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January 14, 2012 by staff 

Conan The Barbarian Star JasonConan The Barbarian Star Jason, Conan the Barbarian returns to the screen after a 17 year absence. This newest iteration is a violent, bloody exhibition that is an interesting blend of savagery and sorcery. It’s an entertaining tale of vengeance and redemption that returns the character to its roots. The film stars Jason Momoma (Game of Thrones: HBO series), Ron Pearlman (Season of the Witch), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Rachael Nichols (G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror), and Leo Howard (G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra).

Conan the Barbarian is an action-oriented, rousing tale that features a high level of brutality and is stockpiled with blood, guts, and gore. This the first big screen usage of the character since the duo of films to star Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 1980’s. This is the third film to be based on the character created by Robert E. Howard.

The latest take on Conan the Barbarian bares little to no semblance as to the well known, beloved 1982 take on the character. This new perspective on Conan is truly an entirely alternative take on the character. It completely separates this one from its prior incarnation as it only has some mild similarities to those films. The 2011 film gives more significantly more insight into the beginnings of the character. This one adds more depth and it grants a better appreciation for them. This version is more closely associated to the actual origin of the character as he appeared in Marvel Comics as opposed to the prior iteration of the film. This is a completely different story from the popular Arnold Schwarzenegger version as the only glaring similarities are his purpose and the classic sword wielding that became synonymous with the prior film.

This chronicle of the character of Conan takes a different approach to the tale as it makes some changes to the beloved film of the 1982 film. The 2011 film shows Conan as more of a freedom fighter and crusader as opposed to a thief. It redirects and repurposes the character but still maintains him as an instrument of vengeance.

The film still maintains many of the same themes as the 1982 film. Many of the themes of family and loyalty are embedded within this story of violence and brutality. Just like the 1982 version, Conan’s first adventure is spurned by the death of his father at the hands of a would be conqueror.

Momoma isn’t nearly as physically imposing as Arnold Schwarzenegger but he brings some good intensity to the character. He portrays the character as a deranged, obsessed instrument of vengeance and death. Leaving a trail of carnage and bodies in his path. He does a good job at separating his performance from that of Schwarzenegger. Momoma makes the character and film his own. The beginning of the film showcases Conan as a child is extremely entertaining. Young Leo Howard makes an excellent addition in his brief appearance as the younger version of Conan.

The film is filled with a number of really good action sequences that showcase the barbaric nature of sword and

The opening introduction sequence at the beginning of this Conan was great, it was actually one of the best aspects of the film. Leo Howard, who played young Conan was broodier and captivating, and the sequence where he proves himself as a warrior was more dynamic, intriguing, and entertaining than most of the other action sequences in the movie.

I was pleasantly surprised by the 2011 version of Conan the Barbarian. It’s as entertaining as the original. This particular take on the character adds a significantly more driven character than the prior film.

Although many of the same dynamics are embedded within the story, this version is a very different story which adds a different perspective on it. The creators do well to distance this story from the other. Many of the fans of the character will dismiss or prejudge the film based upon the love of the 1982 film, however, it’s one of the few of the insane amount of remakes/ re-imaginings that has as high of an entertainment value as the original. If they can give the film a chance, they will be in for a surprise as Conan isn’t bad. It’s not must see but more than entertaining enough to offset any boorish night.

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