Comic Con 2011

July 21, 2011 by Post Team 

Comic Con 2011

Comic Con 2011, Twilight is organizing a presentation at Comic-Con massive H Hall of the next edition of Breaking Dawn first. But fans were already camped out in anticipation for the Twilight panel days ago. Walking through the Alba Field rupture may feel a bit like meandering through a Hooverville caramel color, with various forms of bedding (sleeping bags, towels, folding chairs, inflatable pool toys) spread in all directions.

The team of six people at the top of the finish line on Monday morning. Actually, technically arrived Sunday night, but were a little severely persecuted by officials of the Comic-Con, who told them to come back the next day. At that time, an intriguing push-pull line developed between the nurses and staff of the Comic-Con, to the point that essentially held sit superfans to establish their rights at the top of the line.

“They were saying, ‘you’re not a line. They are not official. Back on Wednesday,” said Robert Curry, San Diego, Calif. “So we started to self-regulation.”

“I do not know how many times officers told us they were” second Arianna Ruiz of Antioch, California. “At one point, he said, ‘you do not exist.”

The six people who are currently first in line for Hall H panel refer to themselves as “The Super 8 *. Twilight” (One of the crew was delayed in arriving, and the other, unfortunately could not come Comic-Con this year). They met at conventions, kept in touch via Twitter, and have been planning this camp for months. Recognize the use of a “buddy system” to stay online – travel off the local Hard Rock hotel to wash and feel somewhat cooler heads carved in the grass – but do not confuse their devotion. Robert admits that today (Wednesday) is their 20th wedding anniversary, and steps away to talk to your husband. (“My fifth wedding anniversary is the day Dawn opens,” admits fellow Super 8-er Monica Foltz.)

A little further down the line – about 58 people, to be exact – we find Sirtak Dawn of Los Angeles, California, saving a place for eight. While not exactly alone;

Edward, we are told, had to stay home this trip. (Although in the past camps Twilight fans who trade off of kicking the two stand-ups … Twilight and Edward always got more attention.) Dawn notes that her camp is not first, but Comic-Con has some problems: “The traffic is not so bad at night, but the train can be a bit noisy if you’re sleeping here,” Dawn also brings us to the hip to the local bureaucracy “. At events like this, it has different layers of security. Elite is one of the security companies, which is in the red shirt. Then there is another company in the orange shirt. Then there are the actual people in the convention center, there are people whom the Comic-Con people, and sometimes the right hand does not know what the left is doing. Communication can be a problem. “I feel like I’ve seen a TV David Simon!

“They’re a little Cattier, a little more ruthless and cruel. But the way he describes [that] the people is a great Twilight sleepover.” Intrepid reporter Annie Barrett and sunrise, then spend long minutes discussing the amount of fun parties when they were girls dream, which is something that will have to take his word on it, because as a child was playing video games, and was a child.

Speaking of gender differences! Towards the back of the line camping / we find one man, Ernie Dorado San Diego, a place in line for his wife and hre little sister. They have been online for an hour, but is not worried about getting a seat, “Hall H is really, really great. It has about 6,000 people” Compared to other mini-camps we have seen scattered throughout the line, Ernie Roughing is planning: “We will have a pillow, blankets and a pair, and that’s it!”

But down to brass tacks here, Ernie: Are you a fan of Twilight?

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