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October 9, 2010 by Post Team 

Crook Review, Star cast: Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma, Arjan Bajwa, Mashoor Amrohi, Caritas Suri, Gulshan Grover, Kavin Dave.

Synopsis: Emraan come to Australia from India on a false passport. He falls in love with an Indian girl, Neha. But an Australian local courts, Shella Allen, so you can marry her and obtain permanent residency. It is soon dealing with the problem of racial discrimination by some locals there. Neha’s brother, Arjan, who hates Emraan becomes a victim of racist attacks. In revenge, kidnaps Arjan Shella. Does Emraan heed the pleas of his girlfriend, Neha, and take a stand against racism?

What’s good: The Music of Pritam.

What’s bad: The script poor, overdose of English dialogues, the liberal use of Punjabi dialogues.

Verdict: The film will be rejected, except perhaps in the Punjab, because of the hit song “Chhalla India issued by a lead singer of Punjab, and Punjabi dialogue.

Loo break: At any time, especially in the first half.

Vishesh Films SA. Ltd. ‘s Crook (A) is the story of Jay Bharadwaj alias Suraj Dixit (Emraan Hashmi). Jay is just entertaining their time and engage in all sorts of illegal activities in India and what your tutor police officer (Gulshan Grover) sent to Australia under a new identity, Suraj Bharadwaj. Jay is bitter about how the police had killed his father-smuggler as a child.

Once inAustralia, Suraj befriends Suhani (Neha Sharma) whose brother, Samarth (Arjan Bajwa) is very strict and more protection. Suraj Suhani and soon fall in love. Samarth not endorse the approach of his sister to Suraj and warns them both. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get permanent residency in Australia, Suraj befriends a local there – Nicole (Shella Allen) – and even has a romance with her in the hope that he would marry her, if only to to permanent residency.

Suhani Samarth and had a sister, Sheena (Smilie Suri), who had had an affair with an Australian guy. Samarth had been against the case and Sheena was forced to abort the child she was carrying. Sheena had died on the operating table. It was revealed much later than Australia Sheena’s boyfriend was none other than the brother of Nicolas, Russel (Choules Michael Francis), who alongwith his Australian friends had gotten to fall in acts of racial discrimination against Indians and Pakistanis in Australia.

Anyway, Suraj is not affected by the acts of racism, despite being witness to some of them. Romi (Kavin Dave) who has chosen Samarth Suhani Suhani boyfriend but who do not pass, also becomes a victim of a racist attack by the Australians. Once you are outside the hospital, the Australian goal Samarth is so badly beaten by them falling into a coma.

When out of the coma Samarth, who kidnaps Nicole to avenge the death of his sister as he holds her brother, Russell, responsible for the premature death of Sheena. Suhani is declared with Suraj’s boyfriend for the release of Nicole in the custody of his brother before he can kill her. Here, Russell and his friends have caught Suhani in retaliation to the kidnapping of Nicole.

“The move to save Suraj Nicole who had used so blatantly? What about growing racist attacks in Australia? What about Suhani and Samarth? All these questions are answered in the climax.

Mohit Suri story deals with the issue of racist attacks on Asians in Australia, but since the attacks made headlines for a time not long ago, not a big problem that people would be willing to watch a movie to address the question. But that’s not the main point here. Even a movie about racist attacks could have held the attention of the people had an interesting script has been woven around the story, but Ankur Tewari script is weak, to say the least.

It is unclear whether the police officer Jai-tutor is a noble soul and a crooked man. From the look of it, the guardian seems to be a nice man, but if so, why make a fake passport Jai send him to Australia? Being a conscientious police officer, you can not expect to enjoy an activity as criminal! Surely there must have been other options do not leave bad reputation of his father follow Jai! Also, why did he ask the father of Jai to deliver? Does he or does not know that the police shot dead? If Samarth knew his sister, Sheena, had died because of abortion, how can you hold your boyfriend of Australia responsible for the death? Okay, the abortion was necessary due to the impregnation Sheena boyfriend, but the real cause of death was not abortion and pregnancy. The fact that the audience is that this “secret” about the death of Sheena later in the theater, not to say that the facts would change. Suhani love story of Jai (Suraj) is not set. Suraj friends in Australia seem to be the kids crazy with no sense of direction. Suraj Suhani be in love and sleeps around with Nicole does not fall too well with the public, especially since he is the protagonist and hero. Although Suraj / outlets Jai dialogue is good to be bad, this philosophy does not make sense to the public as the writer has not been able to convince the viewer that is might have proven to be detrimental to their interests.

Has not explained why it is against the alliance with Suraj Suhani Samarth. The viewer has the impression that he was against Sheena Samarth link to an Australian, but if Suraj is not an Australian, why have a problem with Samarth Suhani and he (Suraj) falling in love? The public is confused about the characterization Samarth because of this: it is clear that over-protective or simply anti-Australian? If both (which is what is sought to be established), is not the best way to write a script, because the public is confused with the duality.

The climax does not work at all, because Ankur Tewari writer blames the Indians by racist attacks on themselves. However noble the intention may be the writer, the Indian public will never feel happy with this part of the climax.

There is another problem with the drama. While the romance is not set correctly, the problem of racism is also half, so why not much has been devoted to racist attacks against non Samarth, Suraj and Romi. In other words, the problem of racism has not been established to be as serious as it should have.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with the film is that many of the dialogues are spoken in English. Although there are subtitles to explain Hindi, English dialogue irritates the public, especially in small towns and villages. Many dialogues are also in Punjab, so that viewers will wonder if you’re watching a movie in Hindi! Also, why all the characters have to scream so much?

Emraan Hashmi does well, get under the skin of her character. Neha Sharma made her debut with confidence. She looks sxy and acts with ease. Bajwa Arjun leaves a mark. Mashoor Amrohi is fine in a role that is not of much importance. Kavin Dave is right. Smilie Suri is effective. Gulshan Grover is limited, but nice. Shella Allen leaves a mark. Francisco Miguel Choules is fine. Others provide the desired support.

Mohit Suri is a good direction, but the liberal use of English and Punjabi dialogue, on the one hand and the problem halfway and meaningless enough to tackle racism in the other greatly limit the audience of the film. Pritam music is very nice. ‘Chhalla India “and” Kya main sunaun are the best of luck. The other songs (“simple binary” and “mein Tujhi”) are also attractive. Kumaar lyrics are quite nice. Picturisations song (Rajiv surti) should have been better. Camerawork Ravi Walia is good. Premises are quite foreign eyes filling.

In general, Crook lacks the entertainment value and become a loser. You will not find acceptance with the public, except perhaps in eastern Punjab circuit due to the “Chhalla India ‘hit song sung by Babu Maan Punjab stars and the presence of Sardarjis several (as friends Suraj) in Australia, as well as the failry liberal use of Punjabi in the dialogues.

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