to making note of sneakiness LaGuerta, he also became the man to point out the connections between the revelations of the victims of the Final Judgement.

Whatever random …
Since when Dexter examine the bodies? Not to be too critical, but I think his specialty was blood splatter, not to collect the bodies. Would have been a little more if there was any other person in Dexter lab sorting through body parts and the extraction of tracks from the remains of the victims. Sure, we’re used to seeing Dexter standing over a body on a table, but to see him discuss his findings he felt like a strange and unfamiliar territory tonight. Thoughts?

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