Deion Branch

October 7, 2010 by staff 

Deion Branch, Randy Moss has been with the Patriots in New England after his bizarre press conference following the first game of the season against the Bengals.
Or maybe he was when he attended his owner Robert Kraft Nuba shortly before the start of the season and never took his phone and head out never told anyone. The skunk to the party lawn.
Or maybe it was simply the fact that the Patriots will not re-sign him for next year, and said that if we went to say goodbye anyway, they might as well do it now, strange, as it may seem.
Maybe it was that the Patriots think it is no longer the player he was even a year ago, that time and all the connections he made along the years have simply taken their toll, even given the one hand lights and motion capture is done against the Jets in the second game of the season.
Maybe it was, as Mike Reiss reported on Wednesday that Moss made a tirade against the assistant coach Bill O’Brien Monday night half time in Miami, allegedly because he n had not been thrown to enough.
Or maybe it was all the foregoing.
Your guess is as good as anyone.
And you know that the Patriots will not tell you.
On the one hand, we have learned about the Patriots in Bill Belichick era, the Pentagon distributes one in which information as a state secret; those who speak do so at their peril. Ty Law. Lawyer Milloy. Richard Seymour. Deion Branch. You get the point.
The Patriots are the team Belichick, and he directs a court without appeal. He is not interested in public forums. Express yourself, say something that hinted at unhappiness with your contract, and history tells us that you will all but become an endangered species.
So with Moss, as high profile as it is, without doubt both a receiver profound than any that has already played in the NFL.
Now he is out of the Vikings, and for only a few draft picks, not less.
The defining moment in all of this probably came after the Patriots opened the season with a home win over the Bengals, and there was Moss holding an impromptu press conference, the same Moss who is generally not say a word during the season.
It was no secret then that it was not the best time for Moss, setting to 34, the age of the NFL, where few people speak of the future. He was in the final year of his contract with the Patriots, the word was that he would not get another, and there was no question she had consumed, as if he had seen the future and it was scary.
He rambled on for 16 minutes that day, a steam of consciousness rant, as if the psychiatrist’s couch. He said that his back ached, said all evil. Several times he referred to himself old, because he knows that in football terms, it is that football is no country for old men, although in the real world 33 is very young. It was a strange explosion that day, full of fear and doubt and frustration, if different from the usual postgame pablum we receive a testimony of shots.
But it did not help with the Patriots, the franchise where secrets are kept close to the vest and no one is supposed to say a discouraging world. This franchise Pravda could give some tips for staying on message.
I also suspect that Moss has always been a personality problem with the Pats, even if the party line is that it was not. That certainly has been his representative both with the Vikings and Raiders, the baggage he brought with him to New England. Nobody ever questioned his talent at the time, they questioned his attitude. So he came here as a bit of a mystery man, question marks hovering over him.
Both Belichick and Tom Brady has always seemed out of their way to make the stroke, how to tell a teammate he was, and I always suspected it was because they knew that Moss was still perched on an emotional fault line. Last year, he was one of four co-captains. Not this year, however, a small symbol we all missed. This year, Moss came into the season doubting he would be next year, a forecast that is now a reality.
With a caveat: it will not be here anymore this year, either.

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