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September 2, 2010 by staff 

Deutsche Bank Championship, Rick Fowler has enjoyed a good year since turning pro after his All-American career at Oklahoma. After posting two top 10s last fall and get his PGA Tour card at Q School in December, the Anaheim native has accumulated four more in the top 10 in 2010.

Through last week’s Barclays, the 21 years of age, despite no wins so far, has collected and 2.28104 million, good for the ranking number 22 on the money list this season.

Last weekend at the par-71 Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, New Jersey, during the Barclays, the opening tournament at the end of the season, four-event FedEx Cup playoffs, Fowler carded rounds of 71, 70, 67 and 74 to finish at 2-in 282 and in a tie for 36th.

Although his final round last Sunday was not what he expected, however, Fowler qualified for the second event, the Deutsche Bank Championship, which begins on Friday at the TPC Boston in Norton, Massachusetts

On Thursday, Fowler met with reporters and talked about his years so far and what needs to get his first victory – and the possibility of selecting a captain for next week by Corey Pavin at the U.S. team. UU. 2010 Ryder Cup. This is what Fowler had to say.

MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Rickie Fowler in the interview room here at the Deutsche Bank Championship. Rickie, thanks for being with us here. Clearly you are in the second of four events of the FedEx Cup Playoffs and you’re in the middle, obviously, a great year, and two runner-ups finishes so far this year alone. Only a few comments on his game this year and how you feel entering the week.

Rickie Fowler: Obviously, this year has been fun. I turned pro after two years of college and got my card, and get to play here on the PGA Tour, I think it’s called my job, but it is much better than that. So, as you said, two-second places, a few dozen tops and a remote possibility for the Ryder Cup, so that’s a very good year. As I said, we’re having a lot of fun, have fun going through the FedEx Cup playoffs, and we hope we hope to have a good week here. I got to play nine holes this morning, and the course looks awesome. It’s in great shape, and I hope to see the rest of the course tomorrow.

P. What kind of letter grade would you gives you, Rickie, for this year?

Rickie Fowler: Probably A, A-. If we throw in victory, I think it’s from A to A +.

P. You spoke about the Ryder Cup. When was the last time I talked to Corey Pavin and what is your relationship with him?

Rickie Fowler: I actually texted me last night, said he was going to be here this week and just kind of fulfilling his role as captain. Both Californians, and I’ve played a few practice rounds with him this year and come to know him a little. But that’s really all the time I spent with him, just because he started playing here a bit before coming here, and I did not know him before getting my card.

P. “Staying in this topic, talking about the Ryder Cup is optimistic about his chances now? Are you thinking that it was in the field?

Rickie Fowler: It’s my main goal at this point this week, obviously, because the peaks are at the end of the week. It’s in my mind, but basically it comes down to just going and playing golf. So I will not be draining and stressful. It is clear that putting in my time this week, making sure I’m ready for the course and ready to have a good week. But that is not our main objective. Obviously just to play golf; have fun, and things happen.

P. Do you feel like you have a good idea of what to do? If you go out and win this week, is on the computer? Is that something you said?

Rickie Fowler: No, there are no guarantees. Are selections for a reason? He comes to make four of their selections on what he believes and what he thinks is best for the team. If I’m in those four is impressive, but you know, hopefully not my last chance to play the Ryder Cup. You know, I feel like I’ve played well so far, from what I know, I think we’re looking at the long-term picture and not just based on what happens this week. Obviously a win would help or a good finish, but you know, a missed cut here and there, it’s like missing the cut two weeks ago. Obviously if you play well it will help so we hope to go out and play well.

P. Can you comment on how to adapt to the courses you’ve never seen before, especially in this case?

Rickie Fowler: Well, I’m used to it all year round because it’s only been a handful of courses I have seen. So really it was only to find out the line from the tee, find out what is around the greens and what is happening in the green and go from there. Try not to make it too complicated, as I said, just imagine the lines, as you do not miss it. There are a few places here in a lot of courses that children who have been around a handful of times to know that there are certain places where you cannot, and sometimes newbies find the hard way. So that’s what we’re trying to figure out in practice rounds is where the Xs and where the points are in good.

P. How well is working at Memorial, and what is the difference between then and now in recent weeks?

Rickie Fowler: Memorial, a lot of fairways and greens, and proceed to shoot in a few putts over that. My ball striking has been pretty good this year. My putting has been below average. I often feel like putting one of my best parts of my game, and yes, this week was a ball striking – it was all dances amazing to me, and I happened to get a lot of looks, and some of the step fall.

Q. I could have guessed that he had a pretty good idea of what life will be like here in the PGA Tour, but what surprised you this year?

Rickie Fowler: Not too many surprises. I got to play in some amateur events as a way; I have a small glimpse into what life would be like. It’s been really busy. Obviously you have to learn to manage their time well here, and either learn quickly or suffer from that. So it was a very gentle adjustment. We played a little this year but have been fun.

P. Can you remember a specific case or two that took a line and then realized it was a wrong line; maybe you’ve seen a veteran to take another line this year?

Rickie Fowler: Not one of the top of my head, but I know what happened. I know we’ve done – we’ve obviously made some bogeys and doubles this year, and sometimes was not thinking clearly about where the ideal places to get lost and went to the wrong place. And whether to shoot in the water, missing from the trap that is not able to get up and down, but it definitely happened. I do not remember one in particular, but I know it has happened more than once.

Q: What about the Rookie of the Year race, where do you see emerging in this time?

Rickie Fowler: I really have not worried much about it this year. Obviously it’s something I want – I’d be the Rookie of the Year at the end of the year, but as I said, our primary focus is at the moment, playing well this week, playing well and trying to do for the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup, and to keep the fun, and we will kind of see where it ends with the Rookie of the Year, the money list at year’s end. We’ll keep playing.

P. Back on the topic of card selections Ryder Cup wild, what were your thoughts about Europe? It just announced them last week. What do you think of someone like Justin Rose, a two-time winner on the Tour this year, do not take that team, and what to say about that team?

Rickie Fowler: Well, Monty was a difficult decision in his hands. There was a lot of great players and only had the ability to choose three of them. It is unfortunate that some individuals did not make the team, but the men – all the kids were playing well. So you know, it was not my decision, which came down and was not, but of course, Justin had two great victories. One won ahead of me (smiles), so he played well during the week. Have you had a great year, and it is unfortunate not to have him on that computer. But I think it will be fine and will play in a little more Ryder Cups.

P. Do you see your style to be imitated by younger players, and how would you describe your style?

Rickie Fowler: My style is definitely different. There are many individuals in this respect not to wear bright colors and the shoes and clothing belts, which are not black and white. Poulter is one of the other boys; Cameron takes a bit, but definitely sees some kids running tournaments a lot more clothes and orange Puma running much more on Sunday. I feel like I’m having a bit of influence, which is great. I would love to be a model for young children, and you know, try to be the best I can be. We will try to get some crazy colors out there and have a good time.

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