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January 25, 2011 by USA Post 

Dead Space Aftermath, I am a big fan of the game Dead Space, but I remember watching last foray into the franchise in animation – Dead Space Downfall – and to be seriously disappointed. So when this Blu-ray appeared on my desk with a few pockets seriously hurt, I was not expecting much. Fortunately, first impressions can be misleading, and Dead Space Aftermath is actually a cool movie that goes in two points of the plot uncharted Dead Space 2.

Dead Space Aftermath is the story of four survivors of the USG O’Bannon, but to make the most of their history, you need to know how the original Dead Space game ended. In short, the engineer Isaac Clarke destroyed an alien artifact known as the marker that has been the creation of monsters called Necromorphs. After the marker has been wiped off the face of Aegis VII, the planet began to fall apart at the seams.

In consequence, the crew lands on Aegis VII O’Bannon. Half the squad is there to stabilize the planet and the other half is here to collect fragments Marker. Of course, as mentioned previously, the label is the monsters and players mad, so things go to hell from the first song is.

If Dead Space Aftermath excels in his narration. The movie does not play in chronological order. Instead, we begin with the survivors rescued and are then processed to their personal account of what the heck happened there. Each character is introduced into an interrogation room and exposed to their greatest fear. This leads to pay their courage. These stories are interesting, intertwined and horrible. You will see how a person loses his mind from his point of view, then the chance to see the seemingly random attack of another. It accentuates the tension as you know are terrible times just around the corner. For the most part, I liked all the characters, too, although the guy crying his daughter is a bit one-dimensional.

Each story is told in a different animation style. This disjointed style put me off in similar productions – Batman: Gotham Knight – but it works here because of contextual choice. The objective part of the story (the crew on the boat mark) is told in a sterile, style of computer animation. When the movie started, I thought it looked pretty cheap, but memory each crewmember is animated as a cartoon more traditional. Having only sterile, single anchor works bifurcation in these works. I dig into the configuration gives the stories distorted personal advantage both in terms of content and context.

The disadvantage here – and the fact that I would recommend renting it rather than buy – the fact that there is almost no value on the disc beyond the film. There are no comments, not in the guise of scenes, and no in game content. You get the movie, which I enjoyed, and the ability to turn the subtitles. I do not think it worth the price of this disc.

However, I really enjoyed Dead Space Aftermath. It is violent and macabre, but it also extends the fiction Dead Space without shoehorning in references to the games. There is no explanation Unitology forced or drawn to the history of Marker. This is a story of four survivors of the horrors they saw. If you’re not a fan of Dead Space, you’ll have an introduction to effed-up the marker is everything. If you are a fan of Dead Space, you’ll get information about the plot elements that Dead Space 2 references that briefly and meet a character who will be extremely important to the series from here forward.

Dead Space: Aftermath is an animated film that is ready for publication January 25, which is the same day as Dead Space 2 release. The aim of the film is to continue to explore the universe of Dead Space, but unfortunately, it fails miserably. There really is not much more to explore in Dead Space, that mythology has the depth of a wading pool. Making this film was not really necessary.

This 71 moves minute movie very, very slowly, do not you show a single zombie to 45 minutes, which is more than time that I lost interest. The film is mostly narrative, which is a striking contrast with the animated movie involving unpublished Dead Space, Dead Space: Downfall. Downfall was a full blood work up all the way through. There is a lot of action in the last third of Aftermath, but again, it was after the trouble had set

For the majority of the film, you watch the characters walk around doing lame and talking about boring things. Usually it revolves around a government conspiracy that has four other survivors of the ship trying to find out what happened. In fact, I started thinking that they would not attack zombies in the film at all, which is the exact opposite of the way was Downfall. I’m not really one of the characters or their stories back, I wanted to watch zombies cut the arms of these people or vice versa. I wish they had added more action sequences. I do not mind when there is action tale inserted into, but just tell stories straight is getting old, fast. And especially for a film like this. Overall, it simply does not and that’s a rather useless.

Regarding audio goes, the voice-actor followed with the first two thirds of the film to be boring. This place, all the characters almost forgettable. Everything is pretty good, though. With a six-channel, 24-bit Dolby TrueHD soundtrack, dubbing sounds clear, well tedious, throughout the film. The only complaint I had here was that they tried to force the feeling of the atmosphere through the camera direction, causing sounds out of different stakeholders, which is fine, except when a sentence of a character out of three or four different places that the camera around, which just seems artificial and difficult to listen.

The video has been fair at best, but it is among the worst animated films Blu-Ray published to date. The CG animation seems to be commonplace for a video game mid-2000s, not a Blu-Ray in 2011. The observation was atrocious, and the aspects non-GC does not even seem to do HD at all.

The only supplements that have appeared on the CD were a trailer for Dead Space 2 and advertisements for other releases by Anchor Bay. With the $ 35 price tag packing things, it’s safe to say that this film is nowhere near worth that, not even for hrdcore fans.

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