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October 27, 2011 by staff 

Copiale Cipher, Scientists in California and Sweden, said they have used translation software techniques to solve a mystery 250 years old, to decipher a coded ma**script written for a secret society.

The University of Southern California said Tuesday that investigators had broken the encryption copy it, one of 105 pages, the document of the 18th century in Germany.

The handwritten book, beautifully bound does not contain any of The Da Vinci Code, but rather a snapshot of the arcane rituals practiced by one of the many secret societies that flourished in the 1700s.

There were also some sects rites of Freemasonry apparent that showed political leanings.

“This opens a window for people who study the history of ideas and the history of secret societies,” said USC computer scientist Kevin Knight, who was on the team to decipher, in a statement. “Historians believe that secret societies have played a role in the revolutions, but all that has not been resolved, and a large part of the reason is because many documents are encrypted.”

The ma**script was discovered encryption Copy it in East Berlin after the Cold War and is now in a private collection. Most of the book was written in a key of 90 characters including abstract symbols and Greek letters and Roman.

Knight and Beata Megyesi and Christiane Schaefer, University of Uppsala in Sweden went to work to figure this out earlier this year. We used a computer program to automate the key to breaking the code _ procedure frequency counts and grouping of letters and symbols _ then automated the process of comparing the figure with the known languages. It is a method used by many machine translation programs.

The researchers sought to Roman letters first, compared to about 80 languages.

“It took a long time and resulted in a complete failure,” said Knight.

Finally, we found that abstract symbols, not letters without accent Roman, carried the message. The first words were deciphered German for “initiation ceremonies” and “secret section”.

Initiation rites were of a “society eye” that uses a lot of eyes based on symbolism.

For example, a candidate had to look at a piece of paper and asked if he can see the writing. If no, you are given glasses, try it again, and then his eyes are washed with a cloth.

“If nothing helps, it (the MC) will announce that they have to continue the operation,” which consists of starting a hair of the eyebrows of the candidate, according to the text. Knight is working on cracking figures, including the murderer of San Francisco Zodiac used in messages to the police during their spree, the last section of “Kryptos,” a sculpture of code CIA headquarters, and the Voynich Ma**script, a famous work of the 1400s.

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