December 7 1941

December 7, 2009 by USA Post 

pearlDecember 7 1941:Today, December 7, marks the anniversary of “a date that will live in infamy”, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This was the event that brought the United States into WW II, ultimately leading to the defeat of what was then a overwhelming threat to the security of the world. Had the Japanese not committed this act, and had the United States not entered the war, who is to know the state of the world today.

That hypothetical gives way to the actual reality of the day, that of the global threat of both t*rror*sm through “conventional” means, as well as through nuclear weapons that could bring global devastation in seconds. Let us never forget that those who wish to control and dictate through the belief that all in the world should be a certain way, whether ethnically, religiously or both, can only be defeated in one way.

World-Trade-Center-AttackAs seen with Hitler, and as we are trying to accomplish through appeasement today, a negotiated promise through a signature on a piece of paper is meaningless. The totalitarian desires of these factions know no level of compromise. It is win at all costs and those who wish to attempt to pacify through third parties such as the U.N. or through diplomacy and the threat of sanctions are merely playing into the hands of those who seek to destroy us.

Our enemies believe that the world does not have the stomach or the will to stop them, much as Hitler knew as he marched into country’s and made therm his.

As the philosopher George Santayana wrote, and which rings as true today as at any point in history, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea are merely symptoms of a much greater problem. But as any doctor will tell you, these symptoms need to be treated, or like a cancer they will continue to flourish and will eventually take over the body.

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