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January 25, 2011 by USA Post 

Crysis 2 Demo, EA and Crytek are to launch an exclusive Xbox 360 Crysis 2 demo on Xbox Live tomorrow. Confirming reports of last Friday, the multiplayer demo – available to XBL Gold members only – will depend on the card Skyline and two game modes, Team Instant Action (team deathmatch) and ‘Crash Site.

In Crash Site, player’s battle for control of the landing capsules abroad, earn points in their custody and keep enemies at bay.

Crysis multiplayer experience include six full two game modes and 12 maps set in recognizable places in New York. Players can win up to 50 multiplayer ranks that can be completed ten times.

Crysis 2 offers a new, new take on multiplayer – one that stand out and set up the game as a top competitor in the first person shooter genre, “said Cevat Yerli CEO, Crytek.

“The Nanosuit gives players a sense of power, they have not yet experienced any other shooter and having New York as a backdrop to present another type of playing field with even more possibilities.”

On 25 January the 2 Demo Crysis will be online for the Xbox 360. Award winning developer Crytek has announced what will be included in the demo to be held from 25 to Jan. 4 February. This demo is exclusive to members of Xbox 360 and yet no announcement has been made for demonstrations on other consoles or PC today. The multiplayer mode will put you in a war-torn Manhattan where two teams fight to the death, using the power of technology Nanosuit. The game is said to use cards with a multi-tiered gameplay vertical “for the attacks above and below.

Although Crysis 2 takes place in New York City, the card present in the gameplay Crytek demo is Skyline. Here is an overview of tactics Skyline.
This mode allows two teams against each other Team Deathmatch gameplay inspired. Here, players will compete to kill as many opponents as possible to gain points and rank higher. The full suite of multiplayer Crysis 2 will feature 50 multiplayer ranks and a variety of unlockable content such as weapons and enhancements Nanosuit. He did not say how many would be open to unlock in the demo, and if these data are more commercial version of the game
Crash Site in player’s battle for control of Alien Drop Pods, earn points to keep their pods and keep enemies at bay. Keep the same rules like a king of the Hill type fashion. The crash sites are not predetermined at the beginning of the match. Players will overload exotic vehicles that fly will crash and start the game. They say the shootings began before the actual crash site is established.

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