Daylight Saving Time

March 12, 2011 by USA Post 

Daylight Saving Time, Detroit Free Press – Sleep problems caused by the DST, which comes in at 2 pm on Sunday when the clocks forward one hour, can occur for a week or two and are higher for “morning larks and birds night, “said Dr. Anita Valanju Shelgikar, a specialist in sleep medicine UM.
This is because people who have irregular sleep patterns have circadian rhythms that are far from the norm, “she said. The problems are such that the travel experience jet lag after returning from a long journey – a fatigue that is often worse than the symptoms experienced to get there.

Like many Americans in all three of 10 have sleep problems. Stress – both the nature supposedly good that comes from planning a celebration, for example, and the wrong kind triggered by job loss – also affects sleep loss.

“We’re certainly seeing more people with stress who never had trouble sleeping before.”

Some tips to help the passage of time and sleep disorders in general:

Go to bed half an hour earlier than usual tonight and wake up half an hour earlier.

Expose yourself to light outdoor or indoor. If you have severe sleep problems, consider buying a blue light used to fight against the sadness of winter. Lights can help regulate the body’s internal clock that helps regulate sleep.

• Do not eat or exercise within two hours of bedtime.

• If you need a nap during the day, limited to 30 minutes.

• Before bed, take a hot bath, listen to soft music, make light reading, but stay away from a page-turner that could hold you.

• Avoid alcohol. It can help you to sleep, but it truncates.

• Use the bedroom for sleeping and intimacy, not watching television, playing video games or surfing the Internet.

Still cannot sleep? Out of bed and try the new council.

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