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March 17, 2011 by Post Team 

Criminal Minds Lauren, Tonight, “Spencer Reid” goes behind the camera to make the final appearance as Paget Brewster BAU Special Agent Emily Prentiss on the hit CBS spirit of Criminal Procedure. Fan-fave actor-director Matthew Gray Gubler teases us that “Lauren” features “an end very delicate” hitting Spencer and Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) “the hardest.” Sniff.

How to make quesadillas any better, what was the hardest part of saying goodbye to a friend and colleague castmember, and why is “Lauren” perhaps even more important that this final season? Ask:

Who is the “Lauren” the title?
Lauren may or may not be the secret alter ego character of our beloved Emily Prentiss. His secret to materialize.

Lauren got in some trouble.
It does. She is in hot water.

Is it true that Mr. Paget has asked that you direct the episode?
It’s actually a funny story, I directed my first episode of last year, and it was exceptionally good. I was very proud of it, then they let me do another this year. It was a sort of multirequest she knew she was going out, and they asked what they could do to make him a little happier about it, and she said: “One thing you can do is make sure that Matthew will lead my final episode. “And I was very honored. So yes, that’s sort of emerged.

Your character and Garcia are often used as comic series. Spencer is able to relax the atmosphere in this episode, or are you mostly just behind the camera in this episode?
Garcia and Reid are both in it a little. Obviously, he hits maybe the two of us the hardest.

How bad will it be?
It is a very delicate end. I do not want too, but it is unique to you. Having one of our friends and colleagues in the type of line of fire is never easy.

How did they manage different the second time around?
It was easier exponentially, because I overprepare for everything. The first time I was ready to clean the lens, I was ready at any time to take care of all the tiny details, like, “Oh oh oh, I brought in the quesadillas for lunch.” I was sort of comical overprepared for the first. This one I’m exceptionally prepared, as a guy who has been through fire once before so who knows how to prepare, it was fun a little more this time.

What is your favorite part of directing?
It’s funny; I really love all aspects of it. The three things that fit me better than I really enjoy: I like the casting to find the right people for every single part, I like the scenery a bit, creating an atmosphere, I love the costumes, music and then finally talk with the players I’ve learned scene is nothing more than to learn to communicate with 300 people in 300 different languages. I sort of pride in my ability to talk to everyone in their own specific language.

Is this episode marks a turning point for the season?
For selfish reasons, I approached this as if it was the show’s finale. To give her what she needed, I act as if this was perhaps the last episode we’ve ever done the show. It’s just my brain. But again we do something about the show that we have never been able to do with a character before. So it’s a bit of a memorable episode.

Things have changed a lot this year on Criminal Minds, what are the strengths of the new structure of the issue?
It’s sort of a turning point for the show. It is quite unique as we are in the sixth season, the end of it, and we always do extremely well in the notes, we still loving fans. I think now it might be, depending on what happens there were many changes made earlier in the season. I do not know, there may be changes in the seventh season it seems we are on the brink of becoming either a great or not.

Criminal Minds is one of the few shows that have two sides and a line-fandom devoted to that success does it feels?
It makes me the happiest in the world. If we had two fans, or fan, I’d be very happy and very touched. The fact that we come to know that many people on a weekly basis just really means the world to me. And internationally as we are in Japan and France, we are all very grateful that we can be part of something that makes people happy. I think some people a little, “Oh, we never noticed anything to pricing,” but I never believed in awards. For me, if I could choose between loving the show people or critics to love it, I’d always 1000 times, choosing people because I’m just playing for the people. I’m just happy it was well received.

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