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October 4, 2011 by staff 

Dancing With The StarsDancing With The Stars, Tonight on “Dancing With the Stars” is the Night of Grim Tales, in which celebrity dancers can tell a story from the most memorable years of their lives. And if you do not believe all the celebrities do not share a tragic story … so, you may not see too much reality television.

“You might want to have a box of tissues ready,” says Charvet Brooke Burke, Tom Bergeron and adds that the judge Carrie Ann will need two boxes.

Dance: Fox trot to Frank Sinatra “Fly Me to the Moon”

Rob’s most memorable years: 2009, when 15 years old, lost his father Rob (Rob Kardashian Sr., known to most of the world as a lawyer in the trial of OJ Simpson). Cheryl shows Rob a tattoo of Robert, father, and received with tears, as he says his father was his best friend. He decides to dance the fox trot to the music of Frank Sinatra “Fly Me to Moon” because it was one of the favorite songs of his father.

Rob sliding around the dance floor and is much more coordinated than it has in the last couple of weeks. The audience applauds wildly, including a table full of family members Kardashian. Len kicks things with a little play on words. “You just put the dash in Kardashian,” which it springs. “I hope your father is looking down and saying:” Rob did well, because I did. ”

More at the Celebriquarium, Brooke ask the right questions to try to mourn someone (“You spend this show to his father How do you feel there in his honor with this dance.?”) Rating: 8, 8, 8 for A total of 24 points.

Dance: Rumba Wilson Phillips “Hold On”

Chynna memorable Years: 1990, singing the first single from the group Wilson Phillips “Hold On” was released. Chynna describes the suffering of depression and anxiety after a sense of abandonment from her father, and she relied on drugs and alcohol. But one day decided to change his life, went to therapy, and met her future husband, Billy Baldwin.

Tony comes with a routine that symbolizes Chynna escape your problems, and is also a new future. This involves the actual execution, and Chynna begins to get confused about all the movements, and into the corner to have a mini-nervous attack. Luckily, she meets for the current routine, and gracefully prancing through the rumba, without missing a beat.

Bruno says he knew he could do. He also knew it was a siren blazing, so clearly knows more than the other judges. Carrie Ann has a new appreciation of “Hold On”, and Len was equally pleased. Scores: 8, 9, 9 for a total of 26 points, the first nine of the season.

Dance: Rumba Sonny Bono “laugh at me”

Chaz memorable years: “This year, because now I’m happier than I have been,” says Chaz, but does not specify why. (? A documentary about Oprah Winfrey Network) is chosen a song from his father, because Chaz says he feels like his own personal theme song: “If you have a problem with me is their problem, not mine. ” Chaz doesn ‘t go into details, but we do see Lacey finally begins to feel frustrated with the fact that Chaz can not really dance.

Chaz improved slightly last week but is still dancing as the two are injured legs (which they are.) Carrie Ann says he is impressed that Chaz presented, because it only takes courage. That’s not a good sign. Indeed, Carrie Ann thought the dance was particularly sad this week. Len, meanwhile, says it’s the best dance that Chaz has done, that could be known as damning with faint praise. (“I love the positivity, but what you did with Len?” Tom Bergeron asks, on behalf of us all.) Somehow, Carrie Ann and Len both give a score of 6, like Bruno. Ratings: 6, 6, 6 for a total of 18 points.

Dance: Samba de BeyoncĂ© “Crazy in Love”

Cristina memorable Years: 2005, when he graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles, choosing whether to go to college or pursue a career as a reality star (and I think we all saw how that turned out). Cristina panics about the samba, trying to channel your inner Beyonce.

Dance is a lot of bangs and a lot of shaking and hair twirling are supposed to look sassy, ??but ends up looking like Kristin frantically trying to save time, remembers his next move. Len is not a fan of hair twirling or “Beyonce things,” although only 20 percent of the dance, Len loved the other 80 percent. As Bruno says a lot of nonsense about judges Kristin lead to madness, the camera switches to … Kristin ex-boyfriend, Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler. Why not do an interview in the Celebriquarium? Scores: 8, 8, 8 out of 24 points.

Dance: Tango for No Doubt “It’s my life”

Carson’s most memorable years: 2003, when “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” premiered on Bravo, and became famous. Hurra, fame! However, Carson manages to pull the heartstrings that explains how it was the first time I felt I was able to be himself, having grown up with the feeling that I could not tell anyone that he was gay. Now he feels he can really be himself, he also has to accept the fact that he is not a very talented dancer. “The good thing is that you can only get better,” Anna tells him carefully, and to rehearse their tango to make Carson the “best” dancer of the week.

It works! Carson seems to have memorized the steps and makes no chicken dances. “It was great!” Bruno roars. Carrie Ann loved it and she has brought drama and entertainment and sxy and fun and many other important factors, including the technique. Len, however, is this: “You put the ‘child’ in the extravagant”, adding that Carson had the right attitude and technique. Scores: 8, 7, 8, for a total of 23 points.

Dance: Rumba Tim McGraw “If you’re reading this.”

JR memorable years: When I was a soldier in Iraq and was severely injured by a landmine. He remembers seeing his scarred face for the first time, suffering from depression and anger, and thinking it would have been better not to have survived. It’s a brutal story, accompanied by a tragic song: “If you’re reading this,” Tim McGraw, who narrates a letter that a soldier wrote to his family before he died. JR dedicated performance as a tribute to the men and women who do not home from the war.

Karina JR and fly through the rumba, and both break into tears at the end because the public gives them a standing ovation. Carrie Ann also moved to tears. Len dare subject to make a critical remark and says he thinks might have been more musical (winning quite a few boos Len), but said that overall, fell in love with acting. More tears. Ratings: 9, 8, 9 for a total of 26 points.

Dance: Waltz of “Moon River”

Nancy’s most memorable years: We have no exact date, but we have a horrible story of Nancy almost died during pregnancy of her twins, Lucy and David John. Now the twins three years, and also get some lovely home movies of family – you almost forget the commentator Nancy HLN fear. “Moon River” was the first lullaby Nancy never sang the twins, so tonight will be dancing to the song.

Wrapped in a blue dress that is not about giving her the same outfit widespread problems last week, Nancy moves fairly stiff, and carefully going through the motions of the arm. The judges that she showed much emotion, and Carrie Ann called the performance of a “lullaby of live action,” you just know Disney will start to develop before the episode is over. The scores: 7, 7, 7 for a total of 21 points.

Dance: Cha cha cha Enrique Iglesias “Tonight (I’m Lovin ‘You)”

Dance: Cha cha cha Enrique Iglesias “Tonight (I’m Lovin ‘You)”

Memorable Years of Hope: 2011, when the women’s soccer team U.S. went to the World Cup … although they did not win. Hope talks about the crushing disappointment, but realized winning is not everything. “Hope you have a problem with being sxy,” Maks said with some condescension, as hope begins a bit awkward in rehearsals. It is this problem in a backless black dress with lots of tulle. In addition to the end of the performance when he hits his hand against a light in the ground, holds the ball too.

Carrie Ann tells Esperanza that she needs more femininity in their movements and not as much strength in their walk. Len is very happy and said it was a bit provocative for your taste, but he thought it was his best dance so far. Bruno is indeed accelerated and invokes the hope of a panther (in a good way). In Celebriquarium, Esperanza complains how difficult it is to be sxy. Scores: 8, 8, 8 out of 24 points.

Dance: Rumba five steps of “Ooh Child”

Most memorable years of David: This past year, when his marriage to Courteney Cox collapsed. But David said his daughter, Coco, is making it through everything, so dedicated to dance with her.

We have our time right Adorable Coco week before David begins the dance, as in the audience with the mother of Courtney. The performance begins with a simulated storm, and a shirt David slips on the floor, but without much real skill.

The judges think it’s a nice return, and Len is satisfied with the combination of movement and emotion. Carrie Ann called magic, which might not be enough to make David out of the bottom most votes this week. Scores: 8, 8, 8 out of 24 points.

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