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January 29, 2011 by USA Post 

Dead Space 2 Trainer, An undead mile pus spitting, biting extraterrestrial monstrosities on the gonads of marketing geniuses at EA Games responsible for “your mother will hate it” commercials for new science-fi horror Dead Space Gorefest 2.

Yes, the game is scary and gross and over-with its violence and blood. But these silly advertisements on television, in which the mothers of the focus groups reacted with disgust, dismay and outrage at Dead Space 2 images, really piss me off. Not only do they affect the perception of videogames as a whole, but they are clearly aimed at younger players (really, no more than 14 years of age think it’s WICKED SICK their parents dislike a thing they like?) Who should not take the title of this young-evaluated first.

OK. Deep breaths now. Talking About Dead Space 2, the game, Dead Space 2 and not the mess of a wrong marketing campaign.

The original Dead Space has made a splash in 2008 to be a relative scarcity of EA’s portfolio: a game based on a new original intellectual property. Not a sequel, not a remake, not an adaptation of a comic book or movie, but an honest to goodness something new.

Of course, the irony is the game does so well that it spawned its own mini-franchise juggernaut: comics, animated films, spin-off games and now a full-fledged suite. With Dead Space now a known quantity instead of a brand new idea, Dead Space 2 is to overcome this factor knowledge to impress us.

Set three years after the events of Dead Space, the sequel once again casts you as an engineer Isaac Clarke, whose gruesome experiments aboard the spaceship USG Ishimura – culminating in the discovery of the suicide of his girlfriend – still haunt him .

Unfortunately for Isaac, Necromorphs the nightmare he struggled in the first game are back, this time infecting a massive space station called urban sprawl. Things go from bad to worse, much worse, with Isaac combat monsters trying to tear him to pieces and the inner demons that are driving him mad.

Like the foundation of science-fiction backdrop that the universe of Dead Space is built on, evoking shades of Alien and Blade Runner (thus a nod to Sir Ridley Scott, I suppose.) But a horror game par excellence, and people in their boats Games developer Visceral nightmare with the skill of a surgeon psychotic.

For many years, Electronic Arts has been viewed by most as the “evil empire” of the video game industry. They were great and they were wrong. They ate companies that have interesting games, only to churn terrible consequences of their shell as a sort of corporate flesh-eating bacteria. It’s scary how long this strategy worked, but ultimately these policies led to a steep downward turn profits rather than just the hatred they felt for the players, and so EA has decided that he should change his habits.

Cut to 2008 when the newly baptized Visceral Games (formerly known as EA Shores Corporation Location 97-J/Redwood) has released an early attempt by the publishing giant to create a game that was not subsequently , known as Dead Space. Unlike most original games, he had an attack of advertising media, a cartoon tie-in, a film prequel, and a shortage of new ideas in it. Yet despite all this, there was also a very good horror adventure series far into the future.

Well several years have passed; visceral have to try their hand at literature of 2010 aligned Dante’s Inferno. Then they go back to the series that gave them their name to Dead Space 2. Like the first game, their excellent craftsmanship digital bleeding in all corners and crevices, but is he up to, or let die booming franchise it so desperately wants to be?

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

The above quotation, tour-of-the-last century, the humorist Robert Benchley, is probably the most elegant way to capture the underlying theme of attachment to the morbid heart of Dead Space 2. A much less elegant method would give you a back story, which is what happens now:

Dead Space introduced into the world of EAC engineer Isaac Clarke, a very silent protagonist (variety Legend of Zelda) for the year 2508 which attempted to meet his girlfriend on the USG Ishimura, a city-wide vessel of the mining space. Arriving on the ship, Isaac and company discover invaded by an alien presence apparently collapsing on mute and dead tissue, which of course means that the material kills people and turns them into horrible monsters whose overall goal is to kill other people. They are called “Necromorphs” but frankly, they Space Zombies.

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