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September 12, 2011 by staff 

Dallas Cowboys CoachesDallas Cowboys Coaches, Confusion became a nation 10 years ago in disbelief. Sometimes, the images of September 11, 2001 seemed frozen in time. On the other hand, the events of that tragic day came too fast, too furious to understand.

And furious the nation would become. People need answers, I wanted revenge.

Like a decade ago, the game will serve as an outlet today. Games following the horrific events ever cure; chance to escape the sadness of the real world. It also offers the opportunity to further losses to mourn and honor the heroism of men and women who bravely came to the rescue blind.

The same dedication is common around the NFL today – alive or dead, those affected on 9 / 11 will never be forgotten. As a nation, we will also celebrate the measures taken in the reconstruction and recovery of the final kick to the gut.

That day was the assassination of JFK of this generation, or shuttle disaster – we will always remember where we were and the emotions we feel when we saw the amazing stage deployment.

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears is no different.

“I was in my room (at LSU),” he said. “His teammate Michael Clayton came in and said,” A plane flew into the World Trade Center. You hear that, and you’re like, ‘That’s very sad, “but then think it’s an accident. Ten minutes later he sees another and know that we are under attack.”

Tonight, 10 miles from Ground Zero, Spears and the Cowboys will face the New York Jets in primetime.

“Everyone is optimistic and hopeful and excited about the start of the season, but throughout the world and in our country, and certainly in this region of our country will be a very emotional moment,” said Dallas head coach, Jason Garrett. “It’s an important event in the history of this country – that goes far beyond football We are very pleased to be part of this night ..”

Garrett was a quarterback for the New York Giants in 2001 and was trying to get some sleep in the morning on Tuesday as the Giants had an influx of red-eye after a matter of Monday Night Football against the Broncos Denver in the West.

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“We probably arrived at the airport around 4:30, 5 in the morning,” said Garrett. “The story of the day was Michael Jordan would come out of retirement when I was listening to the radio on the way home from the airport.”

Garrett lived about five miles from the World Trade Center and tried to sleep while watching “The Today Show” with his wife.

“In the city you get used to noise,” said Garrett. “I have a vivid memory of the fire trucks going past my window to the point,” What! ” There were loud sirens and just try to put a pillow over his head. ”

Then the phone rang. It was Eric Bjornson, a former teammate with the Cowboys, calling from California.

“He said, ‘Are you OK?’” Said Garrett. “I was like, ‘What do you mean?”

“He said, ‘Turn on the TV.”
It was a phrase many of us heard that day.

“It was a day like no other,” said Garrett.

Today, all NFL players have a patch on their jerseys with a ribbon with stars and stripes along with the date “11/09/01″ and “11/09/11.” Coaches, staff and staff have similar pin with a ribbon.

The league will allow players to use special shoes and gloves made by dealers in a week’s NFL games.

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs intends to wear gloves and cleats in the colors of the flag of the United States against the Atlanta Falcons.

“The day will be in all the history books -. Everyone knows what happened and the type of people who intervened and tried to support the people that day is something that is ingrained in my mind,” said Spears, whose main emotion the 9 / 11 was “compassion for people who were hurting.”

Spears describes the ability to play as close to the site in the 10 th anniversary as “impressive” but keeps the show should not be on the U.S. team or the AFC runners-up twice.

“That day is not about us, we’re just going out and provide a service and will entertain and play the game we love,” he said.

“People who have lost someone, or for those who that day had a profound effect on your life – you will enjoy the most.”

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