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July 11, 2011 by staff 

Destination X Live StreamDestination X Live Stream, Unfortunately, due to some problems with cable service, I was late to be able to see the show, so I missed the first match with Samoa Joe beat Kaz in 11 minutes. James Caldwell called it ** 3 / 4.

2 – Douglas Williams’s vs MARK HASKINS – open challenge match

-The six-sided ring is small compared with the usual ring, although its surface is greater.

-It ‘s a difficult situation to make it feel “PPV-worthy” when no one has heard of Haskins, so no real background other than what advertisers can fill, plus it’s not as if Williams has been an important part of the impact of television in recent years months.

Taz-Con tonight due to family involvement, Jeremy Borash was replaced. I am interested in knowing how to delegate its functions, since both have the same purpose as the men play by play. It is a nice option to have Borash fill more than a fighter to provide color commentary. I’m not sure if I could take three hours of Bully Ray, for example, although in the long run I think it might be a good heel commentator when his ring days are over, but what about Don West? Especially when you consider that it would be a throwback to the first cases in the TNA X Division when actually presented since called on the parties, who had been my choice.

WINNER: Williams at 8:00. Some good action, but quite forgettable all things considered.

So Cal Val interview, Austin Aries, asking what is your strategy. He classified her dress “three stars”. Then he said to wrestling fans call you are seeing through flow of illegals, “I hope you choke on what you’re eating.” He said he is not a place of money or a 5-9 “vanilla midget” but a brilliant fighter is better than anyone in the industry. He said he could beat anyone on the list. He said that if he wins, the victory of TNA is because they have limitations. He said he would make his opportunity when it lost three other very good fighters. He said he is not the gentleman, and tonight will find that you are not as good as him.

3 – Generation I (Max & Jeremy Buck) vs. ERIC YOUNG & Shark Boy

-Young people and the shark was a little comedy in which each decision to start the match at the same time, retired as a mirror, as two people start talking at the same time and then stops and can not be absolutely find out who will actually start talking. Finally decided by sharks, but of course, young people and blind them immediately labeled in

-Borash said the six-sided ring is smaller. Hmm. Tenay whenever I launched years ago that have a larger surface in general, despite the fact that each length of the string is lower because of the six sides instead of four. He said that not all fighters in the program have participated in a six-sided ring before, so it could come into play.

WINNERS: Young & Shark Boy at 07:00.

STAR: Some good deeds. Not all corners perfectly calculated, but was generally high energy and filled his place on the ticket of the card. I’m not sure having a team of improvisational comedy hits Generation I send a message to fans making a serious act Genma in the future themselves, either as individual or team. Apparently, giving the team a victory over the established comedy called law was obvious.

‘As Daniels spoke to someone backstage about his appearance ComicCon, AJ Styles come. They shook hands and shared a smile when asked Daniels styles that does not get too bad with his good looks.

Val Shiima Xion interviewed backstage. He is considered a huge loser, but it is a great opportunity, and want to show everyone that he deserves what he wants, and wants the TNA contract.

-A video package aired on the Ultimate X match, the same that aired on the impact of last week.

4 – Alex Shelley vs. Amazing Red vs. Shannon Moore vs. E. ROBBIE – Ultimate X Match

-Borash and Tenay were wearing, as set in the ring structure. I guess it was not done because, really, who would the script for “more time” to Tenay and Borash.

Borash said Robbie, just buy your own “tanning shop,” where he can spray.

Borash said Chris Sabin, had ACL from a cadaver to replace his torn ACL and months is far from returning to action.

I wonder how many people in this game Hulk Hogan knows the name.

-Due to the addition of scaffolding above the strings that form the “X” about 18 feet above the surface of the ring, Moore was able to climb the scaffolding and then hang up and standing on the top rope. He knocked on the third string network with a kick. Shelley Moore then kicked for the right string for the “X” Shelley then turn off the “X” to win.

-Borash said it was 25 “Ultimate X” That’s too much for a company that has only been about 9 years.

‘After he went out and congratulated Chris Sabin Shelley. He asked if he was OK and seemed genuine. Sabin was limping, but walking without crutches.

Winner: Alex Shelley.

Stars (** 1 / 4): The lack of backstory and hype created a less than ideal setting for wrestlers who do not have much of a story to draw personality-wise than the characters in his actions, as they are with television time limited. So, in effect, it was a spotfest. Not a great one, either, apparently at least no one overstepped in taking huge risks from high places.

Low Ki-Val interviewed said he has shown everyone in his career, not too small and has everything you need. He said that for him tonight to win his TNA contract, you have to fight with all you have to prove he belongs, “where professional wrestling is still important.”

-A video package aired on the RVD-Jerry Lynn match.

5 – Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Intro music, Jerry Lynn sounds like someone burped really loud.

-Lynn, even in high definition, is the same age as the first time I saw him fight in the PWA in Minnesota in Indy shows in late 1980.

-Borash talked about the saga of these two parties had in 1999 in ECW. He said the letters ECW. Borash said he and Lynn were teammates on the way back to Minneapolis.

A strong battle-song was held with “RVD!” vs. “Let Jerry!”

-Borash built the party saying that when there was a documentary ECW in 2005, almost everyone said the Lynn-RVD series of games were as good as the matches of the day.

‘They were 17 minutes and had a very good game that fit well with his classic in 1999. Lynn heelish jokes and aggressive tendencies. RVD was bleeding from the forehead after Lynn dove on the head that crashed in a chair on the carpet. Lynn gave RVD a sunset bomb in a chair in the middle ring for a near fall. RVD came back soon after with a Frogsplash five stars for the clean win.

WINNER: RVD at 17:00.

Stars: *** 1 / 2 – It is a game of the year candidate, but certainly the best game in the series. It felt like a real game, not a display of highspots.

Jack Evans gave a humble and realistic sound to promote the importance of this game is for him. They felt like real MMA fighter promotions add to the feeling that something was on the line and real competition was going to explode.

6 – Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Austin Aries vs. ION Zema – Winner Gets TNA Contract

-Borash said that the name of Evans was trending on Twitter in the top ten on Thursday night after his party into the air.

-At 4:00 Aries and Low Ki started getting in each other’s face and discuss the establishment of an issue between them.

- “This is unbelievable!” exploded about ten minutes in. A stronger singing of “Signature to all followed this! Meeting everyone!” I disagree with that suggestion. The crowd followed with “This is wrestling!”

-Evans shouted “630″ and then climbed the top rope. Zema Evans hit the top rope and hit his own 450 Low Ki. Aries broke the pin attempt. Evans went back up to the top and left for 630, but Low Ki raised knee. Aries kneelifted Evans, Low Ki gave a brainbuster suplex for the win.

WINNER: Aries from 14:00 to win a contract from TNA.

Stars (*** 1 / 2): A very good four-way. A great deal of grace and athleticism with personalities attached to it, which is extremely rarely used in promotions nationally, televised fight. There are many one on one matches and the struggles that can be built with four in the long term, increased movements where the story is told, it’s the best way to make money with this kind of talent, not just throw them out there to fill the ring with large spots.

Val gave Aries contract. He asked: “Are you surprised?” He said that he is the greatest man that ever lived. Aries is a man among boys in the way he carries. There is a trust, pride and credibility in the way that he carries is not very common in any size or weight.

-A backstage promo on the air with Abyss promoting his party. “When the end is near and it is your time to die, I promise, I’ll do it fast, but not too fast,” he said.

-A video package aired on Kendrick-Abyss.

7 – Brian Kendrick vs Abyss – TNA X title match of the Division

Abyss crushed-away offense early Kendrick.

-A fan shouted, “Nobody wants you, Abyss! One!” Watch this actor or notoriously unsafe to run alone without problems and even larger complex.

Deep-read some passages from “The Art of War” in the corner of the ring, Kendrick gives an opportunity to regain your senses at 5:00.

-Slow, methodical pace, definitely different from the first six games in this series.

-Abyss hit the referee in the corner. Kendrick then clicks on slices of bread from a near fall. The crowd counted to 11. Eric Bischoff came out looking just miserable. Kendrick told to just get the hell out of the ring. Punched Bischoff. Ray Scott Steiner, gunner, and Bully by the ring and attacked Kendrick. Shark Boy, Generation Me, Amazing Red and quickly made an attempt to save Kendrick, but the three heavyweights easily three of the four smaller outside the ring. Then came a parade of the X Division wrestlers and heavyweight swept and cleared the ring.

-Kendrick hit Abyss with a roll of the Victoria and Earl Hebner ref recovered at ringside, and while he was at ringside counted the pin. Immortal watched from the stage in disbelief as the X Division wrestlers stood up Kendrick and celebrated together. Red confetti fell from the ceiling.

Ray yelled at Abyss. Ray pushed down deep.

WINNER: Kendrick to capture the TNA X Division title.

STARS (**): passable great game man / small man, very methodical and prolonged in time.

-A video package aired on Styles vs. Daniels.

8 – A.J. Styles vs DANIEL Chrstopher

Styles introduced at 220-pounds. That seems to be stretching things a bit more credible given what we know about height and weight of the UFC fighters.

He could say in the first few minutes were a long match rate. They were not lazy, but it was clearly going to be a slow build since there was no sense of urgency to “get their jobs” or change in third gear in the short term, equipment and much less room.

Deliberately floor exercises, rhythm seemed to have the wind in the sails of the fans a little as they were accustomed to a different initial rate, but that seemed to be supportive of the inheritance of these two in TNA.

-Borash and Tenay talked a lot about the styles that the original model for the creation of the X Division, but also noted that Daniels taught him a lot along the road. They noted that the styles and Daniels each call to their children one after another.

‘Twenty minutes in which it seems they will have to change the pace will not soon fall short of expectations, and considering in some circles expectations were “Year of the candidate’s party or Bust” is running out of time.

Daniels left-style angel wings use against him. Styles lifted his leg in an attempt to Best Moonsault Ever. Styles hit a Styles Clash immediately by a fall nearby. The crowd applauded the kickout. Styles went for a deep touch flip, but Daniels raised his knees. Daniels quickly hit angel wings to drop by. Daniels responded with a look of shock.

-Daniels hit three quick elbow drop foot. Then rose to the top rope, but Styles hit it out of balance. Styles Daniels met on the top rope. He established angel wings on the top, but the styles backdropped out of it and then executed Touch spiral TNA original finish. The crowd chanted for him. Styles seemed a little shaky and tired, but hit the movement, though not all with the ease and grace of 8-9 years. It was good for the three count.

WINNER: Styles in 28:00.

STARS: (***): What Daniels has always had to be seen at the highest level of this style of wrestling was on display here. This was a good match to the heavy style, but not a great game style heavyweight. And when you add to expectations that it will be the main event at Destination X and the kind of dynamic personality, a faster pace and moves with the greatest impact, and generally seen only on screen before, this felt like a semi-main event meant to bring the crowd before the main eventers younger, more exciting and dynamic left. However, a good game, but not where it needed to be in this space on the card or to fill 28 minutes of time.

-After Daniels seemed on the verge of tears – or at least trying really hard to break. Styles offered a handshake. Daniels in the first round, but then turned, shook hands and hugged him. The show ended with Daniels raising his arm styles as Tenay signed.

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